The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2020!

2/12/2020 को प्रकाशित
The Blind Smartphone camera bracket social experiment people's choices award goes to...
That shirt!
0:00 Intro
2:02 The Bracket
7:03 What We Learned
15:52 Conclusion
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  • I got the first bracket perfect except for one

  • 10:30 MA Eyeees MA Eyeeees

  • I hope MKBHD ready my comment " Voter's screen also must be taken into account " On some phone, screen's brightness affects on colors and dynamic range. I find this on Zenfone, Xiaomi, and low-range Samsung. And even some people set their screen to non-standard RGB Hope that can help on next blind camera test 🙂

  • I actually thought the Mi 10 Ultra won due to saturation but still

  • Apple is Waste.

  • I preferred the zenfone pumpkin picture because I liked the contract between cool and warm, as opposed to the background looking warm as well, making the pumpkin less interesting. On top op that, the pumpkin looked a bit oversaturated as well, but I'm basing that on this youtube video, as I didn't participate in the polls.

  • Anyone know the intro song?

  • The "what we learned" section elevated this video from mediocre to outstanding!

  • sooo LG didn't win the first round with less than 2% ... ? soo typical for the channel to trash LG... Wing isn't even their best Camera Phone released on 2020. It was LG V60 .. but they clearly knew thta LG V60 will be the winner at the end so they choose the Wing...

  • The masses are as stupid as a cow’s ass

  • Apple - "Stop the count!"


  • Very nice explanation about the white balance and a great video🔥

  • each photo in each test made with different positions...again, what the point? Did you hear of testing metodics? Do you know, that test could be objective if condition are equal for each phone?

  • when will you start to clean cameras before your tests?! What the poin to test some of cameras with dirty optics? Pointless test


  • there HAS to be a night pic and only one souce of voting

  • How to win your brackets: Pick Samsung, pick phones nobody knows about

  • Just amazing!

  • Black lives matter ✊🏿

  • Why only one Samsung phone? And why does he always compare to the iphone?

  • Loved every second of this video

  • Zenphone is the squeakiest phone 🤣

  • omg i was only wrong at the note 20 ultra v pixel 4a

  • So the note got a 95% win over a phone that beat the iPhone 🙆‍♂️

  • Let the winnen be the one with the best manual control and best RAW file. If you really care about image quality, you RAW.

  • I like this camera comperation...keep doing this every years...👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • The nitpick is real

  • Damn so apple is low-key racist by cooling down photos for 🌾 ppl

    • lol

  • The result was amazing 🤨🤨

  • الف تحيه طيبه من العراق 🇮🇶 اليك

  • "Every phone is out of my budget" 😅😅

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  • Who the fuvk actually dislikes this guys videos ?

  • From lallantop here 🙌

  • So apple made for white people? Sooooooo whats the phone made for brown skin for me?

  • dont miss

  • It’s orange not awrange tks

  • Sry Marcus I cheated

  • So, is the Iphone racist?

  • Mi 10 ultra vins

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max takes the coolest photos! Now read it as you like.

  • So you’re saying the photos were picked specifically to feature certain scenarios that some phone manufacturers could have optimized their phones for? Also could that chard be less intuitive? That should have been simply a graph with score on the y and scenario in the x

  • asus phone is out of stock now

  • 3:40 that masking

  • Basically warmer win because mostly people use cheap phones, with cheap lcd so warmer look too cool on phones. Hope u read it

  • I always tap to focus

  • Alright then

  • just gimme the night!

  • One potential reason why iPhones have a colder white balance could be that the majority of interior lighting is warmer (especially here in Europe) and maybe the numbers show that the majority of photos taken with iPhones are shot indoors? I could be dead wrong. I only notice this cause I used to travel a lot for my job (photographer/designer) with minimal lights (baggage restrictions) and it was always a fight with interiors being so warm. Maybe Apple thought they’d help the casual user with keeping it cooler?

  • I knew asus zenfone 7 pro will win it's my most favorite phone I love it

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  • Would be good to know how different it looks on the screens used by the voters. Surely that has some influence.

  • hey dude can you do a night mode blind camera test as well

  • Trump for sure using an iPhone

  • Imo what really made the iPhone photo look bad is the exaggerated HDR-ish effect and that horrible blue tint sky replacement... White balance might be a factor, but before I even notice the white balance those things just cheapen the pic a lot. I was shocked to find out it was iPhone.

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  • What I have learnt about the BSC Test; it is less about the smartphones camera comparison, and more about people who are blind when it comes to photo comparisons from smartphones. And the winner 🥇 is, the most blind people. You will learn this when you listen to mkbhd's own explanations 🙂

  • Tbh each year not seeing the iPhones make it out the opening bracket and getting destroyed brings a smile to my face. Humans have this weird sheep mentality man

  • Hi

  • Did u jz called iPhone camera a racist?

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  • I think I want a note now I have a pixel 3xl

  • Best ending. So positive. Just create from the heart

  • How did you set the first round-brackets?

  • Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G

  • this test proves one thing. Average consumers are the majority consumer and they are average.

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  • For me, the final was note 20 ultra and Huawei

  • So why did the iPhone win your best camera award?

  • Would you ever consider an actual scientific breakdown of the phones? Speaking from a photographer perspective, I'd love to know which images generally are the highest fidelity for post processing. I'd love to see some objective comparisons between dynamic range, focusing speed, tracking, colour balance, etc. It'd also be really cool do what you did, but with actual DSLR's, to see the popular vote on the out-of-camera image looks. My prediction would be that Canon would take the cake for the usually spot-on skin tone accuracy, while Sony's dynamic range lead would have them trailing.

  • Putting the 4a against the Note 20 Ultra isn't what I'd call fair for the 1st test. Especially not in the same price bracket.

  • Apple_ stop the count

  • Strange approach. Why not take photos of all the subjects with all the cameras & do a round-robin (every match up x every subject) to get an overall ranking?

  • Although it's not the result I expected, I'm still really happy by the result.

  • The election was rigged. Death people voted. The iPhone actually won by a lot. They stole the election

  • Mi 10 Ultra , in my opinion , takes better pics than Asus Zenfone

  • Watching this on my Samsung Galaxy note 1

  • Whats the name of the song used in the intro?

  • I was a former android user never regretted switching to iPhones since last year this phone is a bomb I normally say bad things about iPhones people before saying they just buy it for the clout to be sincere I had better experience with my iPhone with any other android the phone is just smooth do you imagine why the people advertising android phones don’t usually use android to take there personal photos

  • I wonder how this could have gone if the Zenfone lost to the LG wing in the first bracket

  • Okay okay, sir! GEEZ! Hahaha

  • I think that's the kind of video we would benefit from having two editions each year, so it's no too outdated 6 months later. That video is awesome and provided a buy defining factor for some of people.

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  • No tap to focus? Wtf

  • i don't unedrstand how mi 10 ultra won against note 20 my eyes that photo looked far better in note 20 ultra...people probably like that warmish type photo

  • Awesome video, as usual, by the master. Always learn something new and objective about tech to cool the flames of the radicals on both sides of the spectrum.

  • Me out here starting my prediction in the second round and immidiately getting all of them wrong xD

  • Interesting. Xiaomi is doing a great job, without the doubt.

  • I like how the OnePlus 8T is considered midrange lol

  • Ahhhhh. $1200 glorious, Made in Japan Xperia 1 II smartphone with Zeiss optics and Pro Alpha Camera app lost to....China-phone and didn't make it even into quarter final. Sony fanboys are spitting with anger and hate (very typical for them though) and crying in the corner....

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, Note20 Ultra, Sony Xperia 1 ii.

  • I'm not surprised that the iPhone 12 and SE lost, judging the 1st shot, even ignoring the blue'ish tint due to the white balance, looking out the windows everything is just over exposed and a bunch of detail is lost there.

  • you should let people submit their brackets on like a website or an app before all of the polls go out

  • Just got one wrong

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  • hey, which phone gives the best phone that gives - Best Video while Zoomed In (like 4 times), say Outdoor scene, afternoon in a thick forest ???

  • So..what phone that u choose mr marques