Battle Report: Looting and Sabotaging - Foreign Company vs Hassassin Bahram

19/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
Nathan and Jonathan face off for a game of Looting and Sabotaging. Nathan brought the A-Team from Foreign Company, and Jonathan brought the updated Hassassin Bahram. Who will come out on top?



  • 25min in wow! fiday drops to a Daktari 14pt doctor? Ouch!

    • Oh sorry my bad, I thought I heard 18 and even replayed it back. then the Haqq said he had to roll a 14 for the crit, I found it weird but errors happen. If you manage to add the rolls after with editing that would be great 👍 if you put target (base+mods) and roll even better :p

    • Yes, that is true, but the Fiday rolled a 12. :)

    • Actually that was a mistake. Anything above a 14 (because of CC26) would have been a crit so they would have annulled each other.

    • Ikr! It's a crazy game!

  • So one thing to note about the A-Team, Laxmee can only join fireteams of Kaplans and Orcs. So she can't be in the Bolt A-Team

    • Oooof. Yep, you're absolutely right! I would've had to have an ORC in there to include her in it. Will definitely keep that in mind in future lists!

  • Loving the batreps. One thing to note is that the TAGs being anti material in L&S only applies to "bare hands" which technically doesn't exist as an option in N4, so as of now TAGs can't hurt an AC2 unless they have a DA or Exp cc weapon.

  • Please zoom in more, observer! Let's get in there close to the action, or the models activating/reacting!

    • Yea 100% my bad. First time recording on my end. It will be better next time - Austin

  • Yo guys, I’m 20 mins into the video and it’s been zoomed out virtually the entire time? Observer needs to be closer to the action please?

    • Yes, I've let Austin know that he needs to get closer to the action in the future. Thanks for watching!

    • Seems like it’s the same all the way through.

  • Also: when in retreat, the game ends after that player had its turn. So the Haq player could still play a turn and maybe do something about the end score before retreating.

    • Actually now that I think about it, he basically would've had to kill both Valkyrie and Massacre to prevent me from securing his HVT. Definitely doable, but quite difficult. We'll keep an eye out for these in the future!

    • Yes, very good point! Jonathan could have moved one of the Govads over to prevent me from securing his HVT, potentially.

  • Seems you guys like my work, featuring another map that I have made. Keep up the good stuff, love your reports. If anyone like to play on these maps or others from the collection, you can find them here:

    • @Concilium Watch added a map specialy made for the new Betrayal missions. might be interesting to play on.

    • Keep making them, and we'll keep playing on them! ;)