How top Iranian nuclear scientist’s killing underlines changes in Middle East with Biden presidency

30/11/2020 को प्रकाशित
#CutTheClutter #Iran #MohsenFakhrizadeh
Topmost Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated on 27 November 2020, triggering a backlash. In episode 629 of #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta explains the implications and political calculations behind his killing, indicative of the preparations players in the Middle East are making ahead of Joe Biden becoming the next US president on 20 January 2021.
*Correction: I misspoke at 14:09. The JCPOA became operational on Jan 16, 2016. But Trump took over on Jan 20, 2017. I mixed up the years. The deal was dead-on-arrival when Trump was elected, which was on Nov 8, 2016. I regret the error...SG
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  • Important: I have put in a correction with the description. Pl refer to it. I mixed up the year of Trump’s election (2016) and taking over as president (Jan 20, 2017).

    • Al Qaeda #2 was not killed in Iran and in fact Al Qaeda #2 was reported 3 more time in the past as killed as well! Since there was too much unsubstantiated talk about Al Qaeda #2 killed in Iran, I thought I give you guys some REAL News that was missing from your long and very misinformed analysis! Read on, and learn to do some research from the very dependable reportings of the Independent reporters!

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    • @Thrinethran T.V The Iranians were the main supplier of oil from 1958 to 1979 to the Israelis. Apart from Iran how many arab countries had opened their embassies in Israel after its creation in 1948? there r far 2 many vested interests entrenched every where 2 allow the common pple the luxury of forming a completely unbiased opinion on a variety of issues.

    • @Thrinethran T.V The Iranians were the main supplier of oil from 1958 to 1979 to the Israelis. Apart from Iran how many arab countries had opened their embassies in Israel after its creation in 1948? 1 should do hw........

    • You have a good knowledge about middle east countries and the political systems but when it comes to Iran, unfortunately you didn't pay attention to some more issues ,as an Iranian I believe turning back to JCPOA is not gonna be to easy for Biden administration, because besides Israel, United states has another very important ally in the region like Saudi Arabia and UAE, Bahrain,....that are not happy with JCPOA and they do whatever they can to stop Biden ,second, in 2015 when Obama signed JCPOA the middle east situation was different and Iran was different country, at 2015 there was ISIS and US needed Iran and also Iran was so strong in the region from iraq to Lebanon, specially in Syria, but today Iran is a weak country, ISIS is almost gone and Syria civil war is over, at 2015 Iran had something to offer but today Iran is in chaos, today Biden knows JCPOA deal was wrong because stopping Iran's nuclear program is not enough to bring peace to the region, Iran's regime as a big terrorist supporter should not be involved in other countries and should not have a big racket power, even EU's power are not happy with just JCPOA deal and they want new deal,on the last but not least, are Iranian people who are not happy with the government at all and they want change ,they want democracy,and we as Iranian people are going to stop this regime no matter what, today Iranian hate China and Russia because of their support of the mullahs, but I wish India doesn't support them and stay with Iranian people, sorry for long comments, thanks and good luck

  • RIP homi baba

  • Osma was a Saudi .....belong to rich family of Osama family ...very close to the Saudi families

  • Al quada in Tehran ...... at least research properly

  • “Leaders of religion, in every age, have hindered their people from attaining the shores of eternal salvation, inasmuch as they held the reins of authority in their mighty grasp. Some for the lust of leadership, others through want of knowledge and understandings, have been the cause of the deprivation of the people. By their sanction and authority, every Prophet of God hath drunk from the chalice of sacrifice, and winged His flight unto the heights of glory. What unspeakable cruelties they that have occupied the seats of authority and learning have inflicted upon the true Monarchs of the world, those Gems of divine virtue! Content with a transitory dominion, they have deprived themselves of an everlasting sovereignty“。 [Baha'u'llah( the promised Mahdi)- The Kitab-i-Iqan, p. 15]

  • your totally wrong with Isis israeli security intelligence service It is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, along with Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security). Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counter-terrorism. Mossad is separate from Israel's democratic institutions. Please Get you fact right

  • israel=terrorizmus

  • The presumption that Biden will be president will never happen so you will need to review a lot of this

  • Shia & Sunnis are all Muslims. No need to drive a divide. ALLAH SWT protect us all. Ameen

  • Thanks but you forgot even to mention how many more people killed after Obama agreement with terrorist organisations in Iran when they received millions of dollars Obama shame on you not only closed your eyes to torturing and killing in Iran also in seiyra and lebenan and Afghanistan and Iraq and all around the world including Americans killed by these Wolfe's send back the nubel peace price you don't deserve it shame on Obama and stupid domecrats

  • iran is an evil regime

  • Excellent discussion. Lots of things are learned from this political analysis of Sekhar Gupta.

  • A vibrant, open, transparent, objective analysis & discussion & debate of international geopolitical crisis & events bring more freedom, human rights, democracy & peace

  • ،

  • Shaheed Zinda baad

  • Hey propaganda, He wasn't scientist. You are transferring fake news. How much money you have received to be propaganda?

  • Too much fantasizing and story telling without any evidence in trying to connect between Al Qaeda and Iran. If anything Iran had worked in days after 9/11 (even with their sworn enemies US) to restrict movement of Al Qaeda from Afghanistan. Additionally its Iranians who deserve credit for kicking off ISIS and Daesh from Iraq. Last but not least they were also instrumental in preventing Al-Nusra (which has similar Wahhabi ideology) from taking roots in Syria and its only due to the help from Russia and Iran that Wahhabi groups and Baghdadi were prevented from taking over Damascus. So lots of BS in this which is contrary to real facts. Not worth spending around half an hour.

  • western or europium union they just think we are just superiors we can made what we want we can cell what we want??? if india pakisthan or banladesh srilanka they think every one lower as per there aspect , world should to know prepare ur self no one is friend in war , everyone has right to protect there people and land , but the think miss use , but the if they purchased from US or western you can miss use your , world dont know , belive ur self no one is friend in war ,

  • But Iran’s backing Pakistan now. It’s part of a bloc with Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan. Geopolitical realities have shifted. Why don’t you speak about that?

  • iranian are not angry .... we want freedom and this irgc is a censer that needs to go

  • Shut up you big laier.

  • The time has come for US to fall and israel to come as the ruling state of the World. We already know it. Biden himself is a bigger zionist. But we'll beat the shit out of both israel and america

  • you talk so much rubbishes learn First then talk

  • I was listening to him at first till he started spreading propaganda

  • American very smart they wanted to change the Iran deal( they came to know it was not good deal)and change the capital of Israel ,so they brought a stupid man like Trump and did that,that is why they do not want to change the capital because it was a pre planed by American and must wait and see they go back to old Iran deal or not.(democrats misuse the other party).

  • If you think Biden will be good for India, don't forget China and India's conflict. with USA under Biden, China will become the dominant threat to the world, including India.

  • Why America, Russia, France, China, Israel, India and Pakistan have it why not Iran. ?

  • Are you trying to make Evil Al Qaeda part of Iran and NOT america/Israel ??

  • irgc= republican guard core (not council )


  • दलाल used to respect you earlier since you have been working as a godi media you have lost your senses

  • well done. the state of global news coverage is desperately in need of more objective coverage like this.

  • Gupta is my go to on world politics

  • Wrong wrong wrong you are incorrect. It has emerged - (Check your sources of information) - that the scientist was killed by a pick up truck with a remote controlled machine gun in the car and was controlled by satellite from Israel (apparently) and once it had finished its shooting after killing the Iranian scientist it was remote commanded to explode probably via satellite or mobile phone network. The wreckage of the technology used for the assassination has been linked to Israel with Israeli markings on parts of the wreckage. Hope people check this and see for them selves that this is the correct version.

  • You are full of shhiiiiiiiiit, you talk rubish, you dont know nothing, Who got american base in iraq bombarded? What did they do.. F k all because they know thay cant fight with iran, simple as.... Israel will get badly punished in a right time...

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  • John brennan is a traitor

  • Most of your statements are lie, Iran and Iranian are not terrorist. You don’t know anything about Iran,in fact you are trying to highlight the US inhuman policy over Iran.what a shame

  • you fucking stupid , you big liar bastard.....

  • "America brought Democracy to Iraq" hahahahahahah....

    • You should be patient my dear good things take time our grandfather's and mothers were traveling with dummies and horses for thousands of years and waited until someone made a car and airplane and thousand more good things although our cyros more than two thousand years ago showed us how we can achieve democracy but apparently it was sabotaged by Greeks and Arabs that's why we going backwards even if someone wants to help us we prefer to fallow immams and ideate s because we love to be barbaric Anyway our children's hopefully will wake up and live better than us if they survive

  • All Lies. He is a Hindutva Fanciest of India. Ignore him.

  • You are repeating Zionist New York Times lies!! The people killed in Iran were not al Qaeda. They were Lebanese. Al Qaeda is number one enemy of Iran and the rumor of Iran giving any of them refuge has always been a Mossad propaganda operation to tie Iran to al qaeda. You are clearly a zionist mouth piece. Embarrassing ‘reporting’

  • Awesome analysis. In just one video, from being clueless about Middle East politics, I now understand a lot of the dynamics including the assassination and what the incoming Biden administration would mean for the region. Great listening to Shekhar Gupta, someone with such good knowledge.

  • Brilliant analysis sir. The way you unravel what is happening behind the scenes is intriguing.

  • Dude Do you know what is shameful being under British influence for 300 years and have no balls to do anything about it .... stop talking nonsense Iran has no relations with al qaeda or any suni terrorist group at all which even confirmed by CIA a few times.. The person who was assassinated with his daughter was a Hamas member not al qaeda.. Get a grip and educate yourself For your info al qaeda created and founded by US

  • The Print u tube channel is a somewhat good addition in the social media. Your English is to appreciated with the due hope your all analyses will be based on cogent reasoning and consciousness you are born with. Thanks!

  • Iran is the only strong nation left in the Middle East. Israel and the U.S. has been itching to get into a fight with Iran for a long time. Israel and the U.S. cannot dominate the Middle East until Iran is out of the way. These killings are Israel's way of provoking Iran into a fight. Israel and the U.S. planned these assassinations. But yet these two nations considered themselves "Godly" nations. "Thou shall not kill" and "Thou shall not steal" are written in its holy book. The Great Satan, world destroyer, the Beast in Revelation is the U.S.

  • What a big lie !😅the head of Al Qaeda’ was killed in Afghanistan by NDS in Ghazni province.

  • Josephj i wont say who or when nothing other than this DONNALD J TRUMP WAS SELECTED BY PERSONS OF POWER 6months before election to win the PRESIDENCY IN 2020 2021 josephj

  • Why were Germans put to death and prosecuted for war crimes because they killed civilians and yet the world ignores what is happening here? He was not a military Target from what I can see.

  • Here is a nuclear bomb test timeline 1945 US N.test,1952 USSR N.test, 1960 France N.test ,1964 china N.test ,1974 India N.test , 1986 Israel N program ,1998 Pakistan/India N.test ,2006 N.Korea N.test and now it is 2020 still Iran is struggling for nuclear technology so best thing is that Iran should stop working on Nuclear program and should have a accord with US

  • The Syrian did it ....😂

  • Where's John Kerry He hours are numbered ! I see red 💝 and it not Hez 57 !

  • I'm confused Barracks Obama is a Islamic faith butt married to a man ! Michael not Michelle ! I wish he shut the Hell up !

  • John Mccain is already liiquiordated !

  • Where is John Kerry ? YHWH Israel have a Target on his back !

  • Good vs Bad is nothing in this world This world is cruel The strong will stomp over weak It will set the right/wrong acc to it Why the heck are we fighting for,will it ever stop or we will keep killing each other for past, superiority bcuz you did me wrong first

  • Al Qaeda #2 was not killed in Iran and in fact Al Qaeda #2 was reported 3 more time in the past as killed as well!

  • So much incorrect information

  • Kill them all

  • Well its trump who is president right now. So it may be trump’s shot not Biden’s.

  • With due respect...many of your statements are not correct specially Iran supporting al Qaeda and osama bin laden.

  • Real gods operate from satellite not black box.

  • The reason why India wants to buy oil from Iran is because it does not have the technology to refine the high grade oil from Saudis. The fault is in India's side and No, India does not share any spirituality or ideology with modern day Iran.

  • SG: Mentions about Iranian Nuclear scientist Homi Jahangir Baba: Am I a joke to you?

  • With everyone trying to weather this storm of humanity in a big way this may help there have been many from everywhere to share this message in India because we love the people In order read these. It won't take but a minute or 2 Gen9 then 49 Deut 30 and 32 Hebrews 1 and 2 the Isiah 43 the 33 Revelation 19 and 20 Best know 1st John 5 v 4-12 COL 2V12

  • Excelent journalism. Thanks.

  • We know better than this information from more reliable sources.

  • fakhrizadeh was not a professor. he didn’t have a doctorate degree. even his college degree is in question. the C in IRGC stands for Corps not Council

  • Absolute B. S.

  • He was not a scientist .

  • I wonder how he frames his opinion after watching Hollywood movies and I also wonder how he describes Major General Qassem Suleimani as pro Al qaeda(ISIS) as he must also know that along with PMF(Hashd al Sha'abi) IRGC played a major role in defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria.There is no sense in linking Iran,IRGC(Qasem Suleimani) with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

  • perfessional explanation from an Indian intelligence🇮🇳🇮🇷

  • How can you call murderers gentlemen

  • OMG . F**K off . What a stupid.

  • Mr Sekhar,"Mosul" is a movie and not a documentary.

  • How do you know Israel ,,, it is speculation ... so please don’t give a clear confirmations , please mention it is your thought

  • Where did he get his "degrees" ? Which university? Why are you spreading the bullshit from IRI? "Professor"?! Idiot!

  • Biden won't be USA President ever!!!

  • 👍 👍

  • "American Media is reporting it quite credibly"....This channel is losing credibility by the second at this point. I am not sure, is this news channel a mainstream channel in India? If it is, then i feel sorry for Indians, coz this is just bogus news. Trump for 4 years has tried to reduce wars that US is getting into. The only time he threatened is when the country he was threatening was doing something.

  • great analysis

  • Iranians having a tough year 😅

  • Lie iran is secret friend of israel this is an imternet controlled disinformation campaign

  • Perophesor my asssss😂😂🤥😂😂🤥

  • Love from Iran ❤️❤️ You are invited to travel Iran the land of 7000-year history, including #Persian_Empire, the cheapest tourist destination w/ the friendliest people Enjoy these videos & more on #Irantravel :

  • Biden Administration? Unlikely as Voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada is taking front row in the News, hurting the chances of a so-called Biden Administration.

  • The guy mohammed masei dosent exist in Iran that is just Israel propaganda to connect Iran with alqaida Alqaida is enemy of Iran and alqaida is israeli creation Iran have nothing to do with alqaida dont belive this bullshit caus it is story in a book its fake..

  • The killing has already been retaliated once, but Israel hide the facts!

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • Bewakhoof bukwas hai iss say pehlee bhi aaisay hi bekwa kia iss nee

  • The constitution of the US is facing an enormous chalange due to irregularities during elections. Trump is not out yet and will probably stay in power. Iran wants to remove Israel from the map and death to America since the Islamic regime came to power. They are committed to it. People in Iran will suffer horribly and if it is true that this was an operation from Israel, then, maybe the israelis did a favor to the Iranian people.

  • The world is in a struggle biden may have a part of it.


  • This analysis is completely bias and one sided view, Mr Gupta is citing a book and reports from Israeli authors and American media, I can challenge that he will not able to substantiate his argument when he say that Iran support Al Qaeda, fact of the matter is that Al-Qaeda, ISIS are the products of America Israel and Saudi(read what Hilliary Clinton said back then on Al Qaeda and Isis), this just looks more like a review of the movie directed by an American director scripted by Israel, than an analysis of the possible outcomes of the politics in the west Asia. Mr Shekhar Gupta, you need to study more, do some research before spotting none sense...

  • Bunch of BS ordered by Musad.

  • Why can't India do similar attacks on Pakistan scientists and terrorists?

  • First learn how to speak English and second get you facts straight. You are such a stupid ass.

  • Fakhri may been eliminated by mullahs who he refused to kneel to.

  • scientist 🤣🤣🤣