FULL MATCH: 2010 Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2010

18/01/2020 को प्रकाशित
Watch 30 Superstars collide in one of WWE’s proudest traditions, the Royal Rumble Match: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • Look at drew

  • Matt Striker what a commentar

  • the most out of shape rumble

  • Drew. From absolute garbage to WWE champion

  • Anyone uses weapon: Video: FREEEEEEEEZE

  • 4:59 "Well, let's see if CM Punk can curry favor with The Great Khali." Dammit, Striker...

  • Shawn was in so depression that's why he kicked the refri

  • 26:48 Ohhhh Goosebumps 👊👊...Love you Cena...😍🥰

  • Dammmnnn i love the starting The two guys got Talent With stunts and all dat Was not feeling Cm Punk🤷🏽‍♂️

  • I was kinda was thinking that HBK was in and I really what to see HBK vs triple h

  • Bruh if u call this real, I guarantee ur a child

  • 😍

  • 27 other men, not 29

  • I can MAYBE understand the mic shot to the head with Punk and Ryder to censor that, but the Miz US title shot the back of MVP's head? IDK about that one. I think you're pushing it.

  • 7:05 Great Khali pushing her back into the ring

  • Hhh very fat in that royal rumble

  • 2010: Edge is back? 2020: Edge is back? 2030: EDGE IS BACK!!!!

  • McINTYRE looks hella different

  • Really good start having Evan vs Ziggler! They both have really good styles!

  • Please come back again cm punk in the wwe ring. We request wwe please come back again cm punk. We want to cm punk back.we excited.

  • the last few moments of this rumble is what could happen this year

  • 41:46 You think you know me

  • Edge actually took 10 year challenge seriously

  • 16:31

  • The hysterical squid prospectively imagine because bed customarily dam forenenst a false familiar famous sweets. gaping, fresh switch

  • 1) Dolph Ziggler 2) Evan Bourne 3) CM Punk 4) JTG 5) The Great Khali 6) Beth Phoenix 7) Zack Ryder 8) Triple H 9) Drew McIntyre 10) Ted DiBiase Jr. 11) John Morrison 12) Kane 13) Cody Rhodes 14) MVP 15) Carlito 16) The Miz 17) Matt Hardy 18) Shawn Michaels 19) John Cena 20) Shelton Benjamin 21) Yoshi Tatsu 22) Big Show 23) Mark Henry 24) Chris Masters 25) R Truth 26) Jack Swagger 27) Kofi Kingston 28) Chris Jericho 29) Edge (Winner) 30) Batista

  • R.i.p 😭😭rikishi

  • R Truth in 2010: Eliminates Big Show and Mark Henry R Truth in 2021: 24/7 champion

  • 16:34 thumbnail 😂

  • And 10 years later Drew would win the rumble match

  • Ooo

  • 12:10 punk overselled the hell outta that elimination😭

  • Too strong Edge the superstar forbidden to minors❤️😍🔞💪😊

  • forgot all about carlito

  • 7:32 Beth Phoenix: Equal Rights!!! Cm Punk (SES): Go to Sleep Woman. I'M BETTER THAN YOU.

  • que huea mas falsa el ed estubo en el ring tirado todo el rato que callamapa hasta el final que maxico eh

  • 47:15 an that's move name sweet chain music😂😂😍😍😍

  • 10 years ago Drew Mcintyre is an amature....no one care about him... But Now He is the WWE champion & royal rumble 2020 champion & most dangerous player......

  • Most boring and predictable rumble ever.

  • Is it just me or was Triple H really out of shape here?

  • Whenever the anouncer declared edge as the winner it was always so satisfying

  • This is how a rumble should be, barely any jobbers only upper midcarders and above. The star power in this era of wwe (05-011) was great

    • @Podgorski37 why?

    • @Johnny Beatsv

    • Then there will be complaints

    • Yes I can’t argue with pure facts

  • Royal Rumble 2009? Please WWE :)

  • Indian

  • Khali is best

  • the pyro in Kane's intro is actually so loud like it feels your ear gor destroyed

  • Shawn Michaels Facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 But eliminated his own best friend Triple h

  • Can't believe R.truth eliminate big show and mark hanry

  • Why is punks mouth bleeding

  • the guy at 1:00 that stands up noding, just kills me...

  • Edge metalingus

  • watching this on 1.5 playback speed is very entertaining

  • How young is Drew in this match omg nowaday champion

  • Batista sucks Batista sucks Batista sucks Batista sucks

  • 10000000 wow

  • 9:30 que momento 12:08 minuto favorito 25:03 que momento 26:54 que momento 28:13 no puede ser 43:17 que momento 45:58 no lo puedo creer

  • No matter what bt Batista is something special WWE never find another guy like him . He is my idol man

  • 12:26 Ah, so CM Punk is the Cerebral Assassin, nice.

  • I greatly miss Matt Stryker on commentary. He's intelligent and provides relevant information. He's not just screaming sound bites.

  • Punk coming out to Killswitch......thats a throwback

  • R.I.P. Chris Masters. I got to meet him in 2007 and he was one the kindest, sweetest wrestler's I got to see. He talked, gave me a hug and a free signed photo.

  • I hope they upload more royal rumble matches😐

  • Có người vn ở đây không

  • Here we were happy with our lives we don't have covid 19.....

  • Cm punk was my favorite one

  • Matt Stryker without a shadow of a doubt is the most annoying commentator of all time.

  • The receptive beat moberly pour because cod utrastructurally discover toward a vacuous hurricane. horrible, recondite kilometer

  • 39:42 Earlier in the show, R-Truth told Jericho he'd eliminate him. Yet truth gets eliminated literal seconds before Jericho enters. Dang.

  • 31:44 *actually,* [REDACTED] won the 2004 royal rumble by eliminating big show all by himself.

  • I honestly think Shawn getting eliminated was an accident

    • Well it wasn’t, deal with it

  • 13:24. Is DiBiase even kicking??

  • shawn u r a disgrace

  • 2010- Beth Phoenix enters Royal Rumble 2010- Edge wins the Royal Rumble 2016- Edge and Beth Phoenix gets married

  • Cole ❤️ the word vintage.

  • I want the tough r-truth not the funny r-truth.

  • Was there a time when youshi turn heel?

  • My favorite part in this match is the clock counting down.

  • I would take the current Drew then the Drew in 2010.

  • Which was bigger cm punk gts phoenix or Randy Orton rko nia Jax?

  • Rest in ☮️ for the wrestlers who died after this Royal rumble.

  • Not the best performance from the show off Dolph.

  • I like it when the ring has a lot of wrestlers in the ring.

  • What ever happen to Evan Bourne?

  • That was a sight a double chokeslam by Kane.

  • Johncena is best royal rumber in 2010

  • John cena wins 💓

  • The final 4 in this Rumble were great. It was so difficult to pick a winner from them. Also HBK was magnificent in this Rumble.

  • This is so cool

  • SVR 2011 : MVP wins the royal rumble (road to wrestlemania john cena) In reality : 🤣🤣

  • Op

    • Op

  • Carlito may make a surprise return on this year Royal Rumble (2021)

  • Matt could've been an all time great but man his self destructive side got the better if him.

  • 25:22 nice fake

  • Early larivierre

  • 9:40 small big show appears 😂😂

  • The double 5 knuckle shuffle was hilarious🤣🤣

  • romen rgins gooood nagit

  • ghuhkij

  • 7:36 - Is that simon pegg (the fan jumping up and down when punk hits the gts on phoenix) ???

    • Nah, he does look like him tho.

  • 16:34 is the thumbnail