I Ate Only MANGOES For 24 Hours Challenge🥭 Tried Innovative Recipes 😅

3/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
Hi Friends
Do enjoy my eating only MANGO challenge for 24 hours. I tried some interesting recipes and experimented for fun. Hope you will like it #TrendingNo20
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Raw Mango Sabji Recipe From @Riyanka's Secret Treasures

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  • Hii Garima, sleeveless top main aap bahut sundar dikhati ho

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  • Ha hamare yaha jab bhi mango late he to usko 20 minute pani me rakhte hai

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  • Everyone doesn't give you advice for the recipes they think this recipes a give it to you for their experiment that is it tasty

  • Aam challenge mere sth hona chahiye tha I love mango hm pure season thrice a day mango khate hai wo v khushi khushi 🤗😋

  • Garima di I am a huge fan of u pls react on my comment

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  • it was really Good video ,MANGOES For 24 Hours Challenge🥭 Thanks for sharing it with us, as always we enjoyed watching, hope your all keeping well & having a nice day 👍🤩

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  • Mein to aapki wali trick use karti mango pulp nikal neki😂

  • Yeah! Same in our house we dip it in water

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