Norway - Beautiful Relaxing Music ♫. Stress relief, Sleep Music, meditation, SPA, Zen, Yoga

22/11/2020 को प्रकाशित
Norway Peaceful Piano Music. This video features relaxing music that is ideal for stress relief, sleep, study, zen, meditation, and yoga.
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#Norway #Relaxmusic #SleepMusic #SPA #ZEN #Yoga #Meditation
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  • What a naturally grogeous video. I also love the background music. I am looking at this viedo and listening to this music when I am reading.

    • Hi, I just reposted this video with a relaxing music version with natural sounds and Piano, I hope everyone enjoys it. Thank you for watching!

  • Very beautiful video. Meditation music. I stay for a long time. Thanks. ^^*

  • Beutiful music. Amazing really. Can I use this for my channel, I am not earning and will not earn by this?

  • 不知道这辈子能不能有机会去北欧,好像很遥远啊

  • So comforting!!! So thankful I found your chanel!!!

  • Que lugar lindo este na Noruega. Parabéns pelo vídeo. From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

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  • From Russia with love 💗

  • Beautiful

  • It's wonderful sight with pleasant tune

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  • So Beautiful Country

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  • I am 79 views....very nice and wonderful vidieo.

    • I am waiting for approval of music license. Only you and a few people can preview this video. Thank you for watching

  • Wonderful place 👍👍👍😍😍😍

  • Nice video