Dashcam video shows moment elephant charges at truck in South Africa

9/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
Dash camera video captured the terrifying moment an elephant in South Africa charged at a truck while a man was driving.

Norman Nukeri, a fuel supply driver in Hoedspruit, was on his way to a client on June 1st when he stopped for elephants crossing the path.

One elephant started coming towards the vehicle then left its path, but returned and charged towards the truck. The animal made contact and crumpled the truck's hood, leaving Nukeri stunned but unharmed.

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  • That elephant remembers what a poacher looks like.

  • I blame the government for not putting up a sign, "Elephant Crossing"

    • Getaway mann this is not a public road but in the middle of the pvt game reserve

  • oh my!!!! bless his heart! he handled that much better than me but i bet he had to clean the seat he is sitting on!!!LOL

  • Are u ok

  • elephant is bad

  • So this was the elephant that was reduced to a carcass for lions in a reserve right Stupid men

  • He should have installed the LOUD HORN to HONK at the elephant ....

    • Don’t try this to elephants especially with a tiny little car or pickup 🛻. Elephants are only afraid of the semis

  • Boss: Leroy what you do to your damn truck this time Leroy: You won't believe this but this big mufcking elephant attacked me. Boss: Mmmmhmmm

  • Stay off his turf...the elegant has the right of way....

  • How is gonna explain this to his insurance

  • I can't believe it!!!!! How can this be!!!! Clearly this is a case of Racism. I mean the elephant clearly attached the truck because it was black man in there. If that were a white man in that truck, I the racist elephant would never had attacked that truck. Let's "peacefully Protest" by burning down some buildings.

    • @Mzee You seem triggered... Good!

    • Getaway Trumpet 🎺 this happened in South Africa 🇿🇦 a country with majority of blacks

    • @BidenIs NotMyPresident Lmao! Someone better call Crump and Sharpton to get the lawsuit going! Poor elephant dont stand a chance.

    • @Volition Spark But so true isn't it! Everything is racist, especially when it's not. Just ask Jessy Smollet.

    • Absolutely dumb & unnecessary

  • I hope you are alright that was very scary

  • "An elephant never forgets" He remember what you did last summer!!

  • My trunk is bigger than your trunk

  • Elephants were there first, they have the right of way.

  • I don't wanna be a gas tank driver no more. So I'm going to lock my door and record myself to fame. C'mon elephant bring me the money!

  • I like how he rolls up the window, as if that would stop the elephant.

  • Guy: 😐 Elephant: 😠 Hippo: BECAUSE YOU DON'T BUDGET!!! 👻

  • He should have jumped out and bit the elephant on the ear.

  • this is what you called elephant road rage, the driver forgot to tap on the roof.

  • Will the insurance cover that?

    • Off course and also gvt pays something for that too

  • never get into road rage with an elephant lmao

  • Elephants are coming to Canada as climate migrants.

    • Not without covid passports

  • lol

  • Well, that was just plain terrifying. 1) for the elephant 2) for the gas tank he was hauling

  • Ooo

  • Build a road for elephants if they had a road this wouldn't happen

    • If you’re not living in these areas better keep quiet fellas you can’t fence around elephant zones unless you’ve a single elephant in the zoo. Elephants destroys even highly electrified fences

  • He should of just called for help.

  • Stay off his land. Thats what greedy oil people get for invading sacred land

    • @2012basshead Absolutely

    • Operation dumbo drop

    • Did you write this comment on your smartphone?

    • @Colin M. *Sad trombone*

    • @The Doctor So you're saying it's gender fluid?

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  • Did he really lock the doors to keep the elephant from getting inside?

  • who record this video.

    • @Night Storm Cleary you can see english isnt his first language, cut him some slack.

    • Clearly says DASHCAM, can you not read?

  • What was he thinking to himself at the end there? Should I get out and clean my britches now or just wait

    • He was thinking he's going to have to pay for all that damage.

  • Why r you running???

  • John Wick 4 😀

  • i see a geico commercial.

    • Farmer's Insurance. We know a thing or two, because we've seen a thing or two.

  • See Larry David he was warned! Back the F up! Dude got check who runs ish around here..😂

  • Why are you late to work ? An elephant ran into my truck