Ranvir Shorey Exclusive On Jaya Bachchan's Thaali Comment, Bollywood Nepotism, Sushant Singh & More

19/09/2020 को प्रकाशित
After Kangana Ranaut slammed Jaya Bachchan for the 'thaali' comment, Ranvir Shorey has also joined the bandwagon. Days after Jaya Bachchan made headlines with her speech at the Rajya Sabha, Ranvir took to Twitter to say that people like him are self-made and nothing was ever served to them on a platter.
Watch Ranvir Shorey speaking exclusively to India Today clarifying his tweet, nepotism in Bollywood, death of Sushant Singh Rajput and more.
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  • 🌹👍🌹

  • Clearly he knows the truth, but he’ll be ignored by the mass media. India is not a democracy.

  • Blind fans of these bollywoodiyas would never understand, what real art and artists are like I admire you Ranvir, atleast you are speaking against this nexus

  • Ranvir such a talented actor

  • Lovely interview! Well done Ranvir.

  • Talented people r not given the chance n platform they deserve

  • I'm glad he spoke up.. Someone is there to support Kangana's facts. Slap on the face of people who say Kangana is mental she talks anything... she may be exaggerating bcz she is frustrated of talking about it from years and not being heard.. but she talks truth but nothing else..

  • Which family stopped him '

  • ranvir shorey could marry kangana. both are very talented actors and it should be happily ever after. still i was disappointed with ranvirs position - first he says ssr case should be handled with dignity then he supports kanganas antics...

  • Ranvir was working with SSR but he could not speak good thinks about our SSR. I don't like his attitude.

  • I don't want! Me too.

  • Game no is everything explicitly said andone

  • Then everything

  • Key to happy diwali

  • T-shirt

  • This is how it has become

  • Just now:"not speaking but"

  • Bcz u don't know how happened

  • Not a lwaw Tu add

  • To please u or thee and Indian or hindustani

  • Hyped boli is crime

  • Tradition

  • Sharp at 12

  • Medicine takes, speaks less to zivago

  • Has to

  • She is not wrong

  • Send off salute

  • Ranvi. U are so honest and Frank u spoke so well about Kangna SSR was killed .the industry does not like Kangna because she was the one who wanted to probe in to the case they trying to hush off the case on the same day saying it was a suicide. God bless u and your family.

  • Great interview and khangna is gorgeous!

  • Mmm.. he is still playing safe... from what he said.. he think SSR on depression that lead to the tragedy.. Ranvir just think about himself

  • look at her facial demeanor during the thali comment! utter lunatic!

  • Thank you for giving your voice. Love the cleansing of the industry. Only when people speak up will change happen. Keep up the work. I would actually go further and say join forces. There is way too much talent in India to be suppressed. You guys now have the social media to reach people.

  • Now what will Rajdeep say about Drugs in Bollywood, Rajdeep always support anti NATIONAL Gang, We never watch his Shows, Republic TV is Best, always with Truth.


  • N8

  • I think Jaya's statement is highly misconstrued. She never said it's all happy here, she only said just because of a few people you can't blame an entire industry. Drug abuse is everywhere and it should be strictly regulated everywhere. Not every member of cinema fraternity is high on drugs.

    • @Abhishek Tanwar Ya right, as if every other industry is drinking Ganga Jal and Abe Zam Zam water. C'mon man corruption, drugs, money laundering and nepotism is everywhere not just in Bollywood.

    • Talk to anyone in your family or friends who has struggled in Bollywood. You will know the truth. Kangana actually shy away with a lot of things and don't say much. Bollywood is so so shameful you can't even expect.

  • He said out my heart... truth... kangnaa u gave strength to all...

  • I'm so so glad Ranveer Shorey is speaking up I'm so glad

  • Examples of Justice being served:1.The arrogant gas companies on the eve of Electricity coming into America during the end of the 19th century.2 Uber upsets the arrogant and sometimes violent Autorikshaws in cities like Bangalore and Chennai. 3. How Indian idol and other Online facilities upset monopolies in the Indian Music Business. (*In contrast some people like Rafi Sahab were great souls who encouraged new singers). DO YOU THINK NATURE WILL NOT TAKE ITS COURSE IN BOLLYWOOD AND THEIR MAFIA????

  • If there is Nepotism in Bollywood industry going on as Ranvir Shorey and Kangana Ranaut etc. claims than why Abhishek Bachchan, Tushar Kapoor, Kumar Gaurav etc. lots of the star kids are sidelined or struggling more than the outsiders? Please explain why Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who is holding #1 position in film industry for many years, his own son is not getting the films? Please justify your claim about nepotism. I can provide many more names of the famous actors and actresses whose kids couldn’t survive in Bollywood.

  • 💕

  • it is about power, the real power still lies in the hands of the viewers. If one wants to restructure the decaying system , so that other aspiring talented youngsters do not meet the same fate, the viewers need to be clever.

  • “Bollywood” - RIP

  • Even that great entertainer Govinda was sidelined and we lost the chance to see some enjoyable movies. All we got was Varun Dhawan. Can there be any comparison, at all ?

  • Don't forget the Ambani nexus with the government and the bollywood. Ask the politicians and ambanis to volunteer for their frug tests

  • Please cover unemployment problem too We students also exist in the same world

    • You’re in the wrong forum for what your asking. There are appropriate places to bring up your grievances. This is not the one for you unfortunately.

  • Why no channel or media interested in the matter of unemployment

    • it is gov job , if people others kill like they did to SSR, what would jobs do, he would have helped to create more jobs

  • Ye Jaya Bacchan ma'am aaj Tak unemployment par nahi boli E

  • An intelligent actor 🙂❤️

  • Ranvir shorey is an awesome actor and an awesome person.....

  • Speaking of Protectionism and Nepotism - The Music of Bollywood during the 60s, 70s, and even 80s were dominated by our "beloved" Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. Do you know the lengths they would go to, to never allow a new singer into the scene? Lata used to throw tantrums if a producer allowed any newcomer in!!! Kishore was even worse. And then justice was served. The media started to allow newcomers from unknown venues to come in. Justice always has a way of being cruel to the arrogant and selfish. So don't you worry there always a way if what you say about Bollywood gangs is true.

    • @Preethi Shetty Strongly agreed

    • dylan thomas And where is this history written ?? Any authentic claims by valid Bollywood historians ir you are basing this history of yours on gossips Or magazines that run on gossips ? You see is better to ise your common sense then read gossips . You can control Bollywood either by a production companies that invest money or underworld mafia that invest both money and extortion method . But if you are saying an ordinary middle class singer who rise to fame on her talent and support of producers is controlling yr industry what should I assume that they had mafia backing ??

    • @Preethi Shetty Looks like you are very young. Go and study the politics of the Bollywood music industry during the 70s.

    • Only people / fans can make and break a singers career . The producer will only heed to those who are a public demand . Else People will fade into oblivion with such attitude .

    • As far as Kishore da was concerned , he avoided producers as he was too busy yet they followed him as they wanted him becos he was not just the public demand but the movies stars for whom he did playback also demanded that they would work only if Kishore sang for them . So why defame people without any basis . Seems like people are jealous if people’s extraordinary success .

  • only interview of india today i m watching only because of ranvir shorey! But its disappointing to see him peddling suicide theory for him.

    • He knows it is murder all of Mumbai knows. Because our gossip houses don’t waste a minute. Everyone knows. Even those who aren’t in the film industry but live in those areas for sure. But he is playing it safe. So he chose his words carefully.

  • I don't know this type of guys y will come for publicity Jaya ji bhole Okey kangana Mumbai sey he model heroin Kara now suddenly change Mumbai is like pok she got y + security and 2day also kangana told farmers r terrerist and giving y + this is Bharath this is bjp

  • If any person having problems then why to work in this field. You earn your bread from this industry and blaming this industry. Go somewhere else. Your not star that every one will come to you.

  • My favorite ranveer shorey

  • The so called Bollywood A listers including the Bachans , they should be reminded that their thalis are giving by the people of this nation .They are still living in their bubbles !!

  • There shd be a law passed to incriminate these blackmailing / bulldozing people like Salman khan

  • Going forward , there will be a big change and these “ so-called big stars “ will be boycotted and won’t be buying tickets for movie theatre but wait til it comes on “free” online . I would NEVER go to see these “star shows “ - people already have a bitter taste towards the SRK salmans and padukones etc etc ..

    • Love you brother i have been doing this for ages now when I saw some funny beings on screens trying to act...why waste my money on it ..rather see it for free online good that we are on same boat...

  • ranvir sounds like a reasonable guy with a good head on his shoulders, does not exaggerate, does not go to all or nothing extremes when speaking to make a point and A very good actor

  • Every word he spoke is the truth. Bravo !

  • He is my hero


  • Nepotism exists everywhere .Nothing new...

  • dude is scared and speaking half truth. SSK committed suicide after so much new evidence came to light? he must be hiding something

  • Grandma go home n spend time with your grandchild. Make some chappati for your husband

  • Now I know why Ranvir Shourey is where he is, he actually thinks SSR commited Suicide...wow

  • Shame on all u paid Media.

  • ironically their silence has become the most uncomfortable loud noise..........

  • hè is right

  • Failure has all blames!!!

  • Ranvir in my opinion isn’t a really good actor per se but I’ve always respected him for the roles that he had under taken and how he carried himself. However I don’t know why he is playing the victim card like Kangana....politics happens everywhere even in families and we can’t really eradicate it totally. I don’t understand why people who crib about the industry still continues to be part of it... why not just move from it.

  • Choli ke peche kya hai Choli ke piche... Choli ke peche Thali Thali ke piche Riya Riya ke piche CBI,,,,CBI haaaaaaaai... ku ku ku ku ku ku

  • Ranvir shorey playing very safe game one side blaming kangana and other side saying right about power politics in bullywood...ranvir shorey u r real opportunist .mtlb..SSR ke murder KO Suicide bata raha hai....shame on him....what about u say about disha too....is she also suicide.....don't be hypocrate n manipulative.....sahai ke sath khade raho....iska mtlb....ki puri state machinery ....murderer KO bachane ke liye lagi hai n now u saying this shame...on u

  • They are highest tax payers, they have purchased the nation, they are people helping the nation out of crores they earn of this nation, the public's money is coming back to public, which is also boasted by people like jaya bachan. # zero respect # stand up for right atleast some time in life # dont shut right people using your power # boycot these people and their kids

  • Freedom of speech in reference to kangna is not absolute. Maharashtra is not pok Shourieji. Please dont try to humiliate Maharashtra govt and bollywood. Do not proof that, MAN IS ALWAYS UNGRATEFUL. U have been fed and brought up by this earning. Assuming u r qualified and dignified Respect the dignity of the seniors.

  • That's why he married to daughter (Konkana) of an influential insider (Aparna Sen). Apne bachcho ke liye ye bhi thali sajane wala hai.

  • More power to folks like Shorey.

  • 🙏🙏🙏 shukriya, how does one get the privilege of committing crime just because one is the highest tax payer....is that what is bring dished out to our next generation

  • This guy seems logical

  • One sensible guy

  • You guys r mistaken, nothing will remain same. Bollywood is done. People are angry & people want Indian Film Industry outside Mumbai

  • Shorey u hv brain, guts & talent. Speak fearlessly & support Kangana & Justice for SSR. You can start a production company where new talent is encouraged.

  • Jaya bachchan is made thaali nay chade Justice for SSR Justice for kangna

  • Jaya comment on Thali was really immature

  • Right on d money !! I never took that old lady seriously as Ranvir thing might be good fir them but not for all.

  • Let us start supporting regional language films.

  • Talking about tabloidation of mainstream media on India Today. Slow claps!

  • Pls.Focous on Sandeep singh and where he is now...we all are forgetting main culprits....pls. find and expose him...he is very clever and also Mastermind.....pls.find him...

  • The day Amitabh bachchan wrote a "hand written " letter to praise Kunal khemu, family member of kapoor-khan. My first question was, why not Ranveer shorey???? He was absolutely brilliant, so was Vijay raj... the villain with botanical names... why????

  • Because of Kangana & Arnab now everyone raises their voice,salute to them

    • Not enough people raising their voices. All the druggies have denied. Blamed SSR. Wow. So shallow.

  • True Gentleman Ranvir Shorey

  • he was murdered

  • Sad..every field wants to keep thalis for thier kins..no meritocracy!! Only flatterers

  • I like the way he puts everything on the table without dropping to low level language.

  • What about her souten Rekha she hasn’t given her any taali ?

    • Exactly.When Amitabh got corona, bungalow of Rekha was sealed.

  • It is Kangana who says shut up when others express their voice but she always projects it other way around.

    • Lol. It is when they lie on the face of the audience or when they don 't have the credibility to say anything.She didn't say anything to Naseeruddin shah.

  • Another Kangana's chomcho...no respect for elders ..

  • The First Lady of bollywood, the wife of So called sheenshaan, irresponsible Panama Paper leaks named, almost bankrupt but got somehow movie, tried career in politics but fucked up career there too....

  • Wow Ranvir ! You say the same points Kangana says... She is soooo clear and concise with o nonsense even when she shares her very personal issues. But you so manipulatively say that she exaggerates and media can just report as actor's opinion and not give more importance. Glad atleast handful of people like you support her. But please do it wholeheartedly.

  • Ok has someone noticed 1st 56 seconds of RANVEER SHOREYS face ...hilarious