N4: OSS vs Hassassins - Supplies

19/10/2020 को प्रकाशित


  • Great batrep, like the conciseness of this format over the longer TTS live version 😊

    • Are you playing the N3 version of Supplies? In the N4 version, only specialists can ever pick up the supplies, and it never requires a roll to pick up. Also, I think the Rudra could've used the stairs, since it only needs half of it's base, and assisted fire doesn't go away.

  • When do we get new faction reviews? They are always so interesting.

    • @VaulSC Awesome! Will you talk about only vanilla CA or will you also talk about the specific CA sectorials?

    • I'll dive into a CA review fairly soon.

  • Your OSS look good, I like the purple scheme!

  • Great video! Really enjoying the N4 content. Would you mind sharing the Marut Aleph list you mentioned towards the beginning of this video? I'm thinking about getting into Aleph but would like a few ideas for list building. Thanks!

  • Love the vids! What do you think of the remdriver skill? Worth taking?

  • YEAH! First comment! Gotta say your vids got me into Infinity, and I'm just waiting for TTS to get on sale. One thing, having a picture of each army before setup would be great, just to see what everything is all together