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Sandeep Maheshwari On PornAddiction, Masturbation \u0026 NoFap:

Is Masturbation Good or Bad? By Sandeep Maheshwari:

The medical consensus is that masturbation is a medically healthy and psychologically normal habit. According to the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, referred to as The Merck Manual, the world's best-selling medical textbook, "It is considered abnormal only when it inhibits partner-oriented behaviour, is done in public, or is sufficiently compulsive to cause distress."

Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.

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  • Ur logic -omg best-🙄

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  • Amazing Sir..hats off to your views and seeing life in a way which is actually very practical for all to understand and follow👍.... thanks a lot for this video 🙂

  • Wo kehte hain na sach Madea hota hai

  • Before marriage,doing sex is totally illegal in every religion ,nd it'z the religion that makes the society balance,if there will b freedom for doing sex openly ,then there is no guarantee that mother/sister will b safe.

  • Maybe my comment will go unnoticed, still I wanted to share my views and doubts . Sex with partner after marriage is not denied by any family member (as per my knowledge). But before marriage people are usually being told not to have sex cuz at times in spite of taking all precautions the girls get pregnant and abortion is a very exhaustive process,both mentally and physically. Another problem is if by any chance the person with whom you had sex thinking that he/ahe is ur boyfriend /girlfriend and you guys are gonna get married and by any chance the marriage ultimately doesn't take place (absolutely not in case of random hookup (no offense, just explaining my pt)) then what about the emotional attachment?Doesn't that hamper the conjugal life of the person!? I certainly did not mean to criticize your views. These are just my thoughts and questions that keep on arising whenever I think about this sex be4 marriage. Thank you. ☺

  • Leave habit to learn habit

  • Ap vagban ho sir

  • Brother you said that sex is not a crime and one shouldn't feel guilty but you didn't explain with whom one should do sex? You think it is allowed with every female???? You must have explain this thing.

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  • Aj kl koi aise nhi smjta jaise sir smja dete hai sbko Guys...

  • arre chachu excess me koi karta nhi ho jata hai like a drug addict

  • There is only one reason for the destruction of our country and that is the destruction of the knowledge of celibacy.😟😟

  • Besaq, Sex is tha part of life. Esiliye islaam me jaldi sadi ka hukam diya gya h.. but masturbates is not the way.. Nikah is the Halaal way to complete the desires...

  • Kaam (kaam vasna), krodh mad lobh sab naath narak ke panth Sab parhari Raghubeer hi bhaju bhajhe jahi sant Agar kaamvasna ka chintan hoga to narak ka mtlb jeete jee hi narak jese ka samna krna hoga 100%True

  • Science is baat me glt h

  • Baghat singh kabhi aasa nhi krta honge ye baat science me khi gyi ki harmfull nhi h but ye glt baat h if one do only one time thats also very harmfull hamere shastra me khi sab baat shi h wha pr virya nash bhot glt baat h. Or iske addiction ko koi bhi khatam kr skta h agar wo bhakti se jura rhe ya deep meditation kra jisme aasu niklte h candel wali roj 15-20 min.. Isse vichori ki shudi hoti h jese ghr ko saaf roj krta h aasa hi man ki safai ho jati h .or ha doing this habbit is always wrong dont make myth in yor mind ye tumhe khokla kr degi

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  • Right these is real information 👍great sir

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  • As human it is right to have information.. about all the things..which is very natural for all human being nothing to b aggressive..many people will not have information about many things..which very necessary to have..

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  • Mai sandeep sir ki lambi umar ki kamna karta hu

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  • My biggest mistake of life that to get rid of negative things fully I used to wait plan & proceed each day & waste my worthy times in this & thinking about these things when I go in flashback can only give regrets self harm & other kind of loses😭 😒😏....& Most regretful thing of my life is that I didn't got smartphone when I really needed these knowledgeable informations awarenesses sex educations etc.So at last Sandeep sir or any other assets of youtube are boon for me in present life in some way but regrets of my past I can be never be hardcore fan from my heart but Ofcourse I would be thankful to them always in my life, Eventhough today's generations are way luckier than ours' parents ancestors Etc,despite having such platforms proper knowledge hubs etc why henious activities are continuously happening against women & specially minors in our country is the most painful & unfortunate thing ever for our country & it's people,it's my humble request specially from u Maheshwari sir that plz Advice ur team to make these useful informations offline too to spread anti-evils throughout the country ur most capable to do so sir, god bless you & ur family sir stay healthy & happy 🙏

  • Most of the indian youths are still stuck in the vacuum of lust anger violence myths taboos & superstitions etc When the door of evils will open & they will come out & enjoy the rest of the theirs' pending things Only god knows & they knows.....😏😒

  • Sandeep Sir is great.

  • संदीप जी, एक बार सुरेन्द्र वत्स के चैनल CWSV पे आइए ना ,, बेचारे की हाईट बढ जाएंगी । आपके आने से so please...

  • Sir we are always with u....thanks for give us motivation....

  • Tanx sir mera que soul Ho gaya

  • Well said Sandeep ji bravo! Some ppl are sick to use abusive language you must file case on them. These ppl only can talk BS about others as they have no other business. I want to let you know I try to listen to all of your videos and learn so much from you . My best was what is love. Love the way you explain about every topic with giving logics . Keep bringing more topics and open discussion for us to watch and listen. Best wishes from USA 🇺🇸🌹

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  • m with u sir ❤

  • Areeeee bhaiya bsss ignore them 🙁 they are someone who don't understand until they experience ✌️

  • More awareness among the young generation is needed about these topics for both boys and girls. So that they can protect themselves, stay healthy physically and mentally and choose a right path in life . Even schools and parents need to talk about sex education to children in a simple way. Self defence is important in girls. Menstrual hygiene awareness is also lacking. Many girls drop out in villages from their schools due to menstruation. Since sexual health topics are not openly discussed at home or in schools, children and youngers don't know what it right. Thank you for sharing the awareness. You are a real youth icon whom the youngsters can look up to. Culture in India is still better than other countries but these intimate topics need to be discussed with a positive attitude.

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  • Indian people must be soo happy having this kinda beautiful human being Mehdi from afghanistan

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  • Sir night fall pr ek uper video please 🙏

  • Money loss is nothing loss, Wealth loss is something loss, But SEMEN loss is GREATEST loss.

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  • In marathi they say " ATTI TITHE MATTI

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  • Love you boss.... Genius u r sir

  • Thank u sir! Anything in moderate amount is not harmful. Best solution is given by you for anxiety caused by post sexual fulfillment.

  • As I have studied psychology for three year.. our society needs the knowledge of it... Suppression is more dangerous thing than depression.. we force the youngsters to follow orthodox ..n.. rudimental mores .. nowadays people are in depression because they are under the guilt n suppression ... They have been taught fake principles of abstinence n celibacy n sex suppression mindset.. it is natural thing .. why is our society going in degradation because we have been taught hollow things which has no base ..but in reality no-one knows the the truth..we must change our principles n according to time n requirements otherwise we will be in a fatal or deadly situation.. we are trying to be like western countries like education n culture n lifestyle but in reality we are copying only .. we don't want changement .. we put on like western countries but we don't think like them ... Everything is in need to be changed according to time.. people qualify the exams get some degree they think they are educated ..but still they don't have knowledge of real sprituality n they have been befooled by many fake guru n baba n half knowledge instructors ... I can bet that no one can challenge the nature .. n super power . Why people think that sex is bad n sin .. In india people talk about sex n connect the sex with sprituality n celibacy n abstinence .. there are different things.. I don't understand why people impose the hollow rules on society.. they don't know any thing.... Our society is needed a teacher n mentor like you.... I admire your efforts sir for showing the right way of life ... Some orthodox followers don't like the changement because they know you are problem for them ..becoz you can shut down their shops of misguiding which the business of earning 💰 money

  • It is absolutely right .. sir.. I agree .. you are showing the reality of life ..

  • Sar mujhe cancer ki bimari hai per main aapki video roj deta hun aur mujhe bahut achcha lagta no

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  • The problem is years back you have mentioned in your power of desire video that one should have a purpose else he/she will be engaged him/herself in these kind of energy sucking activities and there's no destructive energy than this and years later you are explaining about doing it in moderation which is understandable. Yes there has been myths that can scare you and you will end up in negativity. ( Like losing hair, fuzzy vision) suppose one kid of 13,14 years got indulged in it and feel shame afterwards and search over internet for its consequences. no doubt he would filled his mind with negativity at such an early age and everytime he fails to control this urge, he would get down and down in his own eyes. Yes in excess is bad in moderation is fine. One more thing - in the book of ( Biography of a yogi) There was a line like - Human is connected with that worldly consciousness until he/she attempts a sexual activity, he/she will get further from that wholeness and continue living as an animal.. I think you should clear this thing too because informations are messing our heads

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  • ধন্যবাদ স্যার।

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  • बस इन्हीं सब कारणों की वजह से एक छोटे से अदृश्य वायरस कोरोना ने तुम, हम,सब की गांड मार के रखा है।😡

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  • Ye riyal hay sex se hi ap jindagi me jo chaho o kar sakte ho ise me nehi btaya tha is liye sab ye saval hi puchte rahte hay kya sex se life badalata hay ye riyal bat bol diya hu or ise koi badal hi nahi sakta hahaha ?

  • Ye indiya hay idhar sex ke bare me bologe to ayse hi hoga na baki kantri hi sabse best hay sex ke maamle me indiya me koi aysa kanun hi nahi hay jo amerika me kanun hay sex ka hahaha ?

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  • Very very Important advice .

  • Sandeep sir, ypu are a good motivational speaker, but not best. Because you claim to have knowledge of great books, shashtras, but you have really zero experience in spirituality. And, you say that porn videos are good and masturbation is also good for health .it is really madness. I have some points , on which you need to think - 1. You have told about only little benefits, but not about big harmful effect. Search harms of porn videos . 2. Search harms of masturbation. 3. You say that sex is natural, yes but masturbation is not natural. Manuly people don't do this. It means, they are unnatural. No, it is not natural. And, it generally happens today mostly due to porn videos. 4. If, you have read bhagwad geeta. Then, there is written that desires are like fuel in fire, how much you put fuel, it increases. So, desires can never be destroyed by fulfilling. Intelligent people can control themselves, but all type of people are seeing your videos. 5. There are many people like devotees and houses of people, who are well cultured and reading shastras and their children are also good. So , why you do not suggest all to practice these devotional activities. You can also practise, if you can't conrltrol. So, please be responsible. 😊🙏

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  • 7:00 jis time par voh log success ke Lia kaam kar rahe thhe tab yeh sab sochne ka time hii nahi milta toh indirectly voh indulge nhi hua

  • Galat nahi hai par balance rakhna bohot mushkil hai agar aapke pass humsha mobile phone ho toh issiliye young age me ek do baar experience karne ke baad avoid karna chahia

  • Because all youths are trying to involve in it


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  • Sar nice baat bolate hain aap aapki baat acche se samajh aaj chuki hai main jo hum so hi sakte hain vah Ham Kar bhi sakte hain hamara control hamare paas hai dusre ka kam hota hai samjhana Koi samjhe na samjhe ya uski kamjori hai aap ki nahin so nice video aapane banaye good luck

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