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19/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
This is my 1st Music Video 'GAME ON' which is about my journey on youtube from 0 to achieving 10 million subscribers at the age of 18.
Opgaming presents GAME ON
Audio Credits
Singer - Ujjwal
Lyricist - Yungsta (Yash chandra)
Music Producer - Sez on the beat
Sez on the beat management- Faizan and Mvmnt
Video Credits
Executive Producer - Ankit Chaurasia, Pranav Panpalia
Director - Anahita Vohra
Assistant Director - Dhruv Modwil, Anirudh Puranik
Cinematographer, Editor and Colorist - Abhishek Kinni
Stylist - Anju Maan
Light man - Bhanu and Amresh
Equipments - Praksh
Illustration - Indrani Chakraborty and Raag Lodhi
Editor - Sahil Singh
Opgaming Creative Team - Pranav panpalia, Dhruv Modwil, Mohit Phalswal, Saurabh singh
Opraahfx Marketing Team - Pranav panpalia, Dhruv Modwil, Sagar kumar, Saurabh singh, Akansha Rawat, Mohit Phalswal, Simran Anand, Kritika
Special Thanks to The Carstreet for the Mustang.
Produced by - opraahfx
Audio partner - Voilà! Digi
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