Partial solar eclipse, "ring of fire" to be visible over parts of North America

9/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
A partial solar eclipse is expected to be visible over parts of North America on Thursday, the first time in close to half a decade that one has been visible in northeastern parts of the continent.

As the moon blocks the sun's light, it casts a shadow on the Earth and when it completely covers the sun it can be considered a total eclipse. But in other cases, like on Thursday, only part of the sun is covered due to the moon's orbit, making it a partial eclipse.

But in some northern latitudes, including northern Ontario and parts of Nunavut, the so-called "ring of fire" may also be seen. Ross Hull explains more on what that means, where you might see the eclipse and how you can view it safely.

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  • The solar eclipse I had happened when I was asleep which was early in the morning and now I’m sad 😞

  • It’s the new Computer System, the Sun with a bite out of it. Apple has a bite out of it, why not.

  • Who cares

  • What time

  • Sucks I don't have glasses


  • you can look at it IF you know how long you have before it moves out of phase and you time a stop watch accordingly. (also, it has to be a total eclipse or you sear your eyes) it looks like a magenta taurus.

  • Is it ok to sleep during the Solar Eclipse?

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  • I much see an eclipse on television than in person.

  • That sucks that us west coasteners won't be able see it

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  • Don't look at it directly. There are plenty of LIVE streams that will be covering it here on INplans.

    • They have special glasses on lol

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    • What is it about natural phenomena that brings out the religious fanatics? Every damn time... Read more than just one book, dude.

  • • 0:00 - Ooh, I remember going to the Ontario Science Center once when I was in Toronto many years ago, they had that "black hole". I also went to a museum when I was in L.A.; I prefer more "cultural" pursuits when I travel. 🤷 • 0:10 - So… around 5am? 🤨 I have feeling most people are going to miss it. 🤦

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  • Are you Afraid of the Dark, Ross Hull?

  • Life was so beautiful back then

  • Damn, I missed Toronto so much.