Smart Beauty Hacks And Gadgets For Girls

9/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
Unbelievable beauty tricks you should try today.
Get ready with us for your next party and night out with these brilliant gadgets we've discovered.
We're starting off with testing some fun gadgets we've found online. One of them is the electric curling iron that picks up your hair strands on its own and curls.
You'll also see the magic tights, which can't rip and you can use forever since they'll never get damaged.
If you want to give yourself an eyelift and make your eyes pop, try using eyelid stickers. You place them on your eyelids, and then you push your skin back. They make all those little wrinkles that appear on your eyes disappear.
Instead of carrying liquid soap with you, try using the soap sheets we show you at 6:25 . They'll save you time, space, and effort when it comes to washing your hands.
Do you want to go to the beach and wear as much foundation as you like? Try the waterproof foundation. It's oil-based and doesn't blend with the water.
1:30 - Gadget for droopy eyelids
3:28 - Cute gadget for your nose
6:20 - The soap sheets
8:13 - The eyebrow trimmer
9:17 - The rocket mascara
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