BC Premier John Horgan deferring old-growth forestry in Fairy Creek and the Central Walbran | FULL

The B.C. government is deferring the harvesting of old-growth trees in Fairy Creek and the Central Walbran Valley for two years.

It comes following a request from the Huu-ay-aht, Ditidaht and Pacheedaht First Nations to defer old-growth logging for two years in the areas of Vancouver Island while the nations prepare formal forestry plans.

This includes protecting about 2,000 hectacres of forest from logging.

“We are doing things differently in British Columbia. This is not your grandparents’ forestry industry. It is your grandchildren’s forestry industry if we do this properly,” Horgan said.

Protests have been ongoing at Fairy Creek near Port Renfrew over the harvesting of old-growth forests. The province has stated it is looking to the First Nations for guidance on how to create forestry and old-growth policy.

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  • John Horgan my friend.. too little too late partner

  • end the state of emergency and repeal the law so BC is never abused like this again.

  • their is no deference.

  • Deferring is NOT enough - we need a complete moratorium on old-growth logging. So this is not going to stop the protests and Horgan will be on the run until he legislates a moratorium. This is not getting Horg off the hook by any stretch.

  • ..............................................AM

  • Do you realize a 2x4 is worth more than a Canadian Dollar. I would rather carry a 2x4 than a Canadian Dollar, at least I can defend myself with a 2x4 in Vancouver. Why not start paying Canadians in 2x4s then they can build an affordable house, remember they own the Forest, you are only the custodian, Tree-farm licences are worth more than the Canadian Dollar or Bitcoin. Have you seen the price of Housing in Vancouver, Soon everyone will be cutting down BCs Forrest. The only way to build affordable housing, and the forest do belong to the people. Advice invest in chainsaws, their stock will go up.

  • We have already cut down more than 90% of old growth forest and the big old growth trees. The small areas of remaining untouched forest should remain untouched for future generations of the world not just BC residents because we do not _need_ to log old growth to survive and nobody will starve to death if we don't because we are a wealthy first world country with plenty of 2nd or 3rd growth trees to log. If we haven't figured out how to log sustainability in areas already cleared of old growth then something is seriously wrong with management of the entire industry. Forests with ecosystems and trees that take hundreds of years to mature are not a renewable resource because once they are gone they will never be replaced.

  • How about stopping the 400,000 Immigrants a year , why keep pouring more people in here to cause more deforestation . Look at all the construction everywhere, the growth is unsustainable and destroying the environment

  • This is excellent news. First good news on the environmental front in quite some time. One can only hope the deferral becomes an outright ban, loss of income to the forestry industry be damned. Way to go Horgy!

    • Meanwhile no Native Indian is offered a log cabin, instead they say give them shells of an out house like building. The price of lumber right now seems to be bringing the politicians, pipe line now cancelled. And, as if the victims will count trees taken on a daily basis.

  • Wow a whole two years, you're a hero. What a spineless decision.

  • Oh come on but all the rich elites need the wood for their mega mansions, then they turn around and claim it’s the slaves who are ruining the environment

    • We do that to third world countries, so why not. You don’t complain about the unfairness in the food chain when you are on top of the food chain.

  • At 12 dollars a 2x4 we hear about exploits. What's one hiding. Investment for the benefit of few again.

    • If you dont want to lose the forest to fire, get large cisterns to put them out, cut them with actual logic.

  • now these charlatans want to bribe people to take frankenstine substances?Covid" virus can't kill anybody with good immune system but these frankenstine substances that they call vaccines do and in large numbers!

  • sorry for the typos, please be aware that Her Majesty's Subjects have no say over any land or renewable and non renewable resources unless John Horgan can provide the alleged road map that are repugnant to the imperial orders that identify that all Canadian and Provincial Laches of Law are repugnant to the imperial orders aforementioned page 177 of BNA Comparrison between Canada and USA. All rights reserved with prejudice.; maxkw-wun.

  • You career depends on it. Screw this up and your history.

  • It appears British Columbia is in breach of the 1875 Lord Dufferin's Order in Council, which disallowed British Columbia's 1874 Lands Act for disregarding in-majority tribal people still living here. In addition the alleged British Columbia Bill 1036 passed in 1929 also appear in breach of the aforementioned 1875 Order by the Lord Dufferin. unless John Horgan d.b.a, Premeir of the Province of British Columbia. Thus Crown First Nations lack authority of tribal-soil whom are still protected by the Royal Proclamation of 1763. No such Inheritance exists that in-majority tribal-people gave the Province Of British Columbia a Bill of Sale nor a Treaty of Annexation. Thus only non incorporated tribal-people have the legal and lawful authority of our tribal-soil, which Cabadian Crown First Nations who gave up their tribal-rights by Incorporating and giving up the protection bestowed by the imperial orders.. All Canadian and it's Provinces are repugnant to the imperial laws that protect the in-majority tribal people. All rights reserved with prejudice by the authority of the maxkw-wun.: wilp's-daaxan-tribal-people in majority.

    • Not entirely clear on your point, but if it's in favour of protecting old growth forests I like it.

    • Treaties aren't honored. Unceded territories are not recognized and self-determination has also not been respected. The federal gov't is afraid of ending-up at the Supreme Court too because they have been losing cases there so, they constantly try to ignore these issues.

    • wow had no idea. Glad you wrote that. Thank you.

  • Hi sir