Manitoba eases COVID-19 orders on outdoor gatherings, quarantine measures for fully-vaccinated |FULL

Manitoba's chief provincial public health officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced on Wednesday that some COVID-19 restrictions will be eased as of Saturday, June 12, allowing outdoor gatherings of up to five people on public and private property with some restrictions.

People can gather with up to five people outdoors on public property or a private residence, but visitors must not be from more than two households.

All other restrictions on indoor gatherings, personal care businesses, gyms, restaurants and other businesses will remain in place.

Retail businesses will be allowed to operate at a 10 per cent capacity, or a maximum of 100 people.

Roussin also announced that as of June 11, people who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and are symptom-free upon arrival to Manitoba won’t be required to self-isolate.

People who are fully vaccinated and are identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case won’t be required to self-isolate as well.

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  • I live in rural Manitoba. I have people over at my house every weekend. We have fires and drinks and huge bbq’s. I’m living my life as normal. I have to wear a mask for 20 mins a week when I go to the grocery store and that’s it. My kids go swimming at the beach all the time. We ride our quads and go off grid camping. There is absolutely no enforcement out here and I love it. They couldn’t enforce anything if they tried. Too many back roads and nowhere near enough police. So Roussin you can suck it. You don’t run my life, you don’t pay my property tax and you don’t have any authority over me.


  • "Vaccinate and you will be allowed to return to your life. Don't vaccinate and you will be left behind" - Canada

  • Roussin and his numerous Crimes Against Humanity are not going to be forgiven nor forgotten - everything is documented. He will be sued and trialed for his CRIMES - this is not going away.

  • ORDERS ??? Hey PUBLIC SERVANTS, YOU WORK FOR US . It's YOU who should be following orders , OURS . Scam demic.

    • I agree. If I pay your salary then you work for me, I’ll be the one giving the orders.

  • Can we have ice cream?

    • Only vanilla is allowed unless you’ve been double vaccinated.

  • Rebel News 🇨🇦

  • Shut up

  • Check Epstein's list these clowns are on it ..

  • Who tf are you going to stop?

  • We need more 🐑🐑🐑🐑👮👮👮👮

  • If all these people who were vaccinated why are they wearing masks still.Why are we getting experimented on.

  • Remember when Dr. Roussin, in a press conference some months back, explicitly said the COVID measures imposed on the public do not apply to government? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  • Why Are you guys arguing in the comments

  • People... go to USA news. Dr Fauci emails released with tons of Information to share. Canadian news will never cover it.

    • Canadian news will also never use the freedom of information laws here to request the e-mails of Dr. Tam and other public health officials here. I have little doubt the contents of such e-mails here would be just as damning as those of Fauci.


  • Only until July 1. 😄

  • It's always been about the plan. Take away freedom, control the narrative and the jab.

  • You guys look so stupid sitting there sanitizing your hands like that. Oh boy your allowing us to have guests over at our homes?? How generous. Enough already

  • Maxime Berniere is at the forks for a freedom rally Saturday at 2pm

    • Thanks

  • Surprised he hasn’t gotten covid himself considering how often he cheats on his wife with women outside his household. 🙄

  • The point is that the airline companies will NOT accept vaccinated people in their airplanes because they don't want to pay for deaths or side effects for the travelers as of the blood clots after the vaccination . You See! The people who run to take the Jab to enjoy their .... freedom now it comes the opposite to them plus the danger to their Health. So be AWARE.

  • They are hunting for preachers while they let child molesters out of jail.

  • We need a good old civil war to reset

  • Allowing the government to violated your constitutional rights for an emergency, well they'll create an emergency to violate your constitutional rights...

  • It didn't start with gas chambers. It started with one party controlling the media. One party controlling the message. One party deciding what is truth. One party censoring speach, silencing opposition. One party dividing citizens into "US" and "Them". Demanding their supporters to harass "Them". It all started when good people turned blind eyes allowing these malfeasances.

    • @Steve Schertzer what actually happened to some of the Nazis after the trials? 😉

    • @Cosmo Cat Stuck in Pizza He wanted to make it look like he created that saying. That is why I said quote it

    • @Sain D Thats a very intelligent reply

    • @Sain D Comparing Canada to NAZI Germany? What a fool! What a historical ignoramous! I'm guessing you never heard of the Treaty of Versailles which Germany became a signatory to after WW1. What were the main terms of the Versailles Treaty? (1) the surrender of all German colonies as League of Nations mandates; (2) the return of Alsace-Lorraine to France; (3) cession of Eupen-Malmedy to Belgium, Memel to Lithuania, the Hultschin district to Czechoslovakia, (4) Poznania, parts of East Prussia and Upper Silesia. What did Germany lose by signing the treaty? Germany lost 10% of its land, all its overseas colonies, 12.5% of its population, 16% of its coal and 48% of its iron industry. There were also the humiliating terms, which made Germany accept blame for the war, limit their armed forces and pay reparations. Add to this the economic collapse of the Weimar Republic due to hyperinflation, and that is the perfect storm for Hitler and the NAZI Party to emerge from the ashes. What in current Canada can compare to that? I suggest you study history.

    • @Slugontharug owe you nothing... get bent!

  • 6 min for anything to happen.

  • Fraudulent Fake and Ludicrous. Bought and paid for politicians including all those in authority positions. I hope their enjoying themselves because soon they won’t be able to leave their self created lockdown/ cells ! Their time is coming!!! This movie will not have the ending they hope for! 🐸✅🙌🏻

  • Your daily dose of deception. No on is buying this 🐂💩. Do these reporters realise how rediculous they look ? 🤣🤣 The jig is up , the truth is out , now you guys are just embarrassing yourselves. SCAM DEMIC .

  • Dont close outdoor spaces

  • If hospitals are overwhelmed, why are the float pools of nurses ALL losing their hours?!? Maybe lying to us perhaps?

    • That's silly. Politicians will never lie to us.....

  • Hahaha Zero compliance with the lockdowns

  • Oh no! New variants! Haven’t you guys noticed that everyone is dying? It’s only been a year and the half and most people I know have zero contacts who haven’t gotten sick. “But you can still be asymptomatic and kill others.” It really is perfectly thought up...


  • nice ratio on this one wow

    • They've been lying to us so long... people are disgusted.

  • Make sure you write down the names of all the COLLABORATORS whether they are Govt Workers, Doctors or NAZI cops. Write them we have a record of who these traitors are when all the evil they have committed has been exposed and the Nuremberg 2.0 trials begin.

  • Lies, lies, more lies

  • Perhaps closing vital hospitals prepandemic wasnt a great what are u planning for the next one..this one wasnt a surprise.

    • Have you looked at the NDP, they talked a lot about hallway healthcare, we spend more total on admin in health and education gross than Ontario and get dismal results! We need an actual PC to come in, Winnipeg needs to be reformed, no more of this spending on stupid garbage, stop this green buses and spend it one three things first and foremost, 1) Redo the whole perimeter as a freeway and add a truck lane 2) Review all departments and cut admin waste, then partner with universities and colleges to offer subsidized education if you work for x number of years in needed fields in Manitoba 3) Stop running deficits, relax regulations and open up Winnipeg and Manitoba to more corporations, more small businesses and more medium level jobs to get people out of the bottom end restaurant industry! We have way too many restaurants and not enough actual economic growth! These arent that far right of ideas and they will work in amazing ways, we just need politicians to stop picking sides and do what is right! Also public sector unions should be banned from running ads, campaigns and be reduced to the negotiators at a government level for salaries, and any department or union or board with money involved should have a taxpayer advocate with severe influence to stop ridiculous proposals, no retirees can be on salary boards, school boards etc!