The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Better than you think.

16/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
Unboxing + Initial thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, including camera test / battery life! Check out Huel here:
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  • For everyone who tweeted me or messaged me to say you were waiting on my S21 Ultra video, thank you - Wanted to take some time to make it as best I could! ❤️ Do consider checking out Huel, it's a product I actually have like every day, and I'd love to keep working with them!

    • So anything beyond 10x is practically lossy zoom ????....

    • Bro can i have it?? If you wont be using it🤗

    • @Mrwhosetheboss youd pay to see someone switch from a 2017 phone well im on a bad lg stylo 4 pay me lmao. But fr i would love even an s10 but im poor

    • Thanks.. not only did I order the phone, but I spent almost $200 on your sponsor...I hope it all is as good as you say.... lol

    • Paid review

  • Me; realises I just use my phone to call, text, watch INplans and make some Whatsapp video calls. Just like 70% of the population. Decides that I'd rather spend the money on a TV.

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  • Not upgrading this time. My S20 Ultra really had a few shortcomings but I'm sticking to it. I really don't care about chargers and earphones but I don't like the idea of not having an SD card slot on my phone. Period.

  • The "dual pixel AF" Do you mean "as ****"??

  • 4:00 I'm upgrading from an S7 to an S20 FE, I wonder how I'll react

  • Can I have the s21 ultra I have an Samsung S8 and its screen cracked and the charging port doesn't work properly and I can't afford a new phone like the Samsung S21 Ultra

  • It's funny that the carriers don't have anything but the 128gig in stock. Even though they're only $50 more for the 256, they don't carry them, they have to be ordered. I don't know if it makes them more money or they're trying to sell the online storage upgrade but 128 is not NEARLY enough.

  • I came from only Note phones to this, with my last one being the Note 10+, and the only feature the pen doesn't have is air gestures, something I never used once outside of trying it once when it 1st released. Anything you would really wanna do with the pen the 21 Ultra does, for me and my wife anyway. I see the gestures as gimmicks anyway. Maybe if you used the pen as a camera shutter you'll miss it but I never did, you can just say cheese or something and accomplish the same thing, when I'm posing with family I don't want the pen in my hand anyway. My only other complaint is the size downgrade from my Note 10+. For me the bigger the better and the 21 Ultra is slightly smaller so it was an adjustment. But it's a massive upgrade in every other way possible to it's fine. Now I'm just waiting for the Fold to get pen support, and maybe a more durable inner screen, and I'll switch to that.

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  • A very good phone but im not digging what it looks, esp the camera placement and design. It's just that it doesn't look clean imo.

  • Sorry but NO... SD Card is a must in every Android phone, it is not tradeable by adding extra 128 Gb for $50, when I can get an SD card of 512GB for around the same $50.... There is no excuse for removing the headphone jack, the IR blaster, the removable batteries or the headphones from the box and now the charger as well.... they are blatantly making disposable phones, Samsung need to lay off the Apple Kool Aid.

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  • Literally just upgraded from an old S8 Plus to the S21 Ultra. It's glorious

  • Should I upgrade from the s20 ultra or should I wait for the s22 ultra?

  • I bought an S21 Ultra. The cameras struggle indoors. Or at least mine does. Makes me miss my pixel 4XL.

  • I have never heard someone pronounce 'router' as 'rooter'.

    • I guess u never heard Indians speak

  • Well I have my s21 ultra and I couldn't have the free gift, just missed it, three times now!!

  • Coconut isn't actually good for you. The medium chain triglycerides only make up 13% of the fat mass, the rest worse for you than butter. You'd need 15 tablespoons to approach the clinically recognizable benefits of medium chain triglycerides. @Huel

  • This time you are not right in feeling that it is as if Samsung has bought your video.

  • Which game was that?

  • Does it have the headphone jack?

  • 5:39 what game is this!?@@@

  • I got an s9 and im going to wait a year to see if I like the s21 or if the s22 is worth the extra xasd

    • Is your s9 still running good? No automatic shut downs or does the battery last less than normal? Im asking because i had one the s4 but it lasted less than two years and had these problems. I've been stuck with LG but i want a samsung soon.

  • I finally switched from iphone 11 to s21 ultra. I was a bit shocked at first by how bad the fingerprint sensors, face unlock are. most things are exceptional!

  • HUEL, more like Healthy Fuel

  • I'm surprised they haven't released an S21 power where they enlarge the body to meet the camera module and increase the battery size

  • Can you please make video for s21 ultra vs note 20 ultra please


  • Oh yea moving from s10 to s20 ha what about iPhone moving from 8 to 10 dont be like oh its not big difference but still they did tho

  • Who else got a Galaxy S21 Ad before the Video?

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  • I got exynos version here in Phil. I love it so far. Its a big jump from my note 8. But damn it overheats fast.

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  • Good video. It's a pity that I can't buy this smartphon , because of the high cost and salary of 200 dollars per month (

  • 'you're coming from a 2017 model' *Me with an iPhone 4* 😥

  • I'm watching on my s7 edge which I freaked out (2 years later) it had 4k I would kill for an s21 ultra

    • Save up, 10$ a day and in 4 months youll be getting the phone

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  • When iphone X was released with a price of 1000$ we should've complained more for that price, and in one way or another we had to stop this trend of 1000$. And i know that phones now are really good, have great cameras and all that stuf, but beyond 750-800$ its too much.


  • No expandable memory is a deal breaker

  • Watching this on my s9plus, and i dont have any regrets of buying it, samsung just get better and better but i cant change every year my phone lol

  • After getting this phone from preorder here in Sweden (exynos) , I returned the phone for this: 1-Phone has 25w and I used my 40w charger it takes to charge from 0-100% 2:20h can you imagine, my other chargers will take more than 5 hours, i went to mobile shop tried typc charger 18w same 2:20h. My mate 20 pro 40-50min only so it is big downgrade, i saw charging test on youtube it took 1:15m so Samsung doesnt give you charger and doesnt make thier mobile friendly with other companies chargers totally SCAM. 2-Screen on time gave me 3-4 hours ONLY i checked online I found many people have same problem on "samsung forum" , samsung are updating the system but only 6 hours SOT i got max,while so many youtube reviews show atleast 8 - 14 hours, so samsung have problem with some devices not announcing 3-Games, it is AWFUL for games if you have pubg it will run 60fps only on smooth, more than smooth it will run 40fps!!! While I saw review on youtube snapgragon version runs on 60fps on any graphics!!!! And i play "World of Tanks" it is the same on high graphics the frames will dropp like s***. While my 2 old years mate 20 pro have no problem at all with frames on any game except heat. Despite the nice big color screen and amazing sound quality but my 1400€ i paid doesnt make me happy nor satisfied at all. I sent the phone first for fixing to check if there is problem with charging, samsung sent back with "nothing wrong". So I RETURNED. Hope next year S22 do better in terms of more watts for charge and include the charger and I heared they will have exynos with AMD graphic then I will buy for sure. Hope my review will help you guys to decide.

  • 04:01 did you say you would pay me ?

  • Watching on my s21 ultra (love you dad)

  • Cutting an already cut bread. Good job arun

  • I wonder how much the phone companies pays these reviewers to promote the same pos every year. People, you don't need a new damn phone every year. Your model from 3 years ago works just fine.

  • No SD slot, no headphone jack, no charger, no headphones... and price just went way up... am i missing something? Oh yes 🤦🏻‍♂️🐑🐑🐑🐄🐄🐄🐄

  • Ma friend there is none like ARUN

  • Great review! Looking forward to picking one of these Samsung's up!

  • 6:04 route her 😉

  • I going to buy a new phone next month ,(Friendly asking) What is better S21 or Iphone 12?

  • PLZ tell me what is that mmorpg you showed playing on the phone

  • s7 gang wya

  • Lol you would love to see someone's reaction to the s21 if they had a phone from 2017... Bro I just upgraded to it from an j7 phone from 2016 or 2015 can't remember This phone is so much better I don't know how I managed to keep that old brick that long

  • WAIT so if you used the BTS earphones on this phone would it do the cute animation or is that only for the BTS phone...?

  • Samsung🔥🔥

  • Basically you get a new phone with a better camera and 5g 🙄🙄🙄

  • Ok no joke i still on a samsung j7 2015 this is my 3 phone 1 early modle samsung 2 samsung j7 2015 i broke mine by acident the j7 and then got my moms j7 beacuse i like it mom got a new phone i still have the case i bought from the one that broke and it this flimsy case the volume button side of the case like broke off sow i just cut it off of. But the samsung j7 is a toyota car you cant break this phone at all. And also my mom got this samsung tadlet it came with the s pen omg i loved it sow much wath a great thing it is

  • I hate they removed the SD card option because I have an SD card and I love using it for extra storage because that's the goal of an SD card

  • Yeah I don't mind the naming but it'd be nice to say S11 and S12 because then what's the actual S20 when it's released in the future gonna be called

  • I wish someone could help me, s21 ultra has a MAJOR issue,data switches from sim1 to sim2... Roaming charges thought the roof

  • Samsung a520f (2017) old enough?

  • Look for redmi k40 pro

  • Zoom is great for birds and wildlife.

  • If this camera/phone will store the images in RAW then that is HUGE! Any pro for high end hobbyist will want RAW because only then are you working with "the real image" and not some software storage system that has a tendency to "guess" what the next pixel should be. Don't down play that attribute. The 100x zoom is, for all practical purposes just a toy unless the photographer wasn't to invest in a SERIOUSLY steady tripod.

  • The way you explain.. u can sell an ice to eskimos... very clear and beautiful intonation...hahaha..u deserve mire than 20m subs

  • I wish someone could help me, s21 ultra has a MAJOR issue,data switches from sim1 to sim2... Roaming charges thought the roof I made a video, samsung is ignoring me

  • The Gorilla Glass screen is terrible for scratch resistance. Had two and they both subsequently got scratched, discolouring the screen despite little use and never being out of a cover apart from the unboxing. Very disappointing.

  • Arun sir please gift me one phone please 🙏🙏🙏

  • Man do a review for huel. Let us discover how to destroy our bodies.

  • More than 10x zoom is specialized photography out of 99% of the needs of common people. This is what Android manufactures and users seems not to understand, and Apple does cleverly. Is not brute force specs what matters, is the elegance and user experience a phone can provide in solving daily needs.

  • 99% of the people used a phone case, I don't understand why there is so much issue in the finish or material

  • I really cannot wait to switch to this phone coming from a J5 pro😂

  • Great looking phone, and I’m really considering buying it.. I’m still on my iPhone 4s, so I’m bound to be really impressed with all the new technology, more so than ppl will already modern phones...

  • 0:01 ...which song?

  • I used to own a Samsung, but’ve been uneasy since the battery overheated, pushed the screen up and exploded.

  • The 10x optical zoom is mind blowing

  • Very bad phone

  • I want more COLORA

  • I got this phone and like it..... but it is waaaaay to heavy and the thickness feels weird when texting. Besides that it's good! I really hope they work on making these phones lighter and thinner

  • Feels cheap and it is way over priced for what it is, its a phone, these should have a price tag of £599 but samsung want double, money greedy company

  • LOL i came from an iphone 6 to an samsung s20 fe 5g Long name LOL

  • 2:43 LOL he Washington a litteratur Spears for Thatcher Phone though

  • samsung or apple? whats the advantages and disadvantages?

  • Me watching this with a broken s9😅

  • Using a S9+ atm really thinking of buying a S21 Ultra or just wait for 22.

  • Your growing on me bro. Keep up the good work. Despite the fact your an apple sellout!

  • Stop whining and complaining and get yourself a Nokia 3310 and then You will appreciate what you have

  • Shit S 21 ultra.. i try to take pic. first time i not put SIM yet. i just try to focusing 100 zoom. after few mints camera Auto shutdown. and error show mobile is heatup..... if i try make a video from this device if he auto shut down it mean i choose wrong device, i purchase S21 ultra only for shooting and video shooting.

  • you are a nice guy I invite you to Islam Allah is power and if you will accept Islam you will go to heaven

  • No block like iPhone? Oh wow

  • I want 8k but with 60 fps(

  • Also, what about rest of Europe and Australia? We're getting Exynos as well :/

  • How does £50 equal $200? C'mon, Samsung...

  • Watching on my s21 ultra just came today

  • COMMON its getting worse...Its such a huge phone...if strides in technology have improved everything over the years then why the phone is getting bigger...It should not go beyond the 6 inch size but get smaller as miniaturization had become so good.Majority of us hate a humongous smart phone . Maybe by the time it reaches s30 to s50 the size of the phone will be like an iPad..or much bigger...😛

  • Can you speak hindi I'm just curious Please reply me Big fan

  • and then there's me with a cracked s9+ that dies within 4h of internet browsing

    • And there's me with a 2016 note 4

    • Im still with my galaxy s7 (4.5 years) still amazing

    • Same but with my s7 that overheats for no reason 🙄