Distributed Fab City Summit 2020

14/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
Join the Distributed Fab City Summit 2020, from Emergency to Resilience, broadcasting from Barcelona! October 14, 2020
We’ll hear from Neil Gershenfeld, Cities of Making, Metabolism of Cities, experiences of Fab City network members and more speakers to be announced, to explore how cities can transition from the state of emergency to long-term resilience through applying the principals of local productivity and global connectivity.

Chapter Timestamps

0:00 Warmup
9:26 Welcome

From Product In - Trash Out, to Data In - Data Out
21:31 Neil Gershenfeld - From Product In - Trash Out, to Data In - Data Out
56:54 Neil Gershenfeld & Tomas Diez conversation
1:13:13 Pause
From Emergency to Resilience. How COVID-19 has accelerated the transition in Productive Cities.
1:19:35 Daniel Beesley, IdeaBuilder Lab (part one)
1:22:35 Francesco Cingolani, FCGP
1:29:55 Daniel Beesley, IdeaBuilder Lab (part 2)
1:36:57 Conversation, Q&A chat
1:40:48 Liz Cobin, Metabolic
1:49:12 Hyebin Goo
1:56:38 Discussion

In Conversation: How to distribute the access to the means of production?

2:13:48 Intro Keynote by moderator Tomas
2:16:07 Keynote: Indy Johar, How to distribute the access to the means of production? Conversation between Indy Johar and Tomas Diez
2:59:18 Bio Break

Panel: Nurturing networks and knowledge for productive cities. City Networks

3:11:18 Adrian Hill, Cities of Making
3:18:20 Aristide Athanassiadis, Metabolism of Cities
3:23:47 Conversation, Q&A
3:36:56 Pause

Discussion panel: Nurturing networks and knowledge for productive cities. Regional Networks

3:41:14 Beno Juarez, Fab City Latam
3:47:10 Shiva, Regeneri
3:53:36 Conversation, Q&A
4:08:26 Pause

Crafting Fab Cities. An ecosystemic view to tools and methods.

4:13:03 Vincent Guimas, Fab City Grand Paris
4:18:40 Helen Voce, Make Works; Kaye Symington, Make Works
4:27:05 Pablo Munoz, Reflow OS
4:33:12 Benedikt Seidel, Mapping Fab Labs
4:40:17 Guillem Camprodon, Citizens Sensing
4:46:24 Conversation, Q&A
5:08:40 Bio Break

New Cities pledge - Fab City Network: New cities pledge to produce (almost) everything they consume by 2054

5:26:12 Linz, Austria
5:32:31 Bas-Saint- Laurent, Canada
5:39:02 Valence Romans Agglo, France
5:45:26 Zadar, Croatia

5:54:26 Thank you and wrap-up from Fab City Foundation

Fab City Summit 2020
Organized and produced by a distributed team:
Kate Armstrong, Fab City Foundation, Fab Lab Barcelona
Ida Jusic, Fab City Foundation
Tomas Diez, Fab City Foundation, Fab Lab Barcelona
Norella Coronell, Fab Foundation
Francisco Sanchez Arroyo, Fab Foundation
Lucas Lemos, Fab City Foundation, P2P Lab
Christian Cherene, Fab Foundation
Lina Sofía Córdoba, Fab Lab Barcelona
Mitalee Parikh, Fab City Foundation
Dafni Gerodimou, Fab Lab Barcelona
Manuela Reyes Guerrero, Fab Lab Barcelona
Eduardo Chamorro Martin, Fab Lab Barcelona
Guillem Camprodon, Fab Lab Barcelona, IAAC
Marcel Rodríguez, Fab Lab Barcelona


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