Bluetooth - Technology Tragedy | Hari & Naresh | Jump Cuts | 4K

5/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
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It's Vishal's birthday, and he's waiting for his friends to party with them at his place. Unfortunately, his father wants to take him to the temple and seek blessing. His friends have kept the beer bottle in the car dicky.

Now, how will Vishal manage his conversations with his friends while driving? His phone is connected to the car's Bluetooth. Will his father discover the beer bottles and his friends' surprise?

Now, watch "Bluetooth - Technology Tragedy" and find out more. Watch Jump Cuts Tamil video featuring Hari and Naresh.

Editing : Naresh Dillibabu

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  • Geetha illam, Sengulam main road, Mannarpuram, Trichy. This is your address Hari Baskar anna, isn't it?

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