2020 Nissan Magnite review - Meet India's most affordable compact SUV | First Drive | Autocar India

20/11/2020 को प्रकाशित
The Nissan Magnite compact SUV has gone on sale with prices starting at Rs 4.99 lakh (ex-showroom). It's affordable but is it desirable? Gavin d'Souza drives the Magnite auto and manual gearbox versions to tell you.
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0:00 - Introduction
1:08 - Design and styling
2:12 - Interior and features
4:16 - Rear seat comfort
4:50 - Boot space
5:05 - Engine
5:35 - Magnite CVT
6:50 - Magnite manual
8:26 - Performance
8:53 - Ride and handling
9:50 - Price and verdict
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  • UPDATE: The Nissan Magnite has gone on sale with a starting introductory price of Rs 4.99 lakh (ex-showroom)! For more details and variant-wise prices, click here ► www.autocarindia.com/car-news/nissan-magnite-launched-at-rs-499-lakh-419308

  • First owner of Nissan Magnite in Mizoram. I love the look.....Interior and power....Best car ever below 10 lakh

  • More cars are yet to come under Nissan next project like TATAs next project. The new cars from Nissan are quite promising. I hope they'll come back very strongly and will make a landmark in Indian automobile market.

  • Thanks to this guy who has presented this car very well....but magnite will fail not because it is bad car but nissan after sales is a big question....

  • Who's here after Magnite scored 4stars

  • Iam a short person 5' 3" which car can be best for me dont advice alto or its rivals.

  • Good car...better upgrade good servicing in North East India.

  • Hello, i am a regular viewer of your channel and i have one request . If it is possible to make a comparison video between tigor , amaze and dzire again in 2021 so it will be great for so many people.

  • Is it strong enough or like any other maruti. That's the question

  • Please help me. I am a little bit confused. My options are Venue or Magnite or Sonet ?? Help me in choosing the car please

  • Comeback of My favourite brand Nissan Carlos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Any idea about the servicing. Cost and quality wise.

  • Rip baleno, i20, altroz 😂😂😂

  • Engine could have been 1.2l

  • This is so good looking! Why didn't they bring it to the US market?

  • Pliz do a drive review for the 1.0L naturally aspirated xe variant

  • Instead of digital speedometer they must have given a good quality of dash board

  • Eager to know its NCAP rating. Anything lower than 4 stars would be disappointing.

  • I wonder what would have happened if they would have sold it as a Datsun

  • ye colour jabardast lag rha ye

  • Good review

  • Front bumper is disproportionately bulky, making approach angle lesser. Another disadvantage of such bumper is that it sticks in mud while reverse is applied in muddy road

  • Plz re open showroom in Manglore

  • Datson go+

  • Nissan is targeting hatchback buyers with a compact suv and Hyundai is targeting compact suv buyers with there hatch back

  • Can we add bigger tyres to magnite?...up to what size they can be increased without affecting the vehicle performance or milage?

  • People will still say that why don't these get as many sales as Suzuki and Hyundai. On paper these look amazing but Indians always consider mileage, practicality ( I mean those cars have got better durability and stuff.

  • After driving my turbo version for 750 kms, i got a highway mileage of 19.3 km/l, i am totally pleased with this amazing car.

  • What about after sales service and support? In mumbai its hard to find good authorised service centres for Nissan

  • This Is Gonna Be The Change In Market 2021...

  • This product have dream pricing to fulfill middle class person dream of getting an SUV, even it gets 4 out of 5 star rating in ASEAN NCAP.

  • Nissan did a very clever job. In India SUVs are top choice and Nissan made a SUV that starts from 5 LAKHS. It will surely go on sale.

  • It's the best option in the price segment, and it also got 4 stars in ASEAN Ncap test.👌

  • or Kicks in the other side of the pond!

  • Road view is not clear. Seat height adjustment also not showing the bonnet so it is tough to drive safely.

  • Extremely dejected with behaviour at indore dealership.... You may have good product.. But u r not offering for free.. So u don't have license to I'll treat customer . Dejected

  • I owe Nissan Micra and i am very much satisfied

  • Say hello....... to magnite

  • I think this car can save nissan

  • This car may help KICKS.

  • What does 'rubberband effect' mean?

  • Today I had the privilege to do a test drive with CVT. Awesome experience I would say. The acceleration in the sports mode is great. That 360°camera helped in parking. Great feel inside. Lot of Boot space. Rear ac vent and a charging slot is there. Great!!!

  • Man this is looking like a concept car। Absolutely shocked । Wat a splendid car👍

  • How does Nissan XV compares against Nexon XZ plus?

  • Sir ek baat confirm karna chahta hun ke jab 6 months ke bad delivery loge to us time bhi ex showroom 499000/- hi pay karna hai kya. Ya current day ka price dena hoga jaisa ki booking policy me likha hai.

  • Gonna grab Premium hatchback market too!!!

  • Renegade oH Renegade....Where are you...?

  • What is your height??

  • Juzz wowwww❤️❤️wot a superb carr in this pricee.. really mind blowing..juzt visually compare it with swit desire and maruti ciaz 5:50 ...litttttt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 nissannn finalyyyy u did a greatttt jobbbb

  • For Nissan India ,This car is "The Last Samurai" .

  • from nissan car only TERRANO

  • Nissan magnite is big bro of datsun redigo 2020 model

  • I think this was the last hope for Nissan...and yes he did it well.Big shock for i20😂😂😂😂😂

  • 5-10 lakhs! What else do we need! Welcome Nissan. Now take 50k more and add a sunroof please.

  • i think indians should buy other brands cae as well . we need other options . Enough with suzuki and hyundai . People should buy nissan, tata etc. Only after this the existing market leaders will bring their best products and who may know other big brands will also consider coming to india. Only by thns way indian autumative market will diversify !

  • Looks like datsun cross

  • Nissan did amazing deal..renewed nissan redigo

  • Need 1.3dig turbo variant add to this magnite

  • I think it's way better than Hyundai i20...

  • Tail lights are copied fro Renault Triber.

  • From front it looks like Datsun Go+... Same look...

  • I'm anxious waiting this car came to my country (BR), and I think i'll buy this car as my second one

  • I still drive my 2013 nissan march..

  • Nissan kicks was overly priced..not able to fight with sub 4 meter segment..with Nissan magnite they can fight back

  • It's a six from nissan ..

  • Blindly buy it..same fuel eff engine in datsun redi go

  • Plz btye value for money Xv turbo vs xv premium turbo

  • Ice engines need to be retired yesterday. Affordable electric is the way to go.

  • How we get Test drive?

  • Nissan magnite XL 1.2 MT ka review chaye pls, I want to buy so need to see a review first

  • review the non turbo engine

  • What about safety rating?

  • Car makers in future can even put super computer in their meter console, but never show how much litres of fuel left in the tank 🤣🤣🤣

  • Still nissan needs more products in india if they want to stay in india .. diesel engine is a miss

  • Wonderful presentation

  • needs some facelift, too much blank space below hedlight

  • I am going for it.... Nissan Magnite .. you impressed me.

  • Is there an automatic car model which provide basic music system, AC, central lock, anti theft and 2 airbags, decent looks, power steering, 1L or below engine, ... Etc and cost below 5 lakh.... All car makers hv topmodel only in automatic transmission Items not required are touch screen infotainemt , alloy wheels, electronic dashboard, higher cc engine abv 1L, chrome finishes , spoilers etc

  • nexon should learn a bit about how to finish and present rear end from magnite

  • 2020 is not so bad afterall!! Finally the Magnite is here with its stunning jaw dropping looks with this price point!! Surely can kill both the hatch and compact suv segments!😄🔥

  • i20 costs more than Magnite , I would definitely go for Magnite.

  • Pricing is toooo gooood ... Perfect for middle class people like me.

  • So everyone is learning from Tata Nexon

  • Not a single Showroom available in Pune(MH)

  • The tough competition for tata is here. Well let's see how it plays in terms of safety against the tata tanks out on roads

  • the grill is a turn off!

  • Chevy also should have made a last try to be in the Indian market, as they now have one of the best lineup of SUVs globally.

  • Hi do you know any dealers that do export car

  • This should sweep the B segment hatchback cars, sub-compact SUVs and Crossovers. Not sure why they have bothered to introduce it in CVTs, as the price tag clashes with Honda Amaze and Jazz CVTs and Honda make superior CVTs. Manual should have been more than enough. Or they should've kept the price range for CVTs lower.

  • I can't say that it's a break model, it's surely be a make model for powerful comeback for nissan.

  • Nice car

  • This car is gonna kill it’s competition. Sad news for Hyundai Venue

  • Very nice car, looks good, sturdy and decent features...nissan pls improve showroon and after sales network with brand visibility...

  • The way any and every car company has started launching these compact SUV's, it makes us ponder over that how some the of these car manufacturers are bravely venturing out in the premium hatchback segment which might see a downfall very soon seeing the kind of prices on offer for these compact SUV's. Also, it creates a doubt in the mind of a buyer that whether he should go in for a premium hatchback or a compact SUV. The tilt right now is in favour of these mini sub four meter SUV's and as we know the competition is going to be intense.

  • If atall the front grill was small and had better performance

  • What was the on-road price

  • I love the CVT variant

  • Good work by nissan

  • Rip All compact suv 😀😀😀

  • I love Nissan wonderful car butiful auto transmission CVT technology.