Air Canada backlash: Top execs returning COVID-19 bonuses after "public disappointment"

8/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
Air Canada has been met with widespread criticism after paying 10 million dollars in bonuses to executives, this while negotiating a federal bailout due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the airline company's senior executives have decided to return their 2020 bonuses after public criticism.

“Unfortunately, there is now public disappointment around the actions relating to these 2020 executive compensation outcomes,” read the news release sent out on Sunday.

Anne Gaviola reports on the developments and the context surrounding the controversy.

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  • Air Can’t and their classic sense of entitlement at the expense of Canadians is an embarrassment to Canada. This company has never cared about anyone except filling their own pockets at the expense of Canadians. Air can’t find you plane, can’t find you luggage, can’t find your flight crew, but we sure found that free tax payer money! Thieves at best !

  • Too big to care! Your tax dollars?Bank of Canada has its name on it's money. Too rich to care. Don't worry, when the you have nothing you'll be happy and not complain. The Great(jo mo citizen)Reset.

  • ohhh great throw the masses a fingernail will you. what happened to the bones?

  • they always will be bailed out

    • Same for the Auto makers out East...those votes count. Funny stuff if it wasn't so infuriating

  • Maybe I should not fly Air Canada after this type of problem.

    • I for one will tell as many people as I can the same. Boycott them...let them know who pays their bills.

  • There should be criminal charges and jail time for fraud. Just firing them simply isn't good enough! Come on Air Canada charge them ! Bring in Jet Blue as competition!

  • Don't subsidize airline companies that require vaccine passports.

  • Arizona audit!

  • An airline considered one of the worst in the industry should not be getting bailed out, let them go the way of the dinosaur.

  • No bail out for you while people suffer what an insult to the people

  • Global news is designed for gullible drones. Dont watch Global unless you like being lied to.

  • Boycott Aircanada. Enough is enough.

  • Should be fined. If this wasn’t found out it would have taken the bail out on tax payers backs while we are hurting already. This is sickening. This is that corporate corruption we all see and know us real. Sickening

  • Shipping Google Ysa Mdn

  • Meanwhile, small businesses are shuttered and many cherished neighbourhood small restaurants and shops are closed permanently. Disgusting!

    • Sad thing is...nothing will ever be done about all the lies...scandals and corruption. Corporate welfare = votes.

  • They should Fired all that remotely took bonuses. If they are not happy then go get a job in the other aviation hubs. I'm sure airline's are recruiting. No? Then thank the hell you still have a job.

  • "Confusion and misinformation" Nope I think we can clearly see this for exactly what it is. And this was done to retain there top talent? Uh what talent? Anyone who's flown Air Canaduh as well as West Jet can see where the talent is. I'll pay more to fly West Jet to name just one than ever fly with A.C. ever again.

    • Anything with the name Canada as its name should be scrutinized

  • If you got a bailout bonuses and share buybacks should 100% be restricted

  • None of them should get bonuses.

  • Gotta side with bill burr......f#&k the airlines

  • Air Canada: We need money Trudeau: No problem, here you go Conservatives: Shouldn't we ask what the money's for? Trudeau: Conservatives are racist

    • @stormrage8 mote like rich with corruption....lies and scandals that all go unpunished. What a flawed system that allows this to go on. Need sweeping changes into the ways Canadian government is run and held accountable.

    • @Naveen J. I hope you're right. Political landscape is not rich with talent here.

    • @stormrage8 That could change. I am going to be optimistic and say that things could change.

    • @Naveen J. Check the voting records, NDP has supported every Liberal sponsored legislation. Truth be told, Liberals stole the entire NDP mandate. You're almost alone if you see the difference. As well, the NDP aren't exactly good with finances. Not a single Provincial NDP government has been re-elected.

    • @stormrage8 And If they have support for them then they should let the NDP take over throughout the country and have them take on leadership for the new few years and implement laws that they plan on putting forth. They would let them take control if they have their “undying support”.

  • Now, could we do the same with the Liberal government?? All Canadian government agencies?? All CEOs?? Its a start.

  • I'll never use air Canada again.

    • Sure you won't buddy

  • Enough bailing these yahoos out with our tax dollars. This popcorn government has got to go

  • Minions

  • Minions

  • Socialism to Corporations, how many others got these subsidies & golden handshakes

  • It's news because they got caught. Corporate welfare at it's best.

  • dirty bums

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    • In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

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  • Now give back the remainder of the $5.9B.

  • Thanks Trudeau!!

  • Why return them? The gov wouldnt. My ac stock was up almost 5% this morning. Let's go AC!! And let's go house prices!

    • @flyinbrian yes. I am taking a new liberal approach. The same young people who vote liberal are the same inea that complain about house prices soooo... fk em!

    • Better hope they still get customers. Remember who pays their way greedy fool. Must be Liberal as well.....vain and arrogant.

  • Corporations and all execs are greedy parasites!!!

  • So the execs who murdered Canadians by packing their planes full of COVID patients without stealing the bail out money now. I need a corporation so I can get away with murder and theft too.

  • Bonus tax free don't forget

  • Nothing new. Bankers do it allllllll the time.

  • Unbelievable

  • What a shame!!!!

  • Blah blah blah .... scripted news ....blah blah

  • The government department that bailed OUT Air Canada needs to be held responsible , for inappropriate use of our tax money.

    • @J G P then hold both accountable. It's us against the government at the end of the day

    • It is not the first time; remember the Bombardier story?

    • @J G P Both parties are the same only working for the industries that paid for their political election .

    • The conservatives begged trudeau for months to "bail out" air canada.....

    • Minions 2

  • Imagine what we don't know....

    • A promise from Air Canada ton build and but news planes from Quebec convenient for the East

  • AC Shoulda failed long ago under th@t POS Robert Milton!!

  • My page: About. Ma page : About.


  • If you haven't noticed they are setting up an apartheid system where we are the battery cells in lockdown cities, providing the energy, money and labour towards their lavish lifestyles and goals...all the while telling you it's in your own best interests and for your safety.. Why do we continue to trust "leaders" that repeatedly show their contempt and disrespect of the populace, line up for their solutions and attack fellow citizens calling attention to corruption, in blind loyalty to a system designed to uphold the rich interests? They instead give themselves bonuses and you aren't legally allowed to operate a business or go to work?..

  • Lol of course there were else would you on board the right people to navigate this business out of the pandemic?

  • Why are you surprised..liberals are in power...they are bankrupting our country

  • Blame BIDEN, he was the reason this scamdemic happened to make him win.

  • Unbelievable!!! These scumbags deserve jailtime.

  • This whole ordeal has been quite lofty...crimedemic!


    • But they're all.out East as corporate handouts West of Ontario....unless you're a black entrepreneur.

  • I hate air Canada. I wouldn't care if that company went out of buisness and a different airlines like westjet or united acquire it instead. Never had a good experience with that airline and the prices aren't competitive compared to the others.

  • Give it all back, not just 2 million!!

    • No kidding....2 millions out of 10!!! What a joke!

  • that's just so sickening! my taxes shouldn't be used that way!

    • @Karen Acton shame on all politicians AT ALL levels. Total failure

    • That’s true! We basically hire our government officials int9 the office they hold and this is how they spend out money? Air Canada has been a money pit for many years and Canadians never say anything…..until now! It’s more than “disappointment”, people are getting royally pissed. Our esteemed leader in Alberta has twice given billions of dollars to big business to create more jobs during COVID….but will not provide how that money was spent by those companies….says he doesn’t micro manage once the money is in their hands…..I call bull!

    • Yeah give them to me instead