Live Infinity N4 Battle - Ariadna {Tartary Corps} vs Ramah {Haqqislam} - Fire Fight (Rulebook Ver.)

16/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
Ariadna has landed in Warp Charged Gamings studio and a new Dawn has been found. George is addicted to Infinity the Game! Watch as we entangle ourselves in this elegant system put out from Corvus Belli. Take your mind 175 years into the future and see the ultimate skirmish game unfold in the awesome theaters of battle the setting operates within. Hacking, Chain Rifles, Dog Warriors, Ninjas, Robots, NINJA ROBOTS - Advanced Technology far beyond human comprehension?! So much to love, come along for the journey and be apart of the community as we continue to seek to provide great Infinity Content.
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  • Where did you get that sweet futuristic looking car.... the white unpainted one ???

  • I'm not certain. But I think you were forgetting the Penalties from suppressing fire or at least surprise shot once or twice. You might have been ok with it though your math was quick lol Good BatRep

  • Bruh! That Mukhtar is shock immune and has NWI!!! PUT HIM BACK!!! :) @9:00

    • @Devin shoot I thought I only saw one fail. :(

    • He failed two saves, since the Mukhtar wasn't able to claim cover. :(

  • Love the battle report, keep them coming :)