OSPF Explained | Step by Step

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In this video we're going to take a look at OSPF.
Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a widely used and supported routing protocol.
It's an interior gateway protocol (IGP) meaning it been designed to be used within a single autonomous system. It also falls under the category of Link-state routing protocols.
Routers running OSPF learn about the enter network in order to create routes. They do this by flooding Link State Updates. There are three steps to the process.
Become neighbours - Two routers running OSPF on the same link agree to form a neighbour relationship
Exchange database information - The neighbouring routers swap their LSDB information with each other
Choose the best routes - Each router chooses the best routes to add to its routing table based on the learned LSDB information

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  • Just remember ‘IT ELF’ > Init > Two-Way > Exstart > Exchange > Loading > Full

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    • @Jagadeesh Packet tracer is pretty simple once you get used to it. I need to make some tutorials myself. It's great your taking the feedback from your interview and learning this stuff. Good luck with the studies 👍

    • ​@CertBros thank you~..... I watched few other videos and happen to see people explaining in packet tracer.... that is when I found out there is a simulator that I can play with... Need to go through tutorials on how to use it... my last interviewer gave feedback that my knowledge on SDWAN is good but not much with n/wing concepts.... ill be stalking your channel btw~~ ^ ^

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  • The Cost you show in the video are old. please update it, IEEE changed it. @CertBros

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  • How to choose the best path if the routers use the same type of interface? They have the same cost.

    • If two or more paths have the same cost, OSPF can load balance the traffic.

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    • You're welcome! Happy the videos are helping. Keep labbing and using those debig commands! Haha! Dont worry, I'm British so I apologise a lot! 🤣

    • @CertBros TY for that quick response, I will check out that link as I am going very in depth on OSPF these next few days. Great video, helped fill in a lot of blanks and I am looking forward to the multi-area OSPF as I lab'd one last night and got a result I wasn't quite expecting and can't explain. I have a theory but I am not so sure it is correct. Again thanks. Yeah I am Canadian, I thank a lot.

    • Good question! The slave/master relationship is not that important for us to control. When you find conflicting information, the one place you can rely on is RFCs. They're massive but when you have a specific question they are a great resource. tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2328

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