Orange Marmalade without Pectin| Orange Marmalade Recipe

28/05/2019 को प्रकाशित
Ingredients below
Homemade orange marmalade is the best way to use up the abundance of oranges when in season. This sweet with a hint of bitter orange marmalade without pectin is low in sugar and uses the old-fashion method of making marmalade just like mom used to do, all-natural and wholesome.
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4.5 lbs (2 kg) Oranges
4 cups (800 g) Sugar
2 Lemons
3.5 cups (800 ml) Water
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  • Wow!

  • Thanks for the recipe. I tweaked it a bit by using maple syrup and adding rosemary and cinnamon. It's delicious, I tried it twice but had difficulty reaching 105C. I end up boiling it for so long and sometimes twice as it doesn't reach the right consistency. Do you think this is because I am using maple syrup? Should I use less water?

    • yes, perhaps it's the maple syrup. You can add 1 tsp pectin if you prefer.

  • You just put 2 thousands kilograms of sugar in there and Ur telling this is low in sugar😂

    • It the proportion, not the quantity compared to traditional marmalade.

  • Hello from Pakistan ♥️ I have tried your receipe. It's practically amazing receipe.

  • Love your instructions. Your voice is very nice to listen to.

  • Do you put all of the julienned orange 🍊peels into the boiling mix? Thank you for a wonderful tutorial, ma’am! 😃👍🏽🙏🏽

  • Super👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Very delicious

  • how many cups of sugar please?

    • Recipe in the descriptions

  • You can use coconut oil as a substitute for the butter if you want to make it vegan :)

    • You can omit the butter. I have not tried coconut oil to remove the scum

  • Very clear instructions & your video was very well recorded. Can I reduce the sugar or use artificial sugar, Thank you

  • 2:18 plz tell me the font name😍😍😍 Btw amazing recipe♥

  • Wait...what...CINNAMON!! That sounds great! How much cinnamon would you add to this?

    • Just a stick of cinnamon if you want

  • Any chance someone could give me sugar to liquid ratio thanks

    • The recipe is in the description

    • It's in the description. 800gm sugar for 2 kg oranges. You can up/down the sugar depending on the sourness of your oranges.

  • Your 🍊🧡 orange marmalade recipe is easy and simple, stay blessed n connected 💖👍

    • Thank you so much 😊

  • Thanks for a nice recipe.

  • Thank you Veena this is one of the best receipe well explained.thank you🙏

  • It is not orange.After all good

  • I prepared the marmalade. It has hardened when left to cool. It is cold here. 1. How do I get this right before bottling. Please give me a helpful tip. 2 After cooling the marmalade the top of the marmalade is white probably because of the butter

  • How much sugar Thank you

  • How much sugar did you use?

    • It's in the description, 2 kg oranges and 800gm sugar.

  • Please put also the recipe the amount of ingredients

    • Thank you chef

    • Please click the link in the description for the full recipe THanks

  • Tq for the sharing looks amazing

  • Hi, can we use sweetener instead of normal sugar and if yes, how much to use. Thanks

    • You need sugar to get the consistency. I would use atleast half sugar and half sweetener if my oranges are sour as I dont like to consume too much sugar.

  • Very helpful. Thank you.

  • 🥰👏👏🇧🇷

  • Yes do appreciate the tutorial....was looking for this kind of orange marmalade to make at home ! Thank you !

  • Can we make with honey

    • Not tested with honey. sorry

  • Not too long at all because all of your information was vital and interesting. I feel that I can do this!

  • I love orange marmalade. Your recipe is excellent, and i have just made it. It is so delicious, thank you for sharing the recipe.

  • Hi, did you put the seeds along with the membranes inside the bag or did you throw em away?

    • @Veena Azmanov thank you

    • Yes, you put the seeds - they have pectin properties

  • That is low in sugar? wow. Looks great but I think I will eat an orange instead :-)

    • Compared to store bought she meant. I also prefer fruit over jam but I like to cook and try different recipes. People who have kids can make it to avoid all the chemicals in store bought jams.

  • Lovely voice. Great to have all the details. Marmalade looks good

  • I made the Orange Marmalade wow! So good, My family love it. Thank you thank you. Wanted to upload the final product but wasn’t able to too. My next project I will make the recipe for Raspberry Jam - My daughters favorite. BTW your videos are just, easy to follow, easy to understand.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely feedback Michelle

  • Thank you for the clear explanation so yummy

  • Stunning video ! Thank you ! Have subscribed 🌸

  • Can i close the caps while its still hot?thank you.

  • Turned out great! Making again today. -)

  • Thanks for detailed video! Going to make. -)

  • Watched the video, and followed your detailed recipe. The outcome is an amazingly and unbelievably tasty marmalade! Thank you Ms. Azmanov!

  • Thank you for this recipe!! The other video's include pith. I love marmalade but hate the bitter after taste, so I don't eat marmalade. Do the membranes in cheesecloth add to the bitterness and if so, will using artificial pectin avoid the bitter after taste?

    • It depends on how much of the white you get into Mouche.. Try keep the white part out as much as possible. Mine was not bitter even my kids enjoy it. Thanks

  • It's not long!!!

    • @Camilla Barnes Ah -thanks

    • @Veena Azmanov He means the video is not too long.

    • What's not long? I didn't make a lot.. so the time will depend on the quantity. Thanks

  • The best video I have seen on this ..I like a narrative...I am preparing while she is teaching me!!!

  • I have an orange tree with big and VERY SOUR like lemon oranges. How much sugar would I need for this recipe? I never use these oranges for anything. 1 of my neighbors picked them for cooking. She moved before I could ask her what she cooked with. A chef told my daughter that these oranges are special for French cooking (?) I will try your recipe. It looks so good.

    • IF they are very sour perhaps you can use 30% more sugar /weight of oranges

  • Great recipe !!! Made orange marmalade for the first time and it came out perfect ! It looked beautiful and tasted delicious. Thanks Veena !

  • Your recipe is the best, beautiful voice! Thank you a lot for sharing!!

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  • where is the link to the recipe. I want to know how much sugar to put in.

    • It's mentioned in the description.

  • Very nice your explanation is amazing. Thank you.

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  • thank you for this amazing recipe.i made it yesterday and it’s turned out great 👍🏼

  • Looks very nice . I like the way you explain. Just wonder where are the ingredients amounts

    • Please click on the link below the video to go to the recipe will details thanks

  • U licked ur finger..... 10.42

    • 😂😂😂😂 vry keen observer

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  • Wonderful-very transparent jam - not cloudy. This is what I am looking for. Thank you so much!

  • Wow, yummy

  • Great video just made 6 jars

  • love this!!!

  • Just one bottle from 2 kgs of oranges?

    • Depends on how big the jar is.. But yes, this does get condensed quite a bit

  • Thanks I want to the ratio for juice and sugar .

    • Link to recipe is in the description below

  • Why u put pectin bag into the pot ?? Along wid orange juice n orange peels

    • To extract pectin from the seeds and membranes. but I don;t want it in my marmalade hence the bag

  • You are awesome and I had learnt so many things from you, so thanks for being an inspiration. I wish you all the success in your life. Amen

  • How much sugar mam ?

    • Please click the link to my blog under the video. Thanks

  • Thank you for sharing your recipe. I tried it and it´s absolutely the best !

  • Wow..excellent presentation! I do prepare and enjoy this marvellous marmalade . give me the link to citrus zester, juicer and that spoon with thermometer. they are awesome

    • All links are on the blog.. Please click the link below the video Thanks

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