5 Anti Ageing Habits that You Should Inculcate in Your 20s/30s

15/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
5 Anti Ageing Habits that you should inculcate in your 20s/30s
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Ageing is a natural process but who doesn't want to stay young, healthy and beautiful? Anti ageing is one of those buzz words which gets tossed around very casually across various product lines. Many companies want you to believe that by applying one particular cream or lotion you can slow down the ageing process but it's far from the truth.While you can't really stop the process, you can certainly delay the signs of ageing by following these 5 ways which have been mentioned in Ayurvedic texts and are now validated by modern science as well.
00:43 - #5 Anti Ageing Way to age slowly - Just take out 1 minute from your busy schedule, sit back and count the number of breaths that you take in 1 minute. Ancient saints and sages discovered a deep and profound relationship between our breathing pattern and the quality and longevity of life.
02:47 - #4 Anti Ageing Way to age slowly - The word Ayurveda means the science of life. It is not just about food and herbs but also presses on the importance of selfless service in increasing longevity and health span of an individual.
04:11 - #3 Anti Ageing Way to age slowly - The concept of anti-ageing is described in Ayurveda as RASAYANA chikitsa. Ayurveda has identified various herbs that have demonstrated their effect of oxygen radical absorbance and thereby reversing premature ageing.
05:30 - #2 Anti Ageing Way to age slowly - This one has always been considered the best anti ageing pill by Ayurveda and today modern science is in tune with it.
07:03 - #1 Anti Ageing Way to age slowly - This is probably not so easy but highly rewarding. However, I do discuss some practical ways to get this done effectively.
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