Nissan Magnite SUV | First Drive Review | 1.0-litre Turbo Manual & CVT

20/11/2020 को प्रकाशित
Nissan is all set to launch the new Magnite SUV on December 2. Ahead of the launch, here is comprehensive look at the new sub-compact SUV which is expected to undercut its rivals with aggressive styling and prices.
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  • Boss what is this colour. Is it sandstone brown or turmoline brown & oynx black..

  • Suspension should be on the stiffer side for better handling on corners, which all Indian cars lack. I drive Nissan Dualis, a car on same platform with 2.0L non turbo engine with CVT, which cost 15 lakhs in Australia when you convert, and for this money Magnite must be Gold. CVT you have to Adapt to drive since there is no actual distinct gears present, rather there is a belt traveling across two cone shaped pulleys. You need to put your feet down bit aggressively than a normal gear box to get the same momentum in a CVT car. .........................................But do not buy non Turbo 1L engine on this big car, you will be under powered and regret your decision................................................

  • I did a test drive today. This is the best car at this price. This car is definitely a rival to all the cars under this segment. But they are creating too much market demand on the XE and XL segement. Where you have to wait for atleast 2 -4 Months to get car in Hand. They are actually pushing customers to buy the high-end car at nearly 2lakh higher than the first Verizon and 80k for second version with only minimum changes like audio etc. Do you know that they are actually getting around 1.30 lakh profit extra out if 2lakh on the XV version after removing all the production cost.

  • Well organised review but, I would like to recommend you that try to conduct NVH test without any external noise other than car's i.e. at silent area by stopping the car & revving it.

  • That tail light reminds me of Renault Triber!

  • Good Review - you got me engaged. I have its bigger brother Nissan Xtrail with CVT 4x4 in Melbourne.

    • @Aayush Gupta Hi Aayush, it has been great so far. No issues and mostly my wife drives that car. You do feel the CVT banding effect under the load but may be that's just me. I also feel the projector headlamps on Xtrail could be improved. I had 4 other Nissan's before this namely : 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 S2, 96 Skyline R33 S2 Type M , Skyline V35 , Nissan Maxima. All have been very reliable.

    • Hi Rahul. How has been your experience driving a Nissan?

  • Sir Magnite ka showroom mere se 50 km duri par h, Magnite lena sahi rahega kya

    • once in a year you need to go to service.. think and decide

    • Hi Anita, Ek baar test drive karna bilkul sahi rahega. Gaadi kaafi achi hai, expected price bhi bohot affordable hai. Lekin har company ki tarah Nissan ka service network distance from house se ek baar please check kar lijiyega.

  • Very nice review

  • گح٦٦تے ۸ح حجخظگک۰ںجکللکہیکیجییہ

  • exterior looks really good but interior seems sub par especially the door lock/unlock knobs.

  • Why don't you put the indicators on when you are changing lanes?

    • Very valid point raised. However SC is the only one who seems to have acknowledged it. ✌

    • Hi Raju, Very valid point, and duly noted. Often, gets missed during shoots but shouldn't ever. Thanks for the observation/reminder. Cheers

  • The review was imperfect, missed out on many crucial points. As for magnite, the design looks terrific except for the front grill. If priced well, it could be the revival of Nissan in the Indian Market.

    • Hello, thanks for your feedback on the video. However, you can read the more detailed review right here too:

  • I got one thing after seeing many all depends on the driver to feel the performance and how he/she drives it... so just get the features and at such a price point it’s diamond

    • Absolutely on point. Except we strongly also recommend test drives by you. Review videos are indicative and informative but there's nothing like actually experiencing a car in person. Cheers

  • What about the build quality of the car ? I am sure it will be the likes of the DATSUN , ie worse than maruti suzuki.

    • Hi, We can't comment on the build quality at the time because these units were brand new. Nissan, as do all manufacturers, claim new products are robust and they do pay a lot of attention to it. Well, most do anyway.

  • Such a dull review,, forgot mention of Nexon...

    • @Mohit Bhosale Unfortunately, our shoot schedules have been thrown off gear because of Delhi NCR border issue due to farm protests (no political statement, of course) But we will surely roll it out once situation improves and we can do justice to the review and information in it. Thanks and cheers

    • @Shubhodeep Chakravarty please upload it as soon as possible

    • Hi Sangamesh, We will be bringing out the comparison video with Nexon, Sonet, Brezza and XUV300 soon. Cheers

  • Which one is better I20 DCT asta o or magnite CVT top version ? Drive smoothness and suspension vise

    • Magnite

    • Hi Udit, once again, we are waiting to drive the i20 DCT. And again, these are two different segments :) However, let me advise you to check with my fellow journalists to see if anyone has driven the DCT or better still, test drive it at home. Car makers will bring their products to your doorstep, afterall.

  • Hatchback killer ... If priced appropriately..

  • Sir Please intirer kaisa feel hota h, Ertiga k intirer se achha feel hota h ya nahi, please reply

    • Ertiga is a different segment and, more importantly, has aged in comparison to newer SUVs. Still a great option in three row cars though.

  • How is the clutch? Is it hard like Terrano & kicks?

    • According to this reviewer too. :) But not as much as in the Kicks

    • According to Others INplansr Clutch is Slightly On Heavier side.

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