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18/11/2020 को प्रकाशित
Hello friends, I'm back !! Lets rock. Thank you one and all again for the amazing support and blessings. I'm truly moved by your continues support.
Made this video for all of you who had many doubts and wanted to know my side of the story.
Keep blessing me. Thank you very much once again.
Dil se....
Bada Boss Voice : KP Kalidindi
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Directed by - Sai Kumar Netha
Editing : Kumba Shiva Kumar
Titles : Nikhil Kumar & Pavan Kumar Konte
Poster Designer : Design Manchu
Dubbing Engineer : Vamsi Vinod.Nalli (Nani)
Executive Producer : Abhilash Rao Desineni
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  • Mehaboob sir u played well game compared to all players in bigg boss home

  • My all family members r voted u in the elimination time

  • My mother is biggest fan of u

  • Hi mehaboob

  • I love you so much mehaboob supar

  • Iam big fan 📴u మెహబూబ్ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bro naku hi cheppu nenu status lo pettukuntanu

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  • I am big fan of u sir...but one thing anti ante plz vote harika sir yanduku ante she is in danzer zone sir plzzz

  • Annayya bigg Boss lo ninu chala miss avunthuna

  • I know you hard person Anna Nuvvu eliminate ayanapudu I get shocked Anna you are on of the strong person keep going anna

  • Your phone number we fan

  • Anna big fan Anna plz reply

  • Manibo Anna good playing

  • Good person

  • Please plz bhaya

  • Only one reply bhaya

  • You are my favorite bhaya

  • Hi bhaya

  • Mehaboob dilse💯 hard worker

  • Mehboob congratulations your best player

  • Lol bada boss😂

  • Bro what is ur phone number

  • Bro your are my favorite contestant i always voted you bro when your are in Nomination I'm feeling very disappointed 😞 bro you should be in top 5 bro.

  • 👑

  • Love from Bangalore

  • I gave you 50 votes...... in every week when u r nominated.... I cried a lot when you are eliminated.... 🙁

  • mehboob I'm a very very very big fan of you........ u really really really played very well, excellent.

  • Hi anna

  • Hiii anna

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  • I am fas of you , I always ote foryou

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  • Mehaboob my favorite person in bigg boss

  • Assalaam walaikum bhaiah AAP ki bahooth badi fan bangayi hum.i littrrelly dispointed bhaih ....thume bb title winner hothe samghim...lekin aisa hogaya ...dont worry bhaiya bb tittle se pehle aapko bahooth bada tittle aaga audience ke dil jeethliye .....i think it's a great thing .....aapke dance Ko my fidaa bangayi .. aapke fhysical task tho bahooth dilse khelthe hi .and aapki sohel bhaaih ki bhi my badi fan hum and aap ki sohel bhaiya dono ki dosthi bahooth loverble hi ...i want toeet u bhaiya ....aallah thala aapko future me 70mm screen me ache ache chances dekar aapko high level me dekhna chahthi hum...aapke family vedio my dekhi thi ...its like my family.i felt very happy to see ur family . ..ilove u bhaiah u soooooooooooooooooooo9ooooooooooooooooooo much ....i wish u all the best bhaiah . I want to meet u bhaiya . Is it possible .. Jab aaap Nellore aaajathe thab my aapko jaroor milthi...and aapko mutton biriyani,chicken fry,gongura mutton ,dahi khadi jaroor khilathi . Jaroor is choti behan ko milna Plz.biah

  • Mehaboob Anna Soyel Anna Adrass

  • Superb abha love u sooooooo much mahaboob

  • Best of luck in ur best fewchar

  • I'm bigg fans for you mehaboob

  • Hiii played well bro

  • Congratulations 🎉🎊 Mehaboob dilse.... You played dilse.....😊

  • Hello

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  • Mehaboob u are very deserving... Definitely u should hv been in top 5

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  • Super ga game adaru mehaboob meru top five lo untaru anukunna miss u for big boss show

  • Mehaboob dilse ❤ sob ka dil churaliya... Real hardworker. May God bless u brother

  • Congratulations annayya...ur bigboss journey is inspirational and u and ur friend soel are really a great friends forever❤🤩

  • Hi Anna. U played very genuinely. Ur bigboss journey is inspirational Anna.

  • Mehboob what is you phone number tell me pls

  • Good experience 👍

  • Bro I need your help

  • Super annayya

  • Bro

  • Hii

  • Anna Nenu eve adagali anukunna Tqqqq

  • Chill bro.. may be u deserve best..

  • Iam a big fan of you

  • Mehboob bhaiya assalam alikum. Nenu miku fan. Akhil ki ithe big fan😍😍😍 akhil winner ayyi vachaka Meru kallisi videos cheyalli. Sohel genuine 😍

  • Hi mehaboob anna

  • Bro next episode eppudu

  • Anna Nv ela untey ney maku istam ni attitude ki hands off🤟😎

  • అందరినీ ఏడిపించేశావ్ మెహబూబ్.... కష్టపడి టాస్క్ లు ఆడావు...

  • Anna nuvu eliminate inna tarwata 3 days room lo kurchoni edhichav kadha

  • Mahabood your best contestant in Big boss I am really fan of you

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  • Congratulations Mehaboob your jourhey is surely

  • Big boss lo mehaboob sohel and akhil freindship nachite oka like vesukondi 👇👇

  • Bro do u have a girlfriend sorry to ask don't get angry only if u want u can tell ur wish 😐

  • Bhiya why u can't come to bigg boss again

  • I love your friendship in Big boss💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Went with something came Out with everything

  • Sohail My favorite iwill Keep Voting him Till He Become winner

  • Sohail di nidi My favorite friendship

  • Mahaboob is very important in house in Big Boss my favorite mehaboob

  • Love uh brother lots of love

  • Biscuit eyaku bayya ....chalu inka

  • Mehboob ur bb journey was very inspiring to all ur hard work ur success.I strongly believe one day comes in ur life i.e hardwork Beats success.i know definitely u will win ur life.i think aunty and uncle are very happy to have.

  • Nunu udalisidi

  • Hiii sir iam big fan of u sir

  • I am ur big fan from guntur mehaboob. Ur brother is my cousin's gym friend❤

  • Meru bb lo meru Sohel friends kadha batata kalustara?

  • I waiting for next video but meru yesterday pettali inkka me video inkka pettaledhu nalage next video kosam wait chesavallu oka like 👇👇

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  • Vote for ariyana

  • Anna congrats 6.99lakhs sub's complete ayyayi😲😱😱7lakhs soon 😰😊😊again and again congrats 🤗🤗

  • I know ur hard work bro but don't worry ur deserve person.Ur only the right person for the BB title

  • Bro plz dance on baby girl song plz bro I wanna see ur dance on that song bro

  • When your in big boss who is your favourite cantastens and eneme

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  • Finally you are out of bb4

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