DASAMUGAN - Havoc Brothers // Official Music Video

20/11/2020 को प्रकाशित
In Associated With Kamban Iyakkam
Music Produced by: Music Kitchen
Piano Session by : RDXKIRU
Veena Session by : Kabbil Raaj
Lead Guitar Session by : Eric Prince
Performed by: Havoc Mathan
Lyrics by: Havoc Mathan
Mixed & Mastered at: Psychounit Playground
Photography by : Kavi Raaj Raman
Design Artworks : Sydedish Hyemen_G , Buddha X
Kamban Iyakkam VFX By : Ram Villanz
Production Manager : Havoc Naven
Lighting: SK Nagen
Crew : Arun Sharma
Editing by : Ken Royson
Colour grading by : Ramji
DOP: Kirran Prashaanth
Directed By : Buddha X

Cast : Havoc Mathan, Princess Meethi , MasterKunaVeehara , Dancers Ti-Amo
Havoc Mathan : iamhavocmathan
Havoc Naven : havocnavenofficial
Official Sound Track Of Dasamugan The Movie .
Special Thanks To : Shatya Shelen ( Kamban Iyakkam ) , Yugein


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  • Super dose song... Make addicted to listen few times but not satisfied.. Great job guys

  • Super

  • Its so fantastic

  • Bro lyrics iruntha yaravathu kudunga pls💙🙏💙

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  • Bro big fan and follower of ravana ❤️👍

  • From staring at end dope I like it

  • Goosebumpsss bro . Kaw2💥

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  • Songe supper Anna but music wary bad na unga thevara rasigan

  • The best song i heard from Havoc Brothers.💪💪

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  • I loved that Siva nama om line

  • வெறி கொண்ட சிவபக்தன்

  • Getting goosebumps bro Vera level

  • 3:03 for that lyric !!! 💥💥💥 kandippa tik tok incase ipo banned panlan ah definitely this lyric goes viral on youtube ! HAVOC ALWAYS MASSSS 🔥🔥🔥

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  • More more and more pls, Havoc Brothers surely know what they are doing mad respect🔥🤘

  • Veraleval bro 💔 I love you 💔

  • Guys I just have a small correction... “sethai anumathi ilamal nerungave illai “ ... actually sethai anumathithalum raavanan nerunge vaipille ... he kidnap setha for give a lesson to rama on his sister bully... ravanan don’t have any bad feels on setha... if setha allows he will still never touch ... if he plan to touch than don’t need anyone permission I guess ... nam talaivan ravanan.... otherwise lyric semme semme semme ... love it ❤️

  • Nice song. Vera level

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  • Great job guys. Awesome

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  • This is the 239tg time in 3 days of this song it just pulling me into it especially sir your voice is like a monster roar 🐯🐯🐯 just can't describe it in words Im ur huge fan from karnataka❤❤❤ Since 2006💓💓💓

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  • Guys Lyrics semme .... good research .... expecting better video for this kind of extraordinary lyrics ...

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  • It’s making me positive with this song

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