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20/11/2020 को प्रकाशित
The Magnite is Nissan’s make-or-break product for India and is probably their most important launch in the country since the Micra that established the Japanese brand in the minds of the masses. It is a sub-4m crossover that is priced lower than most superminis, but that price to size ratio isn’t the only facet that the Magnite is banking on. It has a peppy 1.0 turbo-petrol engine and a sizeable list of features that are unheard of in this price bracket - like the wireless CarPlay/Anroid Auto with wireless charging or the 360-degree cameras for example. So how does it all add up? Will this car be as magnetic as its name suggests? Watch the video to find out!
2020 Nissan Magnite 1.0 turbo road test review
2020 Nissan Magnite details: Prices, Specs, Features
#NissanMagnite #Magnite #Nissan
0:00 Introduction
0:42 Exterior Styling
3:02 Rear Seat Space
4:23 Safety Features
4:48 Front Space & Features
6:47 Interior Styling
8:35 Important Feature
9:33 Engine Performance
12:07 Gearbox
13:54 Visibility
14:44 Steering & Dynamics
17:33 Ride Quality
18:23 Braking
19:02 Conclusion
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  • 2020 Nissan Magnite 1.0 turbo road test review 2020 Nissan Magnite details: Prices, Specs, Features

    • Why did you even reviewed this car ? Could have asked for money from nissan straightaway.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Read the comments you will be proud.

  • The showroom Team called me within 1 week of my booking that they will deliver the car in the starting of January2021 . But this is only possible if you make almost complete payment for the Car. Is this a special process Nissan is following in India. I have never heard of the activity followed by any other car manufacturer in India. Is it that Nissan is taking its customers forgranted and It will only entertain customers which make complete payments? Kindly clear this point Nissan is interested in collecting all money before any planned delivery date for the car ? . Basically, They wanted me to pay the whole amount of the car by claiming that I will get the car in Starting of January. I booked the car on 5th Dec 2020 and now they are saying I will only get the car in June 2021. It's a shameful act by Nissan India, I have a complaint to higher management for the same and they are just ignoring the issue. Nissan cars have failed in the past and also discontinued, still, Nissan team has so much attitude and Ignorance for the customers. Better not to book this car.

  • Killer car,so cheap to buy

  • "fragile?" This car scored 4* in the crash test. Can you show the rating for the so called competition you are biased towards. I used to watch OD videos in the past. You cannot get more biased than this. I don't know if you guys have any degree in journalism or know anything about cars. what a piece of shit you and your team must be ?

  • Good and vivid genuine review...kudos yar...

  • Totally disagree.. very baised review

  • Unprofessionalism ,beta jha ke momos bech.

  • Why so negative bro!!!

  • Seriously the tail lights are designed wisely? These are the same lights from the Renault Triber.

  • Hey overdrive... don't degrade your review standards. If u want to do criticism about nissan / Datsun including Renault ... then do critics for other cheap standard car manufacturers with high cost price tag with no features.. And they are selling to the innocent customers... yes definitely I'm telling about Suzuki, Hyundai including their Kia brand too. There are lot of good things u can tell initially instead of negativity and slowly u can tell some negative or improving things. in my opinion this car is good VFM. This is the only car i'm seeing rear wash wiper is standard across all variants. recently received 4 star crash rating from ASEAN N CAP. Current waiting period is 9 to 12 months. Hope you ppl underestimated in first look itself.

  • Pliz do a drive review for the 1.0L naturally aspirated xe variant

    • It's good for city manveours. Not good for long highway getaways though

  • Colour konsa he yeh

  • Fragile ??? ASEAN NCAP 4 star rating, do some more homework 😀

  • ho gave you the car for review. No car company should give one for you.

  • Is Nissan magnite turbo xl is better over ford freestyle titanium petrol?

  • Buy Sonnet or Nexon or Venue or even XUV 300 .any other except for MAGNITE , it is cheap frill car, looks better from outside it is loaded with cheap plastic and not a sophisticated feel from inside. At the end value of money is more important, thanks to poor after sales service of Nissan, this is a make or break car for Nissan in India poor built quality compounded by door rattle during idling, 3 cylinder ragging noise at midrange

  • After all the researches, I've booked Nissan Magnite considering the price segment over other cars. In your terms, as u mentioned 'Low cost engineering' by wonderful "Nissan", i would like to say that i know I'm not buying an Air Craft for this price!!

  • I took a test drive today. This guy has gone bonkers spewing all negatives. The test drive was indeed smooth. Features are good. It’s spacious . Some plastic parts are not premium but at this price point it’s expected. Overall, a nice car.

  • It looks like this guy has a preconceived opinion about this car even before experiencing it. Nissan is now having the last laugh. Thanks to the overwhelming response.(over 15,000 booking in 15 days). Very poor auto reviewer, I’ve seen some of his other reviews too.

  • very much conjust inside

  • Don’t follow this review, rather Autocar Review about Magnite is quite honest, this is purely biased review

  • The exterior looks boring.. the wheel oh looks so cheap...even Tata looks much better

  • all cars should be tested for crashes

  • Negative comments King...u need to do more home work Dear.....or may be ur driving for first time.......WTF u know about urhome work before posting something.... All the best next time.....

  • Everyone else is saying the rubber band effect is very negligible in magnite CVT reviews except this man. Wonder why 🤔🤔

  • Bhai Rohit...plz is video ko dlt kr k dusra bana do....logo ne comments 👇 me bhot biased likha hai😂🤣😂🤣

  • You are not even 1 % of low cost engineer..

  • why nobody testing naturally aspirated engine

    • I also thought this....first of all naturally aspirated petrol engines must be reviewed...🥺🤔

  • Biased

  • Is he a Hyundai marketer?

  • Is this a 5 star car

  • Low cost engineering are you serious? For this value and all features name one company which gives you all these...

  • The way any and every car company has started launching these compact SUV's, it makes us ponder over that how some the of these car manufacturers are bravely venturing out in the premium hatchback segment which might see a downfall very soon seeing the kind of prices on offer for these compact SUV's. Also, it creates a doubt in the mind of a buyer that whether he should go in for a premium hatchback or a compact SUV. The tilt right now is in favour of these mini sub four meter SUV's and as we know the competition is going to be intense.

  • I honestly think the review was correct. I visited the showroom and felt the same of the 'cheap interiors'. And that the build seems more of a Datsun than a Nissan. I have a Sunny and I felt that even though the plastics are hard, its way better built (ran 70k and no rattles). Here in Magnite I can hold the edge of the window trim from inside with 2 fingers and flex it like anything. So I went to the showroom expecting my Sunny like build and nothing more as I was keen on buying this for my wife when I read about this few months back but after feeling the flimsy build, I had my doubts. Yes for the price the features are amazing but the build is very questionable. And this is the same tone of review with every other reviewer be it a magazine firm like Autocar or even individuals. Just my personal thought.

  • Low budget Sanjay Manjrekar 🤨

  • Sir it's look like BREZZA

  • Surprisingly no power or torque figures, the variants, fuel efficiency numbers.. no comparison with other products in the same price range.. quite packing

  • This is not review... Something else....

  • Nissan should sue and screw this a****le.

  • Seems you have some personal grudges with NISSAN or MAGNITE. Suzuki S presso- Are you f***** kidding me! Where did it even come from in comparison? I am a pilot and have been studying engines and technology since years now and I am feeling sad in saying that you are not even close to call yourself a car expert. You are misleading people. The basic thing when you review and judge about any car is the price it is coming at. Seems NISSAN haven't paid you for a positive review unlike others. Go get a life brother. I was never a Nissan's fan but this time they have nailed it at this price. I myself have checked this car in the showroom and this is better than many others in a lot of aspects. But nonetheless, I am glad that you didn't compare this with ALTO and SANTRO. This is one of the worst reviews in the history of INplans.

  • How come no media personnel raise safety of so called better engineered premium offerings like Sletos , Sonet , Venue etc. Latest crash test reveals how Kia has cut corners where buyers cannot see and market it as a premium product . What's the meaning of premium if it cannot save life .Nissan are honest with their pricing and not positioning Magnite as a fake premium loose credibility once you start your view with biased lenses .

  • The smaller thing noticed technically and non technically are very good and well done by reviewer. Hats off!

  • Another failure from Nissan

  • Sir nissan is back..

  • He didn't even mention the features like 360 degree cameras....just bashed it left and right for negatives...soo biased towards hyundai n kia

  • Magnitite = Fe3O4

  • I like how he nitpicks.. that just shows how thorough he is with the review.. great job..👍

  • Cars in danger due to Magnite...Ignis, KUV100,Figo,Triber....others can breathe easy!!

  • Why u idiot people make video in English u r in india 70%pepoles dont know or dont understand English

  • What colour is the exterior - sandstone brown (mono-tone) or tourmaline brown (dual-tone) pls ?

  • Foolishness to compare with Ignis and placing below Sonet and venue when it is sub 4 suv.

  • Does MID dispalys turn by turn navigation

  • Should I go for Magnite CVT or Triber AMT or Urban cruiser AMT?

    • Urban cruiser is not AMT, but an old school 4 speed TC.

  • Wish they had Diesel 😕

  • Looks doubt.. Steering needs some more work to meet enthusiastic driver's expectation

  • Only True review... Not trying to butter up Nissan like others have done.

  • very biased and useless review

  • Nissan and Renault will windup in INDIA VERY SOON...

  • Every thing is alright but please change the front grill. It reminds the Datsun redi go unfortunately is not a big hit in the Indian market

  • Well I felt zigwheel review was more practical than this..

    • What they said...let us know in brief plz

  • One of the worst review I’ve came across in the entire youtube channel for magnite.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • So this review was about how good the hyundai and kia cars are rather than magnite's review, really pathetic. Please stop your biasness towards koreans. I didnt see any complains about pricing and low build quality of seltos, sonet etc, as sonet will even score lower than seltos, i am quite sure about it. Please be this critical about hyundai and kia cars as you were about nissan magnite. Damn disappointing review

  • Can't believe that overdrive's review content has come down such a cheap level... This is nothing but just a 3rd class paid review with a 4th class script... Shame on you overdrive...😠😠🤬🤬🖕🖕

  • Having not known the price, felt the interiors were very plasticy, inferior n seemed cheap with monotonous grey making it worse. But for that price, this loads features and is quite commendable. Magnite looks good on the outside, with its minimal chrome detailing, a good grill n excellent paint quality. Certainty, a vehicle for first time buyers or for upgrades from a very basic hatchback.

  • Superb

  • Overrated overdrive unsubscribed for paid biased review.

  • Wow!!! Looks like this review was paid for by competition or probably didn't receive the cheque from Nissan. Well done Overdrive. It's the only CUV with rear wiper/washer and defogger, tilt steering, adjustable rear headrest as standard from base variant, only CUV with top spec AT less than 10 lax ex showroom price, only CUV with wireless Apple carplay & Android Auto, only CUV with 360° camera and yet you only utter low cost engineering umpteen times 🥱🥱🥱🥱

  • Low cost engineering, s presso comparison , statement it's below sonet clearly states u have been heavily paid by hyundai. Very biased unprofessional review

  • Is This better then Venue, Sonet and i20 1.2L Kappa engine? Because their power and torque figures are lower then Magnite but you never said lower ness of power in Hyndai vehicles reviews, Why? As you said running on hills with full house frequent gear shifting with Magnite, why and how?? And why not with your favourite Kia, Hyundai cars???

  • Agar Hindi mai bolu to itne mai itna hi milega..atleast providing some good in this price worth it not like maruti charges high for a car with poor build quality

  • Paid review for Hyundai. Well done. You followed the instructions to keep reminding the masses that this is low cost, not a direct competitor to the 3 star rated Hyundai’s and Kia’s. I am not surprised you never mentioned that esp tc hill hold are standard across all turbo variants unlike the Koreans where you have buy the top variant for an essential safety feature like rear wiper ? Paid media reviews like you are responsible for manufacturers like Hyundai to sell unsafe 3 star, no espdiesel Seltos for 20 lakhs.

  • Good marketing is needed by Nissan! It should bring them 1000 to 2000 sales figures?


  • The only thing I'm seeing nowadays is that, all the renowned car journals are deliberately trying to spoil Magnite's image and try to comapre it with the Korean companies. For me it is a pretty good looking car even better than the Korean and also had decent features, the only concern would safety ratings..if those ratings will be good then it will be the best selling product in Indian market as far as VFM is concerned..!!!

  • Perfect...Very detailed and unbiased review .. keep it up my man..

  • Why mostly all Hyundai comparisons? Lol

  • For it's segment and price .... it's a super and sweet SUV.....lovely features and looks....low cost engineering is not something to keep reminding viewers about. Those who want high cost engineering can go in for 20 lakh cars....everyone knows what tin can and highly unsafe models maruti has been churning out for 30 years and dumping on ignorant customers in India...they have ruined the mentality of buyers and made most of them into kitna deti hai and cheap stuff addicts. If Nissan has to break into such an immature market it has to cut costs and give the car good features at low cost. Good car. All the best Nissan👍

  • Good and comprehensive review Rohit. My sincere request: be more straight with names rather than just referring as ‘competition’.

  • Yhe styling is quite good. Definitely looks better than the venue.

  • Driving with your hand on the nanual shifter is a bad practice that causes excessive wear in some transmission parts. Pls verify from Google if needed. Otherwise, an excellent presentation .

  • what overdrive could only talk about was just negative this is such a partial review. Imagine if the same car is launched is maruti or hyundai the media will go all over it

  • My only issue is ..long term durability..hope it doesn't rattle like its siblings. . Tins and honda

  • Just put the logo of Maruti or Hyundai then it will sell like hot cakes.. nice attempt by Nissan..👍

    • True...if people is saying that magnite has poor build quality...than what maruti offers is more than a #TinCan ? Lol😂

  • So Venue/Sonet are sharp handling cars huh?😂🤣..A very good 'paid' review with proper justifications for overpriced Korean tin cans😂(Didnt Compare it with segment's best handler ES). Talking tins can,Even though magnite too is a one compared to some others(read desis),it will definitely score better than Seltos,even Dastun scored better😂.And talking about how well Nissan ages,my 6.5 year old CVT micra has zero rattling even today.And serves the purpose of 'No nonsense City car' damn well.And one thing everyone planning on magnite should consider is how good the nearby service centre is , provided there is one.Some Nissan dealerships have very bad reputation and I have been a victim few times.Aside from that,what an awesome car!..Standard features such as rear wiper actually shooked me!!..overall a VFM product enters our market which has recently crowded with overpriced Korean shitboxes.

  • If this was Maruti car Low cost engineering would have been adored as Marvel's and innovative features.... Compare this car with any premium hatchback or middle models of this so called compact SUVs and u will get the results loud and and clear...

  • Professor - What is low cost engineering? Me 😭

  • What's wrong with this guy ?

  • S presso ??? Do you have any sense what r you saying.. 🙄 do some homework

  • Seeing your review felt like you love Suzuki #TINCANS....

  • Rohit sir 🙏 main 8 Sal se Duster 110 PS chala raha hoon main gadi badalna chahta hun please suggest any SUV budget 12 to 18 lakh driving comfort best in handling suspension setup overall main aapse yah puchna chahta hun Ki. DUSTER = ? Please short out my confusion

    • @PRALAY MISTRI thanks

    • @ramana rao Diesel turbo may thoda bahot hay but petrol may yeh issue nehi hay...reliability issue yeh generation turbo may bahot hi kam hay... Baki raha diesel may driving dynamics/ground clearence/built quality/milage/space....look wise apko Nexon pasand hay to...le sakte ho. Paisa vi bachega...ride karke maja vi aayega. Mayne 6 yrs duster chalane ke bad....Nexon liya 2 years back. Mast chalti hay...test drive karke dekho ap.

    • @PRALAY MISTRI thank you for answer me sir Duster 1.3 turbo petrol Kay bare mein Aapka kya opinion hai . Turbo engine maintenance Jyada To Nahin Hai ?

    • 1) Harrier. 2) Creta. 3) if you want petrol then go for kicks or duster (turbo). 4) Nexon..(sub 4 metre)

  • I think these guy never complained on space on premium cars . Even build quality is low on some of high end cars.

    • Say names of such high end cars for others to know

  • Any da I go for this than swift r I 20 . Worth Futuristic Design. ✌️👌

  • Looks very mature and attractive...

  • He wasn't paid by Nissan for sure.

  • What about the diesel, didn't mention anything about the diesel?

    • Car will only come in petrol

  • 8:50 what if the engine stops by large gear at low speed due to miss gear??

  • Nice, Experience chandigarh #nativepahadi

  • @Overdrive I think you would have to be real dumb to be hitting your leg against the speakers while getting out! Or he is trying to be our very own “low cost” Jeremy Clarkson.

    • Lol ! Low cost Jeremy Clarkson

  • @Overdrive - You need to hire more competent people to do this act . For 8 lakhs you cannot get a BMW dude! Please understand the cost, value proposition and accordingly do a review ! After all I think your chanel is not a bollywood gossiping kind of one !

  • 2 minutes silence who buyed kia sonet