Live Infinity N4 Battle - Ariadna {Tartary Corps} vs Combined Army- Domination (Rulebook Ver.)

22/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
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Ariadna has landed in Warp Charged Gamings studio and a new Dawn has been found. George is addicted to Infinity the Game! Watch as we entangle ourselves in this elegant system put out from Corvus Belli. Take your mind 175 years into the future and see the ultimate skirmish game unfold in the awesome theaters of battle the setting operates within. Hacking, Chain Rifles, Dog Warriors, Ninjas, Robots, NINJA ROBOTS - Advanced Technology far beyond human comprehension?! So much to love, come along for the journey and be apart of the community as we continue to seek to provide great Infinity Content.
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  • Amazing setup and cool angles. How do you consolidate all the sound and camera feeds into such a smooth stream? Is it done live or post thru an edit? Thanks guys

    • @Warp Charged Gaming - Infinity Battle Reports wow thanks! These resources are amazing. Will definitely check them out

    • Hey there! Proud to say its done live all by me while playing at the same time! I actually have a how to stream course on our patreon that teaches from the ground up. I really need to make just a tour video of the rig... Super excited for an addition coming soon that will enhance the experience further. Basically its 3 Gopro Hero 5 Blacks and a Rebel T7i on a tripod, all plugged into Blackmagic capture cards. Using a Focusrite 2i2 audio interface connected to our shure dual wireless lavier set of microphones. I control everything via tablet control to stream labs OBS. Here is the free video I made discussing streamlabs, multistreaming, and tablet control Here is a 1 hour live class I gave on streaming that summarizes alot of the content in the patreon. Appreciate this post it remotivated me to tour my rig. Cheers!

  • Again, love the production quality. Good stuff! Don't forget baggage on the ikadrons, it's good for holding the quadrants near your own DZ! The camo game is strong is this game! Nice job revealing the Hidden Deployment to get the orders. I do that all the time. In missions like this, with end-of-turn scoring, I never choose to go first unless I can pull off a very strong Alpha strike. Going first makes you extend your forces, giving them easy pickings, as well as deciding what quadrants are easiest to grab. I have some rules notes below, but appreciate the content! Keep on-keepin' on!

    • CA Turn 1: Suppressive fire on Anathematic would provoke ARO from Orange camo if he was in LoF. TAK Turn 1: Taigha can't dodge through Anathematic since it is taller. Strelok controller didn't reveal in the first short skill, though it would've revealed in the second. I believe the Taigha could've dodged when the camo token got into ZoC. Spetnaz would've revealed when it entered silhouette contact. Didn't matter, but you needed 3 saves on that CC due to the crit. Discover + Shoot is two skills. You declare discover, they ARO, and then you can shoot, or not with that knowledge. Surprise attack works for entire order which you started in camo state for. CA Turn 2: Taigha can't move through enemy trooper, even if they're unconscious. CA Turn 3: Shrouded would've provoked ZoC Dodge when he placed the 2nd mine, allowing reactive player to move out of trigger area. Mine can hit units that didn't trigger it.