Galaxy A52 VS Note 10 Pro Max Ultimate Comparison!

15/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hi everyone, this is our full head- to- head comparison of Xiaomi’s latest Redmi Note 10 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy A52. Both are mid-range devices from the respective companies that pack some good stuff under the hood. So, which one will be best for you? Find out in our video :)

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  • Por English

  • Stupid

  • Idiot

  • You're so mesmerizing.... I don't know why but you look like my wife.

  • I like the a52 5g which has an upgraded 120hz display I think it's only available in the UK.... I would have that offering. And wow you are a beautiful woman 🙂

  • Please suggest me among A52, A72 & Vivo X50, which one should I buy. My first preference is camera. 2ndly I play games (COD).

  • Because she's a Samsung fan she'll be on the side of Samsung, trust me i have a note 10 pro max it takes better photos than my girlfriend's A52! . Not a good review!

  • Redmi note 10 pro max have 5 MP CAMERA 6:24

  • Recent video from techtablets show that a52 ois is inferior to mi 11 lite eis. The video footage clearly shows that the video shooted by a52 is more jerky despite of it's ois . Is that the same case for u ? Does it's ois work well?

  • You r looking beautiful 😍

  • I have checked out both phones. The Samsung is 100 dollar more in price. So why go with the Samsung?

  • Awesome video comparing keep it up as always 👍

  • Comparing phones that have 9K difference does not look fair to me. I have 10 pro max 8/128 @ 19,500, and A52 8/128 is @ 28,999.

  • So you only chose A52... because of the eco system?... what kind of verdict is that 😓

  • Im not getting it.. Why comparing phones in different price ranges.. Results are gonna be obvious

  • ur cute

  • where can i buy redmi note 10 pro max, any link or contact?

  • Perfect comparisons thank you sis😍

  • 8:32 A52 has much more natural colour?🤔i see faded colour of that pink hoot and also seems over white beauty effects in face in A52 🧐

  • new subscriber.... 💜✋

  • Samsung bias from the start,don't get it,why would you do it in the first place,the Note lost even before you started the camera😡unbelievable

  • Vedio ❌ girl😘✔

  • Redmi note 10😡💩👎👎

  • Samsung Galaxy a52🔥😍😍👌

  • Low light video from main cam which one is better,not including stabilization just footage

  • Algorithm

  • Redmi of course!😘

  • Is this this a52 5g?

  • She is so biased. Unbelievable and understandable. Shittiest review to which I wasted all my time.

  • 4:09 , good music taste :)

  • Many videos says redmi is better I think this video is paid by Samsung not fair

  • I can truly say this video is not fair there are many thing better than a52

  • Are you crazy dear .Please if you love samsung this is ok if they pay and this but please be honest in review .Graphics score,screen score,battery score,charging score ,camera score is for xiaomi

  • Hahahahaa this is funny .Display on xiaomi is worst then samsung a52 and display for xiaomi is flagship screen od samsung s21 ultra.Camera on xiaomi is falshship samsung senzor and worst for tou from a52 .First put google camera and say something.Vattery better on xiaomi and sound definitely

  • Pls make a brief video about tax applied in electronic products why are we paying like 2000dollar for 1650 dollar laptop 😂😂😂

  • I have loved the audio in the note 10 pro

  • I don't understand why an in-display finger print sensor gives you premium experience? I mean it's so slow lol

    • I know right, it's annoying that people think it so cool while it's so slow.

  • How can u compare a 26000 vs a 16000 phone and conclude. I used to like your videos but lately being biased towards some brands in particular

  • i was able to get the ph price of zenfone 8 vs a52. and wow ill take a52 anyday. the Philippine price difference is like day and night. zenfone 8 pre order: php 34k plus samsung a52 srp: php 17k plus

  • This review must be correct when it comes in specification of details. I totally feel in her tongue that she wants to win the specs and features of her ideal/fav phone which is Samsung. To make it clarify 120hz refresh rate and higher than that is design for gaming purpose, also for your display if you're not a fan when it comes in gaming community you must or play the games by it's taste. In also for the photography features study must before you give a review. Not only you're giving your opinion. Do your work as fair as enough.

  • Awesome work as always BTW,what place is this video shot at?? I would love to go there

  • Bast phon konta

  • she showed biasness

  • A52

  • wtf redmi note 10 pro max has 2mp mecro?

  • Before even the video started she is already favouring samsung.

  • Main difference is the user interface Miui is same as always full of crappy bloatware unwanted ads and poor ram management But on the other hand One ui is very optimized no bloatware, no unwanted ads as well as optimized ram management

  • Exactly Samsung galaxy A52 is the best .

  • I thought Redmi Note 10 Pro Max is better than Galaxy A52 but this video has changed my opinion

  • Hardware: Note 10 Pro Max Software: Galaxy A52

  • Pls is the a52 good for making INplans videos.

  • Perfect. that is how to do a review. mentioning everything and not like other fools out there just talking specs and number and lousy voice over after the fact so that it doesnt feel real and worst of all most others' sounds like they are reading a script. You hear them talk but their words just sound like they are speaking a language you dont understand. And I scolded them just so they know and do better; But here is a 10 over 10. Now I really know what I would go for. Because of your wonderful review or comparison and reviews are always better when compared to something anyways. Thanks

  • too many simping in this comment...

  • Miui software is a *massive turd* a.k.a *SHIT* 😅 plus the video recording capability is a no go area for me.

  • The Galaxy A52 is a better deal for me.. I will be picking the it up next week. I'm dumping the the redmi note 8 Pro.

  • Are you from nepal 🇳🇵?

  • Gupta Ji Got some milk

  • Redmi note 10 pro is the budget king🔥🔥 A52 has low specs even at this price😂

    • @Barath waj well it depends upon the user , privacy and experience is top priority for me

    • @aravendh sai lol money matters for majority of people😂 Majority of people are not going to use a phone for more than 4 years so OS updates is not a big deal. For this prize range note 10 pro gaves the best phone with good specs, you should appreciate..

    • looks like you don't care about privacy and security and os updates in xiaomi completely ruins the experience

  • Those dark mode issues can be easily fixed through turning off force dark mode on specific apps in miui settings. Average user may not consider but xiaomi devices have really great third party ROM support on XDA which non existent on samsung devices. Looking all the factors feel like redmi note 10 is worth the price.

  • All differences aside, Pro Max is a very misleading name for a mid range device. What are they going to name their top range now? Super duper ultra pro max?

  • Excellent comparison @Pratima

  • You are super biased towards the Samsung. The mi has a far better screen, much better camera and the speakers on mi are far superior.

  • a52 chitwan ma available xaina how can i buy a52 in chitwan

  • Samsung A52 could be my pick. If I want to buy new one. Nice comparison video I loved 😍 it. Video editing and colors chosen are fantastic 👌👏

  • Need a comparison between A52 and A72

  • I really enjoyed the balanced and clear points presented in this video, liked and subscribed :)

  • I also love Samsung 💘❤

  • It's always been Samsung Good for Samsung people 😂

  • Please make a comparison of Samsung Galaxy A52 & Samsung Galaxy M42.

  • Thanks for the video i am buying Samsung

  • But one thing i want to add and that is the camera of A52 is not impressive because the skin tone of pictures is not good

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  • Samsung shit ui

  • I'd go with the A52

  • Sorry i stop buying china brand. And i would not support them.

  • Wow this comparison is just mind blowing. well done and keep up the excellent professional work.

  • Don't worry that 15 minutes will be decreased to some hours after some updates!! 😂😂

  • cute pula ko kn

  • Nice camera work 💪👷. Good comparison 👏.

  • I am confused between pixel 4a and Samsung a52...

  • Galaxy a52 .. the picture texture seems to changed as compare to it's pioneer a51 and other a series, but i really am confused if it's good or not . Any thoughts?

  • Kitane awesome hai 🤩🤩🤩

  • You are Awesome, God Bless You. 💐🎉🎉💐

  • That's really hard to make a decision

  • Omg am i the only one who thinks you are Gorgeous 😍

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  • camera ma iphone tw samsung snga fail khayo what can we expect from mi

  • Ma'm u r soo beautiful😘😘😘

  • A52 is midrange? It's beyond my range tho..

    • Giving much more money for flagship because of prestige or better specs is stupidity. Midrange phones specs are just enough for daily use, and thats about 99,9 % of users.

    • Exactly my thought..

  • Wallpaper 1:8 plz share the link

  • Excellent reviews and comparisons.

  • Hey anyone knows how many android updates for redmi note series? 2 years? 3?

  • I am really confused about whether to choose violet or black in A 52! Can anyone suggest?

    • Since you are a girl, go to violet one. The black look so masculine and Samsung logo are hard to visible.

  • Samsung Brand

  • Can you please make a comparison video between 1+ Nord and a52. Jai Nepal🇳🇵

  • Better quality camera , security features, updates, components, and 5 g with Samsung. There's great deals on contract aswell so Samsung is better.

  • A big biased video

  • Redmi note 10 pro max is cheaper. But the price of galaxy a52 is the same price as poco f2 pro and poco f3. And those 2 will destroy that galaxy a52.

  • Samsung