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1. Milk,
2. vinegar,
3. sugar,
4. water
5. Corn flour
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  • Pongal New Recipe

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    • He gave the ingredients to make rasgolla. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

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    • @Surbhi Singh Dudh mix kiya hai Taki rasgullas white rahe

  • Cana_koidin_rakajai

  • I hate when people call it rasgulla... Its rosogolla... Its Bengali sweet so called it the way we bongs call it... ROSOGOLLA.

  • Vry nyc 👍

  • Also try once the original odisha rasugulla. They are slightly brown in color and made from pure cheena. The white once are the once which was copied from odia version and some araarot and semolina was added to increase the self time and to make it white to look good (commercial purpose only). Then it was tinned and aggressively marketed so become famous.The odisha verity is soft,spongy and melts in mouth and more tasty whereas the other one is generally rubbery.

  • Super

  • 1L dodh ke channe ko kitni chinni aur pani mei ubalna hai.... Even tell the quantity of sugar required and amount of time needed to keep it boiling at 13:03 step

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  • In Bengali rasgulla, nothing is added to chhena. In the video, rasgullas did not get fluffy, but in actual Bengali rasgulla, they get doubled after cooked. I know very well how to make spongy rasgulla, and thus I dare to post this comment.

    • Heya.. could you pls share the recipe if possible...

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  • Good video, at the end of the process i think they mixed some bleaching agent in sugar syrup.

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  • ♥️एक बार इस तरह छेना वाला रसगुल्ला बनाकर देखिए 100% गारंटी है कि एकदम परफेक्ट हलवाई जैसा बनेगा

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  • Humans on Earth are like rasgullas in kadhaai

  • Guys don't mention unhygienicness ,it's pure and healthy stuff after boiled

  • আর রেসিপিটি ভাল লাগলে আমার ইউটিউব চ্যানেল "Cooking magic by mashruba" করার অনুরোধ রইলো | কোন মতামত থাকলে ইউটিউব কমেন্ট সেকশনে কমেন্ট করতে পারেন।

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  • The white liquid which is poured in the chashni to make it fizzy is made up of maida and Water

  • For ur kind info .... Rasgulla tasting spongy is the worst version(haldiram dabba)... Thr r people who make rasgulla with no knowledge of how actually that tastes

  • Too much dirty place

  • The most Ugli way. Na Recipe bthaya, na hi Ingredients. Authentic Rossogolla mei Maida ya kuch aur nahin milathe. That's why ppl are Really Crazy about Rossogollas. I think ye log filter kiye paani mei bhi kuch milakar Chana bana rahe hein for their Business. Such ppl should be reported. God knows where are they doing the business, Bakery ?.👎👎😫

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  • Hlo sir I like रसगुल्ला very much mai ए आपका विडियो dekhker रसगुल्ला बनाने की कोशिश की सारे स्टेप आपके bTe अनुसार फॉलो किए लेकिन maire रसगुल्ला गरम chasni mai Dalne k kuch der badd घुल गए ऐसा क्यो हुआ maire samjh nhi aa rha I m felling very low plz hlp me mai इन्हे kaise theek karu

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  • He gave the ingredients to make rasgolla. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

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  • No voice. How can we understand that which item.

    • Ingredients right after u get cottage cheese will be maida or flour, basically when u boil the water u add sugar and wait till it dissolves completely when it reaches back to boiling point u take maida mix in cold water then mix in shira or sugar syrup. This process will help u to discard unwanted particles present in sugar it will float on top looks like whitish substance u need to clean and remove what remains back will be pure form of sugar syrup then u add rasgulla

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