TOP 10 GOALS | 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

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The vote on has concluded that these were your favourite 10 goals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia!
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  • FIRST! :)

  • 1:40 dog: help my please

  • A la verga.

  • el gol de andre carrillo merecia estar en este top

  • Where's Felipe Coutinho's great goal against Switzerland?

  • Pavard is the beste rv Player 2018

  • Falto el de Mertens u.u

  • The soft octave multivariably scold because cauliflower additonally recognise throughout a muddled speedboat. colossal, worthless basketball

  • Falto el de di maría¿

  • Fantastic.

  • People watching this in 2020 are LEGENDS 😂🤣

  • Song ??? Canción ???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Where’s Di Maria and Nacho Fernandez goals ?

  • Que Dios nos perdone.

  • Coutinho ?????????

  • Pavard deserve

  • Pavard Gol 2018

  • Messi goal for me just simple how can he got top 5

  • 4:46 such an Inazuma 11 strike

  • Fond d'écran c'est les meilleurs joueurs de l'Allemagne

  • I m already in Qatar for world cup 2022 will u come guy's💝💝✌🇵🇰

  • wow.

  • 3:22 Normal People: Nice Celebration Ronaldo Me who watches 442Toons: Suuuuuuce

  • Some of the goals in this World Cup were astonishing

  • Awesome

  • 失点する側で日本が2回も入ってた・・・。ベルギー戦のゴール(こちら目線で失点)ってカウンターの流れは素晴らしいがスーパーゴールかね・・・?

  • And the carrillo goal? Perú vs australia


  • chuky lozano?

  • Cadê do di Maria?

  • justin

  • El mejor ronaldo

  • Y di maria

  • Messi's doesn't belong there.

  • *Let's be honest this wasn't in your recommendation. You searched for it*

    • Nope 🙂

  • Ok Imma be honest. Nacho's goal against Portugal is very similar (If not the same) as Pavards goal against Argentina. I don't know why no one is not talking about this. Also whats the name of the song in this video.



  • 日本入れられがちw

  • Messi=saviour of football Pele=king of football Ronaldo=football

  • 2021??

  • The one with germany vs mexico when chucky made the shot that was amazing cause everyne thought we're going to lose that day and cause germany was the champions at that time

  • Ehh nepe la vagi ^ na marcadoui en la camau

  • Falto Hirving Lozano Alemania v México

  • Not Nacho??

  • Di Maria v France was better than chadli

  • السعوديين لاتحلمو بالضهور في هاذا المقطع الا في حالت سجل عليكم ضد روسيا ههههه

  • Compare those goals with the 2014 goals

  • My dear guests. I'm waiting for you on my game channel...

  • the last one was AMAZING

  • Piu belo toni kros

  • If Zlatan got called by Sweden, I'm sure at least they got to quarter-final

  • is it just me or if nacer chadli missed and still had that foul on him he would have stayed down but he scored and was standing up?????

  • y el de di maria?

  • missing coutinho

  • 러시아는 약물투여했는데 머

  • No Disrespect to Ronaldo and Messi, but I think cheryshev's goal is slightly better.

  • The winner of world cup 2022 is ........ PORTUGAL!!!

  • Esos goles de Rusia para mí no eran normales 😮

  • Cualquiera el orden de los goles... y faltó el de Di maria a francia que fue un golazo.

  • Second Poto Bavaaaaaaaard Benjamin Bavard

  • Everywhere u watch Pavards goal is number one

  • 2:11 The best

  • I hate this vid

  • 03:11 Mình chưa có người yêu nè. 🏇

  • Baby sims can no longer become §†Ú¢K Öñ a Sim's HAND while driving 卂 匚 卂 尺


  • cant wai tfor the next one

  • Y el de carrillo contra Australia?

  • Di Maria goal was better

  • Messi’s goal doesn’t deserve to be here

  • You feel like this was in yesterday but its 2 and a half year

  • and nacho fernandez??

    • Jajaja

  • Falto el de di maria a francia

  • Kolarov vs Costa Rica?????

  • this was posted in 2021 but it Crazy Football Skills & Goals 2020 on the title

  • Next year is gonna be lit 2022 world cup

  • Muy sobrevalorado el gol de Messi, ahi debió estar el gol de Cavani frente a Portugal!!

  • Toni Kroos mereció aunque sea estar entre los 3 primeros

  • No puedo dejar de llorar en el gol de Messi a Nigeria, le devolvio la vida a Argentina

  • There had to be the goal of coutinho VS Switzerland


  • Por ser messi entra en el top WOW

  • 2:47 🐐

  • y el gol de andre carrillo

  • Second Place is absolutley Joke......

  • Fantastic❤️🇧🇷

  • Enserio el de Quintero fue mejor que el de Messi? Yo pondría el gol de Di María contra Francia

  • Can’t wait for the next World Cup ! (Even tho the next one will be during winter I heard so we’ll see what happens and hopefully COVID has atleast slowed down.)

  • nearly world cup 2022

  • alright we wait for 69 mln views . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nice

  • Superb.

  • Faltó el de Marcos rojo👿👿👿👿

  • 気持ちいい🤩🥳🥰

  • Alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion?

  • Second poteau Pavarddddd !!!!

  • This World Cup went so quick😢

  • in the nacho?

  • Pavard’s goal was such a beauty!

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