Watch: How To Use An Oxygen Concentrator | FYI

6/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
Here are some points you should keep in mind while using an oxygen concentrator.

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  • thank you for the useful information..

  • Nicely explained

  • Sonalji, your presentation is more refreshing than the Oxygen. Keep the good job 👌

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  • Great explanation mam. I'm a paramedical staff. I learnt lot today,

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  • You need to be careful with the sanitation aspect when you need handle the mask and humidifier. Other wise it would lead to other problems

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  • Can it be use for 24hours continuously

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  • You all planning to buy oxygen concentrator.. need to watch "Shomu's Biology on oxygen concentration" before you buy it.. its all business here.. even during this pandamic these people are doing marketting..

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  • Excellent demonstration of the oxygen concentrator.

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  • if oxygen saturation level falls below 94 so what is the use of ox concentrator

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  • Most of these machines require 15A plug/socket. Please note that.

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  • ilu gwawa please advise people oxygen machine can produce nose and throat dryness because air flows in/out all the time. After use a couple of days, patient will ask for water especially during sleep.

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  • Are you a doctor? You have no authority to give people instruction about this machine. Its dangerous. Plz invite a doctor.

  • Madam nice presentation take care and stay safe mam,.

  • Covid Positive Patients quarantined at home are getting oxygen levels between 93-95 which most doctors say is fine considering the virus inside. So, if we take this 94% mark as crucial then every single person will rush to the hospital which will create chaos. Many doctors are of the opinion that if your o2 levels are above 90, then you need not panic in this situation. Also, a good portable or medical grade oxygen concentrator should increase the levels of the patient from 90 to above 97. Just an info I wanted to share. keep well. Stay Safe.

  • People need to understand oxygen concentrator wont help to replace ventilator, ventilator is a substitute to your lungs , if you purchase oxygen concentrator will help on that, it wont.Most of the critical covid patients need ventilator not oxygen concentrators.

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