Rasgulla , Easy Step by step recipe

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Rasgullas are ball-shaped dumplings of chhena (kind of cottage cheese) cooked in aromatic sugar syrup.
Raw/fresh Milk 1 litre
White vinegar 2 tbsp
sugar 1 cup
water 5 cups
cardamom 3-4
Kewra water 2 tbsp
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  • Follow these instructions to make the perfect rasgulla . 1.Use whole milk. 2. Wash the chhena/cheese thoroughly with cold water, to eliminate the vinegary taste and to keep cheese soft. 3. Squeeze well and hang somewhere for an hour. If chhena is not drained well, it will be impossible to knead and to shape cheese balls. 4. Kneading is very important! So knead well (7-10 minutes, approximately) until you get a smooth non-sticky dough like consistency .The more you knead, the more perfect rasgulla you'll get. 5. Too thick syrup will result in deformed rasgulla so don't cook the syrup for too long , add the balls into the syrup as soon as it comes to a boil . ( video is devided in steps for your ease) 6. Rasgulla needs a very high temperature and cover while cooking for the first 5 minutes , then medium high heat for the next 5 minutes (again covered) , and lastly medium temperature ( without lid). INGREDIENTS: Raw/fresh Milk 1 litre White vinegar 2 tbsp sugar 1 cup water 5 cups cardamom 3-4 Kewra water 2 tbsp المقادير: حليب طازج حليب كامل الدسم 1 لتر خل أبيض 2 ملعقة كبيرة سكر 1 كوب الماء 5 أكواب الهيل 3-4 ماء الورد اؤ زهر 2 ملاعق كبيرة شاهد هذه بالعربية inplans.info/first/i5vGs3WFp7WxlaM/v-iy INGREDIENTES: Leche entera fresca 1 litro Vinagre blanco 2 cucharadas azúcar 1 taza agua 5 tazas cardamomo 3-4 Kewra agua 2 cucharadas ver receta en español inplans.info/first/ZJfOqGaDy9OJgaM/v-iy INGREDIENTS: Full cream taaza doodh 1 litre Safaid sirka 2 tbsp Cheeni 1 cup Paani 5 cups Ilaaichi 3-4 Kewra water 2 tbsp Urdu/hindi main dekhnay k liye yahan click kren. inplans.info/first/X8bNlGWP156mjKs/v-iy

  • I don't know what went wrong my rasgulla balls started to deform when I cooked them in the boiling water can someone help me out

  • Why is it that my chena ball mix up , when I put in boiling syrup.

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  • We did it but even we tide it but it came full lose

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  • You've been eating rasagullas wrong all your life! Watch this video to know why! inplans.info/first/ZdHKzHeiz9OdgZs/v-iy

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  • Supperb recipe Plz subscribe my channal also (Kitchen with Fouzia Qaiser)

  • Supperb recipe Plz subscribe my channal also (Kitchen with Fouzia Qaiser)

  • Supperb recipe plz subscribe my channal also (Kitchen with Fouzia Qaiser)

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  • I am about to try this recipe I'll give you the update They are now in the stove .... boiling. It has turned out very well, I haven't tasted it yet ( it is very hot) So I did make a few changes 1. When you are making the dough you can put it int the mixer and make it into a soft dough OR you can add 3 spoons of water and 2 spoons of flour and mix it when you are kneading the dough and it will be faster to make it soft 2. What ever size you want, just make it a little smaller than that As it expands a lot 3. If you make the dough at night, then add very little bit of water in the container you are putting your dough in and cover it with a cloth and set it in the freezer 4. Don't over boil it or under boil it 5. Instead of KEWRA WATER you could add some rose water OR saffron ( I added saffron ( don't add too much or the colour comes out like pee (lol))) I am a 12 year old who made this (believe me or not) I did not tell my mom that I was making this I tried to make rasagulla 3 times before One time the dough became flacky and dry and was impossible to do any thing about is Once it over boiled and the paneer got mixed into the sugar water and once i made it but it was very sour I always used half of the recipe So you can just give it a try with half of the recipe. And I tried hebbar's recipe but that's when I failed 3 times. But you should definitely give this recipe a try!!! 😉 I tried it out it is very nice I made it with little less sugar ( I don't like very sweet snacks) It is very juicy but I would recommend boiling it for 20-25 min depending on the size of your rasagulla as mine is not fully cooked in the inside even though I cooked it for 15 minutes

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  • Also try once the original odisha rasugulla. They are slightly brown in color and made from pure cheena. The white once are the once which was copied from odia version and some araarot and semolina was added to increase the self time and to make it white to look good (commercial purpose). Then it was tinned and aggressively marketed so become famous.The odisha verity is soft,spongy and melts in mouth and more tasty whereas the other one is generally rubbery.

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