FULL MATCH - Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Triple H & Stephanie: WrestleMania 34

28/03/2020 को प्रकाशित
Ronda Rousey makes her WWE in-ring debut when she teams with Kurt Angle against Triple H & Stephanie McMahon: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • The crowd kinda sounded dead during their entrances lol

  • Poor acting

  • 20:22 ❤️🖤

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  • LOL She was lucky she taps out Ronda defently break evry single bone otherwise.

  • In MMA Stephanie was dead legit no change

  • Ronda destroyed them

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  • Is this reality or not🤔 who well know this game😩

  • Ame este video no hablo Inglés o lo que sea ese idioma pero me encanta que se maten a palo

  • 19:00 HHH is wrong for that😂

  • Ronda destroyed them! Come on triple h and Stephanie fight her clean and see who wins!

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  • Goooooo ronda rousey

  • 4:03 producers : how many times will you flex your muscles and boobs triple H: yes

  • Stephenie is not bad but Mr McMahon socks

  • jajaj que sobreactudo son una comedia estoa yunas

  • Ronda is the winner again she's so strong ❤️😄

  • As soon as Stephanie had slapped Ronda around the face... I was like she is gonna be KILLED

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  • Cohn Cena vs rando cohn Cena WİN

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  • who miss ronda like

  • Triple H: you gotta be kidding me!

  • Now Kratos is wrestling, then what fortnite?

  • شني ماكو عرب هنا 😂✋

  • Stupid show. Ridiculously recorded show. ach blééééééééééééééééééééééééééé

  • Ronda Rousey need to marry with Brock Lesnar 🐈

  • this was before covid-19 ###

  • 이제 사랑이란걸 알게돼었어.. 26:57 ..

  • Ето било не чесно

  • Dia palavras tá porra

  • At 19:41 you see the person that taking in the mic go into the crows

  • The person that Ronda was fighting the girl she was like I BELIVE I CAN FLY when Ronda throw he in the air

    • If u were a real fan u would know the name unless u are deaf bc they literally said it

  • Brafooooooooo, yesss

  • why does Kurt Angle look like a thumb

  • كفو دراري واعرا بزاف

  • Nyonya ronda rousey itss dbess


  • *Good timing lagi dating nung partner ni Ronda, Darating sya pag nasaktan si Ronda tas tatargiten pa sya nung enemy.*

    • Si Stephanie o si kurt?

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  • Que pelea tan mal actuada, antes por lo menos era más entretenido pero ahora pareciera que no tienen tiempo de ensayar las escenas 😒🙄

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  • @ 14:45... CALL THE COPS! lol

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  • ronda go

  • ya comprere las playeras de ronda rousey

  • fan de ronda rousey 100% la amo

  • HHH is huge here

  • Lindas lutadoras

  • This has got to be my favorite match so far

  • StephanieIs the biggest cheater I ever seen The referee does nothing about it but when Rhonda wants to go check on her partner the referee doesn’t let her

  • Ahh

  • See this is why WWE needs to get stronger people that like you know do that stuff so they can punch the person who did that to. E,

  • Lol

  • How sad and pathetic.

  • Omg

  • Foolish actresses and actors

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  • Mmmm saor met yang repiere pag lalaban si ronda rousey pipigilan nya balet yang naka black enya nakikita I report NYO kaya yang repiere kung pwede

  • moronic setting

  • That was excellent.

  • Easy clapppp

  • 14:44 Here’s comes Rousey 21:11 Ronda vs Triple H 28:50 Ronda just broke Stephanie’s arm

  • 🇺🇿💐💐💐💐💋💋👌

  • Hey, that was a pretty good match !

  • Ronda House is awesome 🤟

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  • 28:47 she said sorry

  • 6:23 is that Kratos?

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  • GG for Angle and Rousey

  • 11:05 I like ya cut g

  • I love you ronda rouseyyyyy

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  • Rhanda russy is master class

  • I cant believe that maybe in a year they will overtake pewdiepie in subs

  • Cheaters Never Win 14:43 The Crowd when Kurt Angle tagged Ronda :>

  • You can clearly see Steph is not used to spit

  • Ronda and Brock lesnar would make a good tag team

  • rowdy

  • I linda felt bad for Stephanie

  • Baju hitam mainnya curang sii

  • Ronda 💪💪💪❤️💋

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  • stupid acting