FIFA 21 | Why the 4411 is the NEW *SECRET META* 4231 FORMATION! - FIFA 21 ULTIMATE TEAM

16/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
Hey Guys, Today we are Taking a look at what I believe to be the Best Kept Secret META Formation in FIFA 21! This Formation is a Hidden Gem and something that will help you get More Win in FUT Champions + FIFA 21.
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  • Great video...Yesterday I played random 4-4-1-1, but with another tactic. What should I was very nice to play. Tonight I will use your tactics. Thank you very much and greetings from Germany 😉

  • Awesome video 👍 have you ever experimented with having a CM drop between centre defenders during build up? Curious what you think.

    • Thank you man, yes I have done that and it is more effective when using a natural CDM!

  • Great review but I have inform Harry Kane and silver star che adams which one should I put st and which one should I put cf? Harry Kane has abt 79 pace after chem style and che adams has 91 but I’m not sure if I should have kane for hold up play or not

    • I would play kane at Cf has better passing too!

  • Class Fifa videos and Liverpool fan? Bring this guy a Trophy. YNWA lad

    • Thank you brother let's get another this year ❤

  • These tactics and formations is helping right now ! Won 4 straight on fut champs not much but a record for me lol

  • Hi, Thanks for sharing your ideas. I'd like to know : how can I find Hakimi right back ?

    • @RG11 sorry for my mistake. I'm hesite between RM pr Rb. I saw you chose to play with it as an right back. Can we change Rm to Rb ?

    • Your welcome you want Hamiki at LB?

  • Bro this is crazy best formation I’ve tried

    • Is it really good

    • You are welcome buddy!

  • You know what mate, the majority of videos out there are nowhere near as detailed as this, or they make them far too complicated. You got to the point and explained it really well. Thanks man, I'll be using this tactic from now on and will be keeping an eye on your next videos.

    • Thank you so much man! This warms my heart ❤

  • Had a awful start to this game then kept the same team tried this out, never looked back, recommended it to friends as well

  • Hey, i'm struggling soooo hard this fifa. I tried a lot formations but somehow it doesnt work. I played my first 5 rivals, i won 4 games the other one was a draw. So i got placed in div 3 (i played 4231) but im now in div 4 and i can't win a game. Don't know what it is. I'm not really a skiller, it's hard for me, that's why i like to pass a lot. And defending is also very hard for me. Should i try this formation or something else?

  • This formation and tactics has really improved my game and made Fifa 21 enjoyable for me.

  • Thanks mate, I am winning more games because of your tactics

  • Is kdb good enough as CM?

  • Top quality!!! I've tried this out and won 10 games in a row in division 1👌 Thanks my dude and you'll definitely get a like and a sub from me👍

  • getting fifa 21 this week and looking forward to using these. Ur vidz are great man

  • Thanks bro, these tactics got me to gold 1

    • No worries brotha!

  • Just used this as my goto from the start in rivals, really liked it

    • Amazing to hear buddy!

  • Excelent, I was loosing 1-3 and turned to 4-3.

    • Hey that's awesome man!

  • I love it thanks! It works for me very good bro👌🏻

    • Amazing man you are welcome 👊

  • Can i create alot of chances with this formation? Because on my main formation my players dont make the runs i dont know what to do 😭

    • Yes I find it's good to score and create chances for sure!

  • The best information I got this year!! Soo very happy. Practiced all the formations available, but nothing worked. This is GOLD information😍 Thank you very much!

    • Thank you so much man this warms my heart ❤

  • Love the formation, any suggestions to get the wingers more Involved?

    • Thank you buddy, try a slightly narrower width!

  • @RG11 Will C. Ronaldo fit well in this formation

    • Yes he will at ST!

  • Very good tactic. I use your instructions and tactics for my attacking formation. Works a treat when behind. I now start with this formation and your tactics apart from I have full backs on stay back and one of the cm on get into the box with both cm on stay back. All credit to you though. Was in div 4, since using this tactic I’ve won 10 games drawn one out of 11. So now im in div 3 with an 80 rated prem squad. Rodrigo and richarlison score all the goals with with the attacking cm pitching it. Cheers!

    • Luca Picaro Richarlison Hunter. Rodrigo finisher

    • @Scott Mac thanks, chemistry style of them?

    • Luca Picaro Rodrigo striker and richarlison CAM

    • Hi, Rodrigo and Richarlison? Who is Coc? Who Att?

    • Geakz Yeah. Stay back. Cover centre. Stay on the edge of the box.

  • long ball tactic makes your players go on runs no need to set get in behind instructions.

    • You can just dont need too!

  • the real formation we all need is the one in your head that tells you not to rush out your players for a tackle no matter how tempting it is. sadly I dont have that yet also great video. love people who genuinely try to help

    • Thank you so much man, you are correct keep a cool calm head!

  • You have given me the best formation for this year. Never thought I would like it this much. I appreciate you man!!!

    • Hey thank you so much man such kind words ❤

  • I tried thes CT`s last night a few games & it worked thanks, just need to find the right players!

    • Awesome to hear man you are welcome ✌

  • You got yourself a new sub man . Great video . Using it as my main formation

    • Thank you so much man!

  • This or the 4411 of last video?

    • @Stephane Ferreira I see what you mean! They are both the same tactics and instructions!

    • @RG11 you have another video, and the defensive tatic is balanced

    • This is the only 4411 we have done man?!

  • I was the only one who was playing this formation you leaked my tactic

    • 🤣 really?!?!?

  • I'm concededing too many goals with this tactic

    • Hows it going bud?

    • @RG11 I'm going to try it again and I'll get back to you

    • @Phil Kirkpatrick That's not an issue anyone has come go me with yet, can you be a bit more specific so I can maybe help

    • @RG11 yes

    • Really???

  • I just wanted to say thank you. I have just got gold 3 using this with a 50K team. It really seems to suit my playstyle, so thank you for sharing

    • Hey man that is awesome you are welcome!

  • Thank you man this is what I needed cheers for this content!

    • You are welcome bro!

  • These tactics r so good I was 1-0 down vs a 2mil team and switched to this and went 4-1 to get a rage quit the tactics just create so many chances

    • It's so good man!

    • @Xhyper Jake for me it does

    • Does it create alot of good chances?

    • Awesome man! You are welcome ✌

  • 7:41... Damn.. Absolutely nobody would rush on you like that on pc 😅 Console is so easy omg

    • Well I think it's just people panicking!

  • Only good to take back a lead or also good for 90 minutes?

    • @Matthias Lauwaert Exactly, Formations dont just stop working 1 day and then start again the next!

    • @RG11 i had a 6 win streak in a row and it worked very good but yesterday i couldnt do anything anymore against nobody haha. A bad day i guess lol

    • Good for 90 mins aswell man!

  • honestly you sir are a life saver thank you sooo much

    • You are welcome my dude!

  • this has worked so well for me thanks.

    • You are welcome brotha!

  • Exactly the type of tactic I was looking for to help me when I'm behind. Keep it up mate. Time for a defensive tactic to keep hold of leads?

    • Thank you so much man appreciate you, definitely!

  • Just applied this to my la liga squad for the week 2 gold objectives. Once again great detail and reasons for using.

    • Thanks as always buddy!

  • Will probably test this after WL, i really appreciate a detailed professional video like this, very quality video

    • Was it good for you?

    • Thank you for those kind words man, what did you love most about the video?

  • will def try it next time! good video

    • Appreciate you man!

  • Dude it really looks so meta, considering passes are good in this fifa and that crosses and triangle passes (I dont know the name of the pass) work really well this formation looks sick

    • Give it a Go man absolutely love it!

    • Passes are bad in this years fifa, you less mistakes you make then it becames harder for you opponent to score. Btw have you used this formation and how was it ?

  • it looks like a really nice formation and congrats on 35k subs! a little bit late but still 😅😁

    • Thank you so much man!

  • What div are you in?

    • I'm in Div 1 Sir

  • rly appreciate your videos, they are helping me a lot

    • Hey thank you man!

  • Hey, is it worthwhile starting in this formation or is it only usable from losing positions?

    • Ypu can absolutely use this from the Start I love this formation!

    • Could work but keep you full backs on stay back because you will get caugh on the counter too early in the game and you dony want to concede early

    • Let me know how it goes using it as a main formation