800 detained in global sting that caught suspected crime gang members through spy phones

8/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
A global sting in which organized crime gangs were sold encrypted phones that law enforcement officials could monitor has led to more than 800 arrests in 17 countries, officials said on Tuesday.

The operation by Australian and European police and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation ensnared suspects in Australia, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East involved in the global narcotics trade, the officials said.

Over 800 suspected members of organized crime gangs were arrested and $148 million in cash seized in raids around the world. Tons of drugs were also seized, the officials said.

Named Operation Trojan Shield by the FBI, it was one of the biggest infiltrations and takeovers of a specialized encrypted network.

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  • Imagine they put this much effort into taking down real criminals...

  • No surprise the criminals use Canadian money we are their international base of operations! No arrests in Canada? again no surprise

  • 800 arrests 12 guns and 8 bags of coke. What a sting.

  • How much is the Biden Administration receiving from drug cartels to keep the Southern Border open for business?

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  • You forgot to get one person though the most powerful is gonna be in the world

  • The Hells Angels rats helped take down their competition.

  • So sad cruel

  • Who hath warned you vipers do flee from the Wrath to come

  • They and you are all involved in the Satan organization

  • Good stuff but now you have given away the reason of the success , stupid of you i would say...

    • @Nick Waterhose sure but if they put it out that it's because of the phones they tricked the criminals into buying then...it becomes almost a game...

    • The reason of success will be provided as proof in every one of these arrest cases. The crime orgs are going to know either way, but with this video, the common people will have the opportunity to know as well

  • Your jails will be overpopulated and hunger strikes and civil rights

  • Lol at the 29 👎’s 😆

  • the joint was taken down by a joint team :)

    • "On March 27, Global Financial Integrity (GFI) published a report - Transnational Crime and the Developing World - which evaluates the extent of, and trends within, transnational crime. According to the document, the global market in drug trafficking has an estimated annual global value of between $426 billion and $652 billion (USD), making it the second most lucrative illicit market measured after that of counterfeit and pirated goods, which is estimated to generate as much as $1.13 trillion annually."


  • They just wanted money, and the drugs. They didn't help anyone, there are more slaves on earth right now that at any point in human history, why not use your "spy phones" to save children from lives of slavery? Because the global government doesn't care, they want money

  • When Europol will arrest/investigate criminals selling leathal uranium on streets of India ?

  • I can just imagine all the drugs that are being brought into the USA and Canada because of our open border policies not to mention dealers gang members and criminals. No word on how many of these gang members caught in Canada but I'm sure that's because the MSM don't talk about those things anymore but they are willing to report some others Countries dirty laundry.

  • Lol stupid criminals

  • Pretty sure this is just a beginning to another beginning. Its never gonna end, you know why? The US army is protecting poppy fields in the middle east. Who knows if NATO is part of this too

  • good news

  • What about gangsters in Canada the canadian judiciary system is a total joke


  • Amazing 👏👏👏

  • Too bad the FBI is too stupid to investigate the rigged election.

  • Not a word about who is getting paid for the poppy fields in Afganistan, and the explosion in the Heroin Epidemic. just sayin

  • Obviously they get their cut elsewhere

  • Canadian money shown

  • It's About time . But government like the CCP The biggest drug Dealers in the world

  • Life has always been a choice between the evils....damned if you do damned if you don't...hahaha

  • No cb19 cases or numbers in the news anymore

  • Amazing to me that in this day and age they still think they can stop people from getting their drugs. Sounds like a bunch of wasted money to me. Now you will just have gang wars while they fight for the newly opened turf. Definition of insanity anyone?

    • @Jo Mo so how's that drug war working out for you anyways lol. Get your head out of the sand

    • Your approach is a defeatist and insane approach....

  • Small crackdown on huge syndicate

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  • lmao, technology.

  • These real crooks will be free in months....but if i refuse to wear a fkn face diaper or open my business ,im fukt for life.but maybe a real crime story by msm is a bit refreshing.was that racist??

  • I wonder if they arrested the CIA, & DEA! The BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS AND GUN RUNNERS! this is a joke.

    • And big Pharma. However these are called illicit drugs for a reason too.

  • Get out the law criminals now to beat the crooked system.

  • Who cares!!! Back on streets in no time!!!

  • This revolves around the encrypted phones that a UK enforcement person tipped off its users that thier network had been compromised. I c i c.

  • They also made crypto currency saying the same thing FYI

  • Common criminals you shouldn't be that dunce.

  • Can't stop the 800,000 children missing every year from being sold though .....

    • Totes mcgoats

    • @The Weasel To the local Synagogue?

    • You sound proud of That?

    • All roads lead to Rome.

    • technically this bust would actually include those that operated in child sex trafficking rings as well, various news agencies have already reported that the crimes being investigated are everything from drug trafficking to murder for hire cases, I would assume this would also include those involved in child sex trafficking and the illegal arms trade as well.

  • "We're not using your cellphones to surveil you" ......

    • Disturbing that people can't connect the potential abuse of power here...not that we have any reason not to trust the government or their enforcement arms...

  • They are listening to everyone...

  • Thanks Palantir...

  • time criminals went back to dead drops and microdots and word of mouth when are they going to learn that modern Tech and crime don't mix

    • when are you gonna learn that criminals rule the world,this is just to build an illusion of fair world or they didn't pay bribe

  • Legalize all drugs!

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  • Just like Operation Disconnect

  • I guess that is 800 less Liberal Voters in the next election.

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    • How many international criminals do you think care about voting?

    • Lol! Lots bikers in New Zealand arrested, I don't think they are liberals.

    • @Bidenis NotMyPresident Always nice to see the mentally challenged participate in the comments section... thanks for posting.

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  • China says jump , Trudeau says how high? .....

  • Proof that that clicking you hear on your phone isn't aliens trying to communicate with you.

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    • 🤣 But seriously, I feel like burning my phone and moving to a remote village when I get reminded of the possibility that I'm being spied on.

    • Lmao!!

  • Allowing the government to violated your constitutional rights for an emergency, well they'll create an emergency to violate your constitutional rights...

  • Money and drugs corrupt people

  • To bad Don Trudeau wasn't one of the ones arrested.

    • Government run organization crimes

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