Sharing Hotel Room With Ex | Ft. Apoorva Arora & Ambrish Verma | RVCJ

17/12/2020 को प्रकाशित
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Have you ever given a thought to what will you do if you accidentally bump into your ex, maybe you have moved on, still it is an awkward situation. Sure it is something we do not wish for. What will happen when this ex-couple are forced to share a room with each other? Find out in our new video!
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Apoorva Arora: apooarora
Ambrish Verma: ambrishverma3011
Channel Head: Ashwin Salunke
Director: Akshat Vijaywargiya
Writer: Shivam Sharma
Co-Writers: Chirag Basran & Akshat Vijawargiya
DOP: Jay Kulkarni
Editor: Lavesh Rampurkar
Executive Producer: Ashwin Salunke
Creative Producer: Pankaj Kothawade
Creative Director: Akshat Vijaywargiya
Creative Supervisor: Chirag Basran
Asst. DOP: Anurag Manchekar
Chief Asst. Director: Karan Wadikar
Art: Sanju Gupta
Color Grading: Jay Kulkarni
Social Media Promotions: Ankita Jalvi
Post Production Head: Akshat Vijaywargiya
Graphics: Lavesh Rampurkar
Makeup & Hair: Janak Thapa & Team
Equipment Camera & Sound: Sakshi Lens
Light Equipment: Light Ok
Accounts: Jay Jani
Subtitles: Anusha Jain
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In Frame:
Apoorva Arora
Ambrish Verma
Akshat Vijaywargiya
Anusha Jain
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