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  • You must get a patent on this. If they doesnt give you patent, ill turn darkside

  • 2040:First retractable lightsaber with no battery bag and instantly cuts everything.

  • nobodys prob gonna see this but you should make a ghosts buster proton pack

  • 2:55

  • Damn, poor wall...

  • I feel like I'm watching a Hammer tech video in avengers trying to replicate Stark tech.

  • İdeal thing for thievery

  • That's hot

  • the next title: level 2 of asmr (FINALLY)

  • My inner pyro is loving this video. My motherly instinct is so glad my children don’t have access to it.

  • Big plasmacutter

  • 7.10 roughly. Anakin skywalker has left the chat 😂😂

  • 01:58 Maverick

  • Since the plasma part of the lightsaber is short it should be called a Shortsaber

  • You guis are fantastic and really smart but could you make a lightsaber that haves it’s own gas just like the movies🤙👍

  • So obvious that the bottom half of that door was real steal and the top half wasnt you can see the split line

  • Imagine him hurting himself with this thing: Doctor, what caused your burnt arm? Hacksmith: A lightsaber

  • Imagine someone coming in front of your car and pulls out a lightsaber then cuts ur car in half.

  • They are still getting through!

  • Suggestion: Death Star

  • The hacksmith on next video: Creating the force

  • Still not good enough? Pathetic...


  • You are really best youtuber, best creator and best at everything 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰

  • Can you make thermites exothermic charge from r6s

  • that just a flamethrower ...

  • 7:04 anakin would be proud

  • US spaceforce:👀

  • Pretty much a plasma flamethrower Coolest s*** on earth

  • This is just a question with no bias in a fight to the death what would you rather your light saber or a samurai sword?

  • I’d love to see a Jedi in Star Wars take 10 min to cut threw a door and find that the guy is already completely gone lol.

  • 3:55 another function lightsaber - grilling

  • 3:56 *CRISPY*

  • the heck your seling that

  • Just think of this We've created what is possibly the first actual working lightsaber with no editing When technology advances we don't need a pack and they'll no longer be fiction

  • New maverick in r6 looks kinda sick

  • you should do old vs new

  • Make a duel bladed saber like maul

  • Can we all just get to appreciate how good this video is

  • i would destroy my self

  • How did you afford the rights to those sounds?

  • O my god....... HE DID IT!!!

  • Be cool to see the light sabre heat up the motor in time lapse

  • It haves a kotor (knigths of the old republic) style and taht is awesome

  • He is too dangerous to be left alive!

  • I think i found a new grill tool Where i can buy it?

  • Also just 2x speed makes it real o real like the movie

  • Now build one more and make a Light Chakus and give to Bruce Lee

  • I legit think we are going into the Star Wars era

  • I think the hack smith has officially made it on some sort of watchlist

  • The FBI will be contacting you

  • You overcooked it nooooo

  • The only thing they need to do now is make it so two of these can collide with one another and our star wars fantasies will be complete.

  • Canadas military power just skyrocketed...

  • 3:59 Silence! Let Darth Carnivorous speak!

  • "Except my tai fighter is a Buick Riviera" I said while driving not destroying with a lightsaber, my Buick Riviera.

  • I LOVE his ADHD.rofl "Oh the inside of the car is on fire from the molten glass! Yeah let's see what happens to the door." 9:58 is def my favorite moment.

  • If George Lucas doesn’t watch this, I’ll be disappointed

  • Hacksmith: What would you destroy with a lightsaber? Me: Nooothing?....(gets defensive)

  • Maverick 🤭

  • Can it cut through a gun?

  • upgrade plasma cutter 😂❤️

  • Its a flame sword ....

  • You just made a portable plasma cutter with a wide beam, lame... I'm coming back to edit this comment as it was so negative. My dog died recently and I have been really bummed out, I guess I took out that negative energy on you. I'm sorry and just feel so alone... Since my dog died I now know I have nothing to put my dick inside when I go to bed.

  • Next on hack smith: Time Machine

  • the science is the best friend for a freak geek

  • I need one of those

  • my lightsabers bigger

  • Everything gangsta till your annoying cousin comes over and wants to play with it

  • Can you also make a retractable temperature resistant blade inside of the plasma beam, so that it actually cuts through things? I think that will make it even cooler!

  • Looks like sand isn’t completely pointless after all

  • Ever want to see him burn and beat up a car a lot but still have it be driveable and go out and see people reactions

  • It's scary to me how close you all are to making a real light saber.

  • I wonder what would happen if a massive calab happened between all the engineering/science channels to make a cannon.

  • Incrivel , showwwwww, esse cara a disney vai contratar logo logo

  • Grandma:I’m making stake tonight Also grandma: 3:46

  • Holy shit

  • next time: building real star wars battleships

  • Haha my lightsaber is better it's made of cheap plastic Me: currently sobbing in a corner

  • Have you guys built a second one yet? I'm interested in seeing them clash.

  • Cant imagine what his saber is going to look like in 10 years

  • Ok, but now it’s gotta be able to make contact and be blocked by another lightsaber

  • This is a big step

  • OK now this is cinematic

  • Can I "test out" your lightsaber?!!! 😂😂 Don't worry about the haters...their just jealous they don't have ONE to play with. Keep rockin' it!!! 💪👍💥😊😉


  • I want to work here just to break things lmfao

  • The military and police need this

  • 1:50 oh shit it's that character from r6 coming for yo ass

  • Anyone else notice the “iron man was here” on the stone wall when they were cutting down the door?

  • A safe

  • If a real lightsaber existed, would you want it to be like the movies where it cuts through steel, or would it be better to have it more like a training lightsaber, where it would leave burns and welts but not cut through flesh effortlessly. What do you guys think? Maybe like a training saber since if people did buy a lightsaber that could cut through walls, they would be incredibly dangerous and you'd need a lot of training to use it safely. They would be the ideal self defense weapon though.

  • i dont think holding a flesh cooking lightsaber with just a hand with no hands will be safe ,no one agree?

  • How

  • This shit is actually scary as ffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • How about a hand?

  • I would burn a bigmac don't ask why

  • 6:06 its satisfying

  • Would this work in space? I mean it's the perfect weapon for astronauts who wanna sabotage enemy space stations

  • Cant wait till this is weaponized