Muslim family killed in London, Ont. vehicle attack identified

8/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
Warning: Disturbing content.

Police have named the Muslim victims of Sunday's fatal vehicle attack in London, Ont.

Salman Afzaal, 46, his wife Madiha Salman, 44, their 15-year-old daughter Yumna Afzaal and Salman Afzaal's 74-year-old mother, Talat Afzaal were killed while out for an evening walk when a 20-year-old struck them with his pickup truck.

The sole survivor of what police are calling a targeted attack is Fayez, 9, who still doesn't know what happened to his parents, older sister, and grandmother.

Jeff Semple spoke with some people who witnessed the hate crime about the disturbing scene, and the resulting trauma.

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  • 😓

  • How is this not terrorism?

  • A little boy left behind for what? God please help this kido!!!

  • Bruce Wayne had his parents murdered infront of his eyes because of the poverty and corruption hovering over Gotham and than for the rest of his life, he set out to eradicate it. May this Child also become someone who eradicates racism and spreads Peace. Ameen.

  • I read some comments and I am appalled at what some people are saying, how they are still spreading hate, even when such a heart-wrenching thing has happened. Stop with the racism y'all. Hate and malice are born out of hate and malice themselves; there will always be someone in this world who agrees with what the SUV driver did and even applauds him for taking a stand. This is insane.

  • ISIS.. Ne.. Kiya.. Hoga.. Ye.. Case.. Ye.. Duniya.. Jab.. Tak.. Hai.. Ye.. To.. Chalte.. Rahne.. Wala hai.. Kabhi.. Musalmaan.. Log.. Kafeer non Muslim.. Marenge.. To.. Kabhi. Kafeer non Muslim.. Log.. Musalmaan.. Logon.. Marenge. Ye.. Sachaai.. Kadavi.. Par.. Sach. To.. Yehi hai

  • Sad to hear all this violence over religious beliefs when its not Radical Muslim Islamist its some wack job Anti Muslim doing these attacks.

  • Why London has no safety for the public?

  • Karma.......the seeds you sow...are the fruits you reap

  • Notice how people in the comment here that are for the disarmament and the outlawing of every firearms is NOT blaming the car in this case.. Hypocrite

  • Soooo disgusting... This racism!!!

  • How come this did not make headline news in uk....something is not right with world...

  • As a person of colour living in Canada, we have been saying all along that there is racism in Canada

  • That was so heart wrenching! Did they catch the person who did this? They need to do some serious time.

  • nathaniel veltmans life is over…he’s definitely going to get his karma for this


  • Sad news

  • Don’t forget those 215 Aboriginal children buried in BC. ☝🏼

  • So sad

  • An absolute horrror !!! I live next door to an Islamic Academy, most of my neighbors are Muslim, my doctor is Muslim and the family to whom we rent our second condo are Muslim. I would be terrified if I were a Muslim living in Canada after this senseless slaughter. I wonder how many of my neighbors will feel comfortable going for walks now.

  • خداوند متعال مغفرت کند 😔😔

  • World need peace. It’s a sad news for all muslim I willl pray for them and hope will not happen again

  • People call me cynical and paranoid, it’s a reason. I don’t trust anyone. The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.

  • Wat sad painful it's Hateful, Racial and And Racism still exists even though main leader of RACISM no longer in power trump bt Still Horrific crimes are still happening And it's wrong murdering INNOCENT civilians Absolutely justice must be done for these INNOCENT victims

  • Noice

  • Its alarming how many people think laws need to change as a result of this. You dont seem to be aware enough to make such demands.

  • Death by hanging or slow n severe death should be one of the ways to.give warnings Too much of human rights are senseless


    • You have no right to invade us and change our laws

  • I've got a idea : instead of complaining about racism, how about encouraging our children to get high marks and get into medicine, law, etc? Become very successful. Open businesses. Complaints are for losers. The only colour that matters is tbe colour of MONEY. Life sucks no matter where you are from if you have no money.

  • I have lost faith in humanity, people can be sick and psychotic as hell, and send prayers to this poor little boy

  • Cool

  • What a shame. These people come here to get away from their crap hole country’s and look what happens. I hope he rots in hell for this. Such a nice family.

    • @Muslims ArePigs it’s a sad thing when people are innocently slaughtered for their religion. I remember growing up it was very difficult for me . I was a minority in a specific school and I was made to pay for it. I don’t wish this treatment on to anyone. I was singled out , verbally and physically assaulted. That’s soft to what this family has suffered. Let’s pray for them also. I know for sure the guy that did this will rot in hell.

    • I hope they rot in hell

  • Feeling happy to seeing jihadi had vanished as garbage ..

  • This world is all about racism not about a wonderful world we have a changes of the world in our hand we just need to stand up and safe people who is in the danger inshallah

  • Can’t believe what happened in the world! How is that possible someone do that?! It’s make me cry

  • London 😯🤔

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    • 😀😀😀😊😊🎆🎆🐷🐷🐷🐷😀😀

  • This took place in Canada. Not in U. K. Correct that.

  • Very sad news

  • Very sad oh my goddess

  • Although we are being persecuted by our own dear brothers and sisters all over the world.Still we are praying hedayath for them

  • I wish I can hug a 9 year little boy who lost his family maybe he got everything but not warms blessed hugs of a father and mother I’m sooo sad but God plans better 😔😔🤲🤲

  • Save London

  • Everytime I prayed I would thank God for bringing my family to a peaceful country like I feel like I am no longer safe here. My country is full of war, so we can't go therr and I no longer feel safe here..I am heartbroken and scared. This makes me fear walking outside with my little daughters. God protect us all ameen.

  • It is safer if you live in your original country..then why delay..go back home probably be allowed to speak English wear gowns, ties of favourite colours drink teas study table manners..why the risks for..


  • Islam offers humans the path to paradise; it is a friendly and peaceful religion. People who hate Islam or Muslims should get an actual knowledge of Islam and do some serious research. You will know how vital Islam is for everyone on the planet, but Islam teaches no compulsion for accepting Islam. Don't get brainwashed by social media or evil people; use your mind to study before you think about any religion or community. Killing innocent people is not allowed in any religion, especially in Islam, so don't hate others because of religion or other reasons. We all are human beings; we all have the right to live.

  • This is a very sad incident 😢

  • Astagfiullah !

  • Goosebumps all over my body what will happen to the boy when he finds out my hearts in pain for this boy may ALLAH SWT help him through this difficult moment AMEEN

  • All 4 are in paradise IN SHA ALLAH shaheed my heart goes out to the family

  • Good people should move to Mars

  • If muslim name does this it’s terror attack when a non muslim does it incident or accident.the media hypocrisy is clear. NB am not a supporter of terrorism in name of Islam .

  • You can’t use your local area name “London”, you should have to use Ontario, Canada. This is a international news - so people will confuse with this area name. Because, London name is famous for the London, UK.

  • This is not favor any community sculprit must punished

  • This is not favor any community sculprit must punished

  • Pelik aku,kata Islam terorist la itula ,tapi diorang yg mulakan yang mulakan keganasan😔,mati Shahid tu.

  • White in uk never likes muslim ..that y in london you just see Jamaican somalian turkish indian ..

  • Islamaphobia is real

  • Very sad unfortunate

  • Inna lillahi wainnailahir rajioun. May Allah grant them highest place in Jannah. Ameen From London

  • when a jihadi terrorist kills a innocent ppl he is not considered muslim but when that jihadi is killed by authority than that becomes an atrocity towards Muslims 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what shamelessness is this.

  • May the culprits be caught and bring to justice. May their souls rest in peace.

  • So Pathetic World is not a safe place to live in anymore V Sad🌸

  • Racism is real hatred is real May Allah macry on them does lost there lives this targry

  • There preacher say they are not dead they are alive they are rejoicing in presence of there lord . Enjoying bounty .if they are alive. After dying then what were they before driver ran over those poor people . In this case driver should not be punished . Cuz according to preacher they went to better place . Enjoying bounty . There are no accidents in this world . This worlds got ugly truth to it . Driver was just. Vessel that was used .ugly politics .

  • Aye this never ends. His son will grow up mow down Nathan’s entire family. Sad. Then the sole survivor will mow down... the cycle of hate will continue forever until we kill everyone.

    • Not with Islam, Islam recommends not to take revenge, and in fact death is the greatest gift from Allah to man when he is on earth because with death he stops feeling injustice on earth, ugliness of humans on earth, corruption on earth, and those who are victims of this tragedy are placed in heaven with high status. Don't have any prejudice against us Muslims as if Muslims who are victims will grow up to be mature men with ambitions of revenge, not of course it's not like that May peace be with you.

  • Some people like to pretend racism doesn't exist

  • How can one be so inhuman

  • human being must not be treated in this manner in any part of the world regardless belong to any community any religion or whatsoever.

  • Sadge poor kid

  • Why aren't they in Islam country so that they won't be discriminated?

  • So 😥sad

  • Senseless!!!

  • I live in Vancouver Canada and a mother of 2. Very similar family to them. I have a daughter 16 and son 12. We came 17 years ago. We r now well settled here. My heart is bleeding since the day this family died. They were like my brother and sister, my daughter. I wish if any of their family member is reading my comment, I wish I can adopt Fayez and although I can’t replace her mother but I am sure I would provide him best care and love. Since last one week all my family is in pain due to them. Allah pak give them highest rank in jannat.

  • That family looks so innocent , so adorable , stop killing our muslim brothers and sisters . Enough is Enough .

  • May Allah belss them

  • To God almighty we belong and to God almighty we return .

  • Very sad 😥 Allah thala sab ko janath alfardos main jaga ata farmine Ameen

  • So sad , just like the man that killed the 9 innocent people on young street , another hate crime..people forget about that hate crime it seems.

  • Why😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Very tragic, more life’s lost at the cost of being different , May God make easy little boy who lost his entire family

  • Racism is a mental illness. How can ppl be so cruel towards ppl they don’t even know?! So tragic and senseless.

  • If Western law enforcement is strict & tough like that of Singapore capital punishment system, none of these murderers would dare to lay a finger on this family.

  • 😭😭😭❤

  • @1:12 yeah it is unsafe in Ontario, go to iraq or iran 😂

  • 😢😢😢

  • I have not heard anything about the suspect. If he was well or sick or in danger for himself and to others .we know nothing. I pray for this 9 years old boy and hope he recovers and God gives him strength to go through his family loss. Hope his relatives take good care of him and he become a good happy n healthy man in the future and makes his parents proud. From my end as a mother and a visible minority, I educate my kids and other kids to respect and love each other no matter their faith, colour, race and religion. All this does not matter. We are all human and same. Canada is better than back home and let's make it the best for everyone else. God bless everyone 🙏❤

  • Inna lilahi wa inna elaihi rajihoon May Allah(God) have mercy on the heart of the little 9 year old boy and console him. If the investigators fear Allah the Almighty, the criminals involved in this tragic incident must be instantly pursued, arrested and properly penalized openly.

  • Allah inki rooh ko zannat ata kre

  • A shameful and sad thing

  • 😭😭😭🇲🇷🇲🇷🇲🇷🤲🤲

  • Family killed in attack is ahmdia. In pakistan ahmdias are not consider muslim by law. In many whats app groups muslims are ecpressing their happiness saying its good ahmidias died. It is not islamophobia it is ahmdiphobia.

  • 😢😥

  • Wid low gdp n pci inflation unemployment poverty com to living god for rest,died 4 ur sins n arose 3rd day gav u heaven if u believe.c faith in google.,...o

  • Why are this typ of racism incident happening to only muslim where they living any reason people have to think abt it

  • Do these people think.about innocents whose neck was slashed in Iraq and Egypt.

    • @Shery Awan You are wise and smart, George Frank is an old man who is not fit to be a role model for any young man

    • What it has to do with them i mean its like blaming Americans for killing 1 million irawies based on lies of WMDs

  • If a muslim had done this the whole world would have said the muslims r terrorists but a non muslims did this they r not called terrorists. Why can someone explain me.

    • Its biased reporting from the media and pushed by governments