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1/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hello Makkale! Back again with the part 2 Of My Vlog From Kerela after the thunderous Response, Love & support to Part 1. Join Me once again for the Ultimate Fun Ride On This Weekend!
Edit : Shanmuganathan
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  • നീ തമിഴെന്റു പേചുവതു, തമിഴ് അല്ല ചമസ്കിരുതം(സംസ്കൃതം) ചേർക്കാതു മലൈയാളം പേചു, അതുവേ തമിഴ് നമ്മുടൈ കേര അളം 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 🏞️ മലൈ അളം N Padma Prakash VeNaadu 🐘🌴🐘🌴🐘🌴🐘🌴🐘🌴

    • പിടിക്കും✔️ പുടിക്കും❌ പിള്ളൈ✔️ പുള്ളൈ❌ ചെയ്✔️ പൺണു❌ ഇടു/ഇട്ടു ✔️ പോടു/പോട്ടു❌ പിറകു/പിൻപും✔️ അപ്പുറം❌ etc.............. N Padma Prakash

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  • Seriously? Is that even a content? Please don't come under the comments section to fight with me. I'm a fan of sivaangi too. I really like her. But there is nothing spl about the video it's just she is showing her memories and her places which I respect her feelings but honestly Nothing interesting to watch in this video. Expecting a better content from her. It's just a random vlog video. But more than 2 million views for this video is a bit senseless to me. Support good content from solo creators and also her good worthy content videos. Being a celebrity, just simply Making a tour of random things and places and just blabbering something to prolong the video timings and put it as a video. I randomly clicked this video and watched and these are My honest view about this video. After all these corporate vs solo creators issues that is going on currently, I request people to watch and encourage the good content video. Just don't trend videos like these "bathroom tour" "fridge tour" etc. No hatred. Just my opinions.

    • @Janani Hari excuse me, I'm not a INplansr. INplans is not my job. As an audience, I'm just supporting good content INplansrs. That's it. This is so pointless. Stop attacking me. You just want to blindly support her and attack anyone who is criticizing her. Well, good job.

    • @The Doll yes we like her we watch her videos.. first you do ur work properly.. then everyone follows u as they do for sivaangi.. this is her hard work she earned her support🙌🏻 u do ur part everything fall in to places

    • @nisha fathima ok you too keep supporting celebrities blaberring in the name of vlog and their so called "fridge tour" and "bathroom tour" on INplans rather showing any talents. I support celebrity youtubers like venkatesh bhatt, kani, vanitha because they are doing something useful or entertaining by showing their talents not just wasting time by showing fridge tour bathroom tour kitchen tour or just simply using their well known face and fame for earning money in yotube.

    • @The Doll great.. hereafter don't randomly click so called corporates videos 😊😊😊😊 #nohatred❤️

    • @nisha fathima I mentioned it clearly I randomly clicked the video after the INplans suggestion and those were my opinions. if you don't like the fact, you too ignore it

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  • It's nice iam your great fan akka .....but I don't like tis corporate business in this INplans platform becoz there are many only dependent on INplans with their own contents talents and ideas .....ur growth in INplans affects the future of solo creators just plz enjoy urself but only thing to remember is there is a big question mark in solo creators life ......I want to tell my opinion that's it not to hurt you my dear we are enjoying your performance on screen love as a celebrity in my point doing this kinda thing to make more money is not appreciable just open and see ur eyes ..........live and let live

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