[N4] Nourkias vs Charontid - Acquisition (Intelcom 2020 ITS)

9/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
Combined Army mirror match against the owner of www.battlekiwi.com/


  • Thanks for the shout out! Was a really fun game. You smashed me turn one and I really enjoyed the fight back on the back foot. For me the dynamic action was great, with shooting, cc and hacking all in play. Look forward to the next one 🙂

    • Jeez, that charontid sure did like dying immediately.

  • Data tracker could not be on marker state :)

    • @Hans Schmutz not true. "The trooper must always be on the game table as a model and not as a Marker (Camouflaged, TO, Holoecho...)" Impersonation is a Marker state, so this was an illegal play.

    • Nourkias entered marker state with Cybermask during first player turn. You cannot choose a DT that is currently in marker state, but there is no rule that DT cannot later enter marker state. EDIT: the rules for "Aquisition" do indeed state that the trooper must *always* be on the table as a model and not use a marker state