Rhea Chakraborty's secret recording accessed; Proof of invasion of SSR's privacy

30/08/2020 को प्रकाशित
Secret recordings made by Rhea Chakraborty have now been accessed. These viral audio tapes were recorded by Rhea while having a conference call with Sushant Singh Rajput and his father. The conference call was regarding the financial matter of which Rheas's team was also a part of. These tapes have raised suspicion as to what was the motive behind recording this call.
Moreover, it has also been claimed that Rhea was invading Sushant's privacy by recording these calls. One cannot simply record a conference call using an app. Sushant's family has also alleged that Rhea was after Sushant's money on multiple occasions.
#TimesNowForCBIForSushant #RheaChakrabortyExposed #SushantMurderProbe
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  • Shocking that there is so much of evidence and still no arrests. Rhea key figure with the proper skills and techniques in the investigation and if necessary 3 rd degree application etc case would have been solved long ago. Waste of time looking in every nook and corner when One get all info straight from the horses mouth. Rheas Parents ....... sad Sushant had no idea what they were up to.

  • Baycott bollywood

  • ..5

  • Rhea n family wanted to have total control over SSR'S funds.

  • This was long planned. These murderers will be trapped through their own lies!!

  • And she claims that she was a lover.stupid

  • The spy who killed ssr. Rhea jaisi khatarnak stree ki koi dharm nahi, paisa hi inki dharm hai.

  • spying , stalking and secret videos .. all seems so criminal minded ... I m simply speechless !

  • So much proof against this woman yet she is scott free

  • The sad part is some of the Bollywood mafias have started supporting means drug cartels because they are part of it

  • Times Now we applaud you for showing and exposing the hidden truths

  • She deserves much more worst than just hell

  • inplans.info/first/pqqZ1pOdrcipoYE/v-iy

  • Money face

    • 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • First of all how can a middle class family of Rhea Chakraborty afford a lawyer like Manshinde??

  • She was not in living she was blackmailing him and giving him drugs to finish him. Living in and mental illness are all stories made by Rhea

  • I salute NCB. CBI should feel ashamed!! They’re not being firm, CBI needs to step up!

  • That audio is not authentic - please have it tested

  • We need one more strong protest should happen. PUBLIC please give your best suggestions to Ishkaran Sir seriously.... HAR HAR MAHADEV Please make these hashtags spread everywhere on all social media platforms #BOLLYWOODJOKERS #BOYCOTTBOLLYWOOD #MAHAGOVTBACKINGKILLERS #VICTORY4SSR #WARRIORS4SSR #JUSTICE4SSR #UNITED4SSR #boycottnepokids #IAMSUSHANT #ARRESTSSRCULPRITS #SUSHANTCOMEBACK #SUPPORTKANGANARANAUT #SUSHANTMURDERMYSTERY ....

  • Rhea preplanned murder...that's y she recorded every single conversation

  • in the conversation she ordered black coffee....its easy to add drugs to dark coloured drinks....

  • We need one more strong protest should happen. PUBLIC please give your best suggestions to Ishkaran Sir seriously.... HAR HAR MAHADEV Please make these hashtags spread everywhere on all social media platforms #BOLLYWOODJOKERS #BOYCOTTBOLLYWOOD #MAHAGOVTBACKINGKILLERS #VICTORY4SSR #WARRIORS4SSR #JUSTICE4SSR #UNITED4SSR #boycottnepokids #IAMSUSHANT #ARRESTSSRCULPRITS #SUSHANTCOMEBACK #SUPPORTKANGANARANAUT #SUSHANTMURDERMYSTERY ....

  • She must have kept transmitters in his room. WOW. Why was she controlling him so much?????

  • Still she is not telling truth first arrest her after that we'll wait

  • Justice for SSR 🙏🏼❤

  • Thank you Times now. Please keep up your good work. We are with you. As his fans we want justice for our Sush.

  • It really is a disgrace that Sushant was surrounded by a lot of vampires. He really trusted them so much. Rhea you must pray that Sushant soul never ever come in front of you. He is looking down on all of you and he must be so disgusted in everything he see and hear

  • Very rightly said by Jay...

  • If she was spying, she was the tool of some...so, Boycott them.

  • ***********************FAKE NEWS****************************************** JusticeForRhea

  • Find out if the recording was forwarded to Mahesh Bhatt or Salmon Khan ?

  • We want Times now to get involve with SSR case too

  • Thumbs down to anchor... The anchor pretended as if she couldn't understand the request of a caller to telling about the protection & safety of KANGANA Ranaut from the NMC. Yeh TV Channel makkari nehi chalegi..... You have to listen every bit of an aam admi

  • remember one thing. man is the most ungrateful Creature in the universe. anyone who pours mud on Sushant will bathe in this mud. the Creator will do everything possible, but no one has canceled the heavenly Revenge!!!

  • That means Rhea was tapping Sushant's phone?? 😡😡 so angry and disgusted with this evil family. That means she was into this type of access for a very long time and may have tried it on other boyfriends too. She must hav blackmailed them too likr she did with Sushant...EVIL. 😠😠😠😠

  • So, the question is... Will this goruf guy have to go through 7 days of quarantine like the officer from Bihar ???

  • Bang on the murder angle has gone for a toss pl. Emphasis on the murder part

  • This was a pre-planned murder. She came in SSR life just for money. Rhea should be arrested

  • She had installed cameras at home that's why video of sushants sister n jija scolding mevati came out... Wht a bitch

  • Both Times now and Republic TV doing best and shame on bollywood fake superstar's Boycott bollywood movies

  • .Agreed with the caller “Jay”. CBI, ED - only questionings, so much evidence and no arrests! Sick Joke 🤔 sadly, this case will be buried just like other murder-suicide cases 😢

  • Anti movie of " The spy who loved me". Unfortunate the victim was not merely hated but eliminated.

  • Rhea Chokarbory team should be behind bars and should be given 3degrees and ask questions.

  • Don't put her nice pictures.please don't show her. Show sushant and that corrupt with police. Some photo like that.

  • Exactly Why divert the murdered case to drugs etc etc....

  • PM Modi should know thst drug peddling is happening in bombay!

  • If CBI cannot solved this murder case, write to PM Modi.

  • If a grp can be named as Team SSR, how many groups were created like this!?

  • We want justice for SSR.From Sri lanka

  • Shame on her and her family..everything was going well with sushant till he met Rhea, this devil was his killer..he was killed for his money..I always wonder what special is there in this witch that sushant got attracted to her and fell into her web..she and her family should be punished life time together with her associates, now that we have clear proof against all

  • The caller Jay's concern is all individual's concern ..what he asked is much relevant now.

  • It's true they r diverting sushant case. About murder and robbing sushants money..and disha Salina murder connected to assistants murder.

  • Foul foul play, he was so broken in this video, he has given up on the future and that is the tatic rhea did and won, the dark cat in the dark room theory has been meeted to Sushant and the moment she left she chatted to mahesh butt and she did it victory for her We are sort of losing hope just trusting God

  • Custodial interrogation is Must for all the Prime Accused. Else as long as the were free they will try to create false situations and will mislead the actual issue. Even the PR machinery and Political People around will try to influence the case. Seems CBI is also buying lot of time. As they found Rhea us not co operating why don't they immediately take approvals and conduct norcotic tests. Why to take a long sweet won time and Waste their time and govt money on it.

  • That was clever of them to record it. It doesn't let TV channels to spin their theories about the late SSR's life and activities. You want to imagine all sorts of things when these are from the horses' mouths. The family is greedy and have been already caught in trying to lie about several aspects of the late SSR's life.

  • I think everyone should sit in home and not to do anything in coming election.... And not to watch movies. These people think we are stupids to watch their movies no matter how bad personal character they have. Killing someone for money but plotting it for years ..how criminal she and her group should be. And finally in name of love this lady did e everything to that poor soul.

  • Arrest Rhea

  • Your channel is truly👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Agree jay 👍

  • Feel too many angles branching out and too many entangled stories. Should stick to murder angle n not narcotics angle which can follow suit after the fast arrest of the prime culprits. I am sure by now CBI must HV gotten the culprit s so pls arrest n do custodial interrogation with 3rd degree treatment n pls do not drag the case until ppl lose interest! Y the balbir Singh police bast.... Still not reprimanded nor punished for being accomplice to a murder? Do such police still needed? Shameful.

  • I think Rhea and family played a game a very well planned and big game to trap him effectively.

  • you didn't answer to the gentle man Thomas who was on the phone because it's about Kangana who revealed about Bollywooddrug mafia on #republicTV

  • I dnt undrstnd y people r cmn in support of ds girl. She hs nw successfully manipulated quite a lot of people and PR team is wrkn as well. Dey r continuously trying to divert d case in to some odr direction.

  • Why would she make such recordings? For future use? Why would she keep the tickets for her Paris trip arranged by the ad agency if they were cancelled and Sushant booked their flight tickets,as per the interview with Rajdeep? Why would she demand for narco test ? Because she stopped taking drugs for the time being and knows very well that narco Dept wouldn't find anything on her or her brother's blood? If she or her brother are regular drug addict then I believe today or tomorrow she or her brother would give in , can't take the stress and everything will come out. They should be grilled thoroughly . Also Sushant's house stuffs. I had the doubt in the boy who was telling that he got coconut water mango juice etc for Sushant. All lies.

  • Further details of expenses made on Rhea as highlighted in the bank statements could be further verified by taking the CCTV footage of the shops where they went, whether Rhea was on her own using Sushant's cards or Sushant was also with her. Did Sushant ever used Rhea's cards? How could Rhea have the pins and use Sushant's cards if not Sushant himself was buying her the gifts? That's why from her insecurity she said that Sushant once went with his 5/6 friends to Thailand and Sushant had to return back to India earlier and the boys stayed there and Sushant gave them his ATM cards to use there.

  • #arrestrhea is next movement. Nothing happens in this country without protest by common man

  • #arrestrheachakrabortynow

  • Political reason that she’s not getting arrested.

  • Wat a controller

  • What is going here.. Is rhea innocent or shusant?

  • Thanx to times now and republic tv ..u ppl r the reason for the ongoing investigation.otherwise team Rhea would have declare it suicide with the aajtak and mumbai police

  • I can't wait to find out which powerful person or group is behind all this? Why the heck is CBI taking so long?

  • inplans.info/first/h8uxlX2nsbajd4k/v-iy

  • inplans.info/first/h8uxlX2nsbajd4k/v-iy

  • rhea chakraborty is evil...who records phone calls?

  • Why they have stopped investigating Sushant murder case. We want justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. Truuth have to be out. And accused have to be arrested.

  • Rubbish!!!! Can't rely on audio!!! What a another twist!!! Whom they are fooling ... or trying to divert the case???? Commonsense day to day basis work in family ppl record audio??? Utter nonsense...

  • OMG why is she walking freely arrest RHEA

  • Why do you show the clips of the prime accused parading in her 'dazzling' attire doing 'catwalks and posing for pictures'... she is not someone that epitomizes 'empowerment or courage', for then someone whom she had a relationship wouldn't meet with such untimely death and in such suspicious circumstances.. In fact she seems like someone who is manipulative and full of connivance backed by her whole family; parents and brother and few accomplices.. Many things are 'in your face' kind of obvious and of course, every human should be given benefit of doubt, so we let CBI do its job and hope SSR gets justice and his family gets some closure.

  • They are talking about creating a trust and Shruti modi and Rhea being trustees....Sushant does not seem to agree to it!! Had he created the trust, they would have complete control over his assets. This does not sound good, specially with nobody from his own family present during the discussion. Remember...Rhea was just a girlfriend at that time, not wife. Very fishy!! First make him believe he is insane, then on that pretext try to convince him to sign up on a trust. These are big steps!! Looks very planned. Poor boy!! Bad ppl all around him.

  • It is called Minutes of Meeting. These kinds of recordings happen in almost every meeting these days. So that the meeting recording can later be used as a reference point to pinpoint meeting agenda, keynotes and in some cases use as proof about the discussion, commitments that took place during the meeting. If it's spying then every meeting that is held in IT companies, Architects, etc would also be called spying, because those meetings most of the times gets recorded. How un-educated you people are! People from IT Companies, Architects, and Business Analyst would be able to relate to what I am talking about.

  • Where is Anandi Dhavan? SSR associate. She is missing from13-6-20. Please inform CBI.

  • Rhea definitely taken suparib from MH gov to kill Sushanth, she spyed everything to the mafia . Political chakkar main aam aur innocent person ko maare hai . By this BJP govt trying gain benefits in 2states, if Sushanth didnt get justice we wont spare . Bycott bollywood guyz. Yeh sab log hamko paagal bana rahe.

  • May be they had a audio and video to check where were cctv cameras placed in his home and mobile phone so she started resetting his phone and changing his sim cards to know no information is leaked

  • @timesnow please have an international line for international callers.. we want #justiceforsushant

  • What jack said is right.Dont divert the chapter. Who murder SSR??

  • We want justice for Sushant 🙏😭

  • Why are viewers allowed to call in and state their opinions on this critical matter? How low can one go for TRPs. I'm all for a through investigation and hope justice prevails...pls stop such drama though

  • Truth serum asap to all accused - Sodium Pentothal.

  • Thomas said that kanagana needs protection after she opened up tomorrow.

  • CBI should get to the MURDERERS . IF IT HAPPENED TO SSR , then it can happen to any lay person and shoved it under the CARPET. Arrest them and Interrogate. Also Politicians are Involved, Put them behind BARS. Its high time .... We have to change the Culture of CHALTA HAI.... THEN there is Culture of RICH AND POOR, please tell me then MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES SUFFER. WHY??? Don't Vote if there is NO JUSTICE FOR SSR

  • Justice for sushant

  • Rhea and Sandip Singh needs to be arrested ASAP, the more they delay , more the evidences getting destroyed

  • This audio is completely fake. Who discussed financial situation either positive or negative with others and give permission to record.. Rhea saying all positive things about his money so why she spends alot of his money on her glamor and brother and her own family... 💯 Fake

  • Let’s not rush the CBI and let them do their job. I can’t express the shock I feel seeing Rhea’s never ending criminal actions as more and more subtle incidents are revealed by the media

  • This is clearly invasion of one’s privacy. Words are not adequate to describe this wicked witch - Rhea.

  • Recording shows, Rhea was and is after money. She is perfect Vishkanya. Mumbai police is providing her protection. When Sushant's family notified them in Feb, Sushant is in danger, Mumbai Police didn't even bother to contact him. Very disappointed and sad on Mumbai Police and politicians actions.

  • it's obvious who have been involved in the crime, the destruction of evidence, & false autopsy report - why is it not clear to those in power & corrupt news outlets!! as callers are saying what does it take to arrest the perpetrators and then seek all of the answers? Shame!!

  • This recording was for future use ! it shows it was part of her plan from the start

  • Honest i think rhea needs to see a psychiatrist having so much drugs her mind is messed up