US FDA approves 1st new Alzheimer’s drug in nearly 20 years

8/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
American government health officials have approved the first new drug for Alzheimer’s disease in nearly 20 years, disregarding warnings from independent advisers that the much-debated treatment hasn’t been shown to help slow the brain-destroying disease.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it granted approval to the drug from Biogen based on results that seemed “reasonably likely” to benefit Alzheimer’s patients.

The new drug, which Biogen developed with Japan’s Eisai Co., did not reverse mental decline, only slowing it in one study. The medication, aducanumab, will be marketed as Aduhelm and is to be given as an infusion every four weeks.

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  • 0:28 - So it only affects beta-amyloid plaques? What about tau tangles? 🤔

    • It does not affect tau tangles

  • Making money out of desperate people.

  • Try a balanced cannabis oil for Alzheimer's.

  • Hopefully the money they generate will be used for further research and encourage other labs to come on board.

  • Alzheimer’s is an awful awful disease. Any small step in treatment is great news.

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  • They have another drug out for Alzheimer's I take every day...I can't remember the name of it though.

  • how about approving the covid 19 vaccines, we are wating.

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  • Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 at least it’s a big step in the right direction

  • Finally!!👍👍👍

  • Has the FDA approved the COVID vaccines?

  • Do they have an approval coming for dementia? Quid Pro Joe needs it.

  • Great Job. Eisai company.

  • Fun fact: this highly controversial drug was FDA approved before any COVID-19 vaccine 😂

    • @Illuminated Reality they have more studies for aducanumab

    • @- exactly, they’ve been working on it for YEARS, and they only worked on the Covid vaccines for a few MONTHS. Sooo...??

    • Yeah, and? They've been working on it for years. What's funny about that? Ooh, something came before something else. How strange and funny. 🙄