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I explore the world using science. That's pretty much all there is to it. Watch 2 videos. If you learn something AWESOME, please subscribe if you feel like I earned it.

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29:34How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251
How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251दृश्य 3.1M7 दिन पहले
22:58HOW TO LAND ON THE MOON - Smarter Every Day 250
HOW TO LAND ON THE MOON - Smarter Every Day 250दृश्य 1.3Mमहीने पहले
26:42How Sonar Works (Submarine Shadow Zone) - Smarter Every Day 249
How Sonar Works (Submarine Shadow Zone) - Smarter Every Day 249दृश्य 2.3M2 महीने पहले
18:57How to Harvest Pecans (In Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 248
How to Harvest Pecans (In Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 248दृश्य 2.7M2 महीने पहले
17:55Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247
Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247दृश्य 11M3 महीने पहले
16:29How to Make Pizza on a Submarine - Smarter Every Day 246
How to Make Pizza on a Submarine - Smarter Every Day 246दृश्य 3.2M4 महीने पहले
21:43Explosive Bat in Slow Motion Ft. Stuff Made Here - Smarter Every Day 245
Explosive Bat in Slow Motion Ft. Stuff Made Here - Smarter Every Day 245दृश्य 2.8M4 महीने पहले
27:01How to Fight Fire or Flooding on a Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 244
36:40Navy SEAL Astronauts - Smarter Every Day 243
Navy SEAL Astronauts - Smarter Every Day 243दृश्य 1.7M5 महीने पहले
23:58World's Fastest Pitch - Supersonic Baseball Cannon - Smarter Every Day 242
20:33Crawling Down A Torpedo Tube -US NAVY Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 241
29:25Boarding a US NAVY NUCLEAR SUBMARINE in the Arctic - Smarter Every Day 240
54:33Everything about Sea Turtles  - Smarter Every Day 239
Everything about Sea Turtles - Smarter Every Day 239दृश्य 1.2M7 महीने पहले
19:06How Weed Eaters Work (at 62,000 FRAMES PER SECOND) - Smarter Every Day 236
13:30Modeling Murmuration - Smarter Every Day 234
Modeling Murmuration - Smarter Every Day 234दृश्य 887K10 महीने पहले
16:15Huntsville’s Early Community  Response to COVID-19 - Smarter Every Day 233
Huntsville’s Early Community Response to COVID-19 - Smarter Every Day 233दृश्य 614K10 महीने पहले
26:08Disinformation on Reddit \u0026 How We Beat It Together - Smarter Every Day 232
18:57Breaking Into a Smart Home With A Laser - Smarter Every Day 229
Breaking Into a Smart Home With A Laser - Smarter Every Day 229दृश्य 4.2Mसाल पहले
13:25How to Plant 20 MILLION TREES - Smarter Every Day 227 #TeamTrees
12:19Which Way Will the Water Go? (ft. Steve Mould)- Smarter Every Day 226
12:56The Gun Detector - Smarter Every Day 225
The Gun Detector - Smarter Every Day 225दृश्य 1.8Mसाल पहले
19:19Oscilloscope Music - (Drawing with Sound) - Smarter Every Day 224
14:21How did NASA Steer the Saturn V?- Smarter Every Day 223
How did NASA Steer the Saturn V?- Smarter Every Day 223दृश्य 4Mसाल पहले


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  • My utmost respect to the brave men & women aboard this submarine sacrificing the time & effort in the name of protecting their country so that others may sleep in peace knowing that they are protected and in good hands of these fine young men & women. RESPECT.

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  • I guess they'll just use electrolysis after filtering the Salt out.

  • 21:30 I did this on my chair while spinning and I closed my eye and when it stopped i thought i wa still moving

  • Someone get Mr Ottinger's half burnt snake cartoon made.

  • They should have been able to explain exactly how that candle works, kinda irritating that they just know the basic of phosphorus igniter starts candle to make oxygen.

  • Preheat of amine so the cool amine doesn’t stop the boil in the boiler?

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  • Another great video, thank you Destin.

  • The way you told DOW to "say it slower" at 20:25 was quite rude.

  • Looks like everyone has eye bags. I wonder how they adjust their visions when on the surface because it looks like there is not enough lights.

  • 1:35 was someone playing tic-tac-toe? 😂

  • gday Destin, loving the series! is this the last one?

  • hey , how about you try changing temperature ,well i guess this also depends on surface tension and the constant short of make them bounce of the surface ,so that frequency is also increasing the pressure (the bounce by the surface at those tiny balls). in short these conditions are interfering with surface tension and pressure of both droplets and water surface.

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  • Loved your video’s for a long time, but what on earth is that changing light board at the back of your studio please?!

  • of course it flies through it. The plate is too small.

  • Why dont they use phytoplankton to produce oxygen? Just add in water, IV light and boom! Oxygen

  • Nuclear is the best source of baseload power, by far.

  • I feel like CEO Tory would love to give Destin a job

  • Amazing show.

  • Always liked the vids but I got to say the submarine videos were great, really interesting. Thanks for the content

  • Thank you for posting this video. It has been 14 years since I left my boat, and this really put me right back. This was the same class and size as my sub as well. I heard a shipmate say he had never seen a candle burned, and that was the case for me too. I was aboard for 2.5 -3 years and never seen one burned. I guess that's a good thing =D

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  • Why are they using the bearing rate graph in the first place? It is kind of unintuitive, what is the advantage? Can you feed it more easily to a computer? Or is it because of time? Can you better see POIs in nosy data? Great series, got me thinking a lot and thereby smarter.

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  • I was thinking about COVID but then I realized that they aren’t exactly exposed to it in the sub.

  • An FYI, the reactor just helps create steam for the turbine generators to create electricity for the AOG. There’s no direct connection to the reactor.

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  • I feel like monoethanolamine should be pronounced differently. Less emphasis on the A in amine.

  • In the electrolysis reaction with purified water using potasium hydroxide, where does the potassium go in the reaction? (edit, answered my co2 question)

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  • I must say I am a quite attentive person and I have never noticed this phenomenon in my life. I still haven't after watching this video 4 years ago. Is it possible this just has to do with the specific chemical makeup of the water in North America? Here in Europe I just can't duplicate it. Any other Europeans that can share their findings?