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Sonam Wangchuk was born in the trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh, India. Though a Mechanical Engineer by education, he has been mostly working in the field of education reform for more than 27 years. In 1988, just after he finished the engineering studies he founded SECMOL (Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) which aims to bring reforms in the government school system in Ladakh.


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  • Every time I see you sir, my heart says picture 2hr 48 mins me end nahi huya hay. Thanks a lot.

  • You sir need to be first point of access abd coordination in hilly areas of north for government.

  • Respect 💐

  • Sir, delhi aur south india mani north east ke logo ko', even ladakh ki logo' ko' bhi Chinese bolkar torture karta hai, aur khabi khabi ladki ko' kya kiya, sayat apne nwse main suna hoga, iske bare main ap kya kahenge.. From:- North East India, Jai hind 🙏

  • I don't know why responsible Authorities don't appreciate sir's work and apply for the Projects.

  • Sir can you redesign the module to create a similar bur reverse requirment of troops deployed in border of Rajasthan desert, where the temperature inside the tent is less then that of out sides!!

  • We love you bhayya.. walekum there any way we contribute some way in ur experiments

  • God bless you

  • Sir you should be in politics with your tremendous creative ideas so our india will be more innovative.

  • A real hero. Salute you sir.

  • धरोहर है आप ! कितनी मिठास है,कितना ओज है आपकी वाणी मे, आप बदलते भारत मे और बड़ी भुमिका निभा सकते हैं। ईश्वर आपके साथ हैं।

  • Instead of pouring water you can just use spray of water. Like you did in ice stupa. So water can be freezed easily and can support another layer of water.

  • Indian Government is honehar aadami ki sahayata ko

  • Sonam, let me know if can share this cost with you

  • Why Govt doesn't appoint this guy as Science and Technology minister? Or give him Billion $ funding for such startup projects with co-ordination of College / Uni Students.

  • I have seen in the Gohopur mungkhlong fwrthar sir

  • Zor zor se bol kr sabko raaz batade

  • So many Proud of you sir you came our homeland❤️

  • Hello sir Agar ye ice tunnal me gadiya chalegi to uske exhust gas ke bajase CO2 or heat bhi produce hogi jose ice pogalne ke chanse bhi badh jayege

  • I wanted to write from the day you uploaded this video, but bit sceptic that wheather you will even read this. Even tried to search your mail but couldn't fetch the latest one. So coming to the point. Arch design is good but as you asked for suggestions, I am putting up mine. --- Water formed into ice alone can withstand with either wood pulp or super absorbent polymers, giving it good stability and as support medium to hold water. Wood pulp when combined with ice is as durable as wood itself. Please refer to world war ship projected as "project habakkuk". If we want some year round protection from rock falling in summer and snow in the winter than, we can also go for carbon fibre reinforced plastic or fibre layed galvanized iron sheets but will need base structure to lay them. One cheap solutions can be making the arch by reinforced soil and then treating them with polymer with soil binding property( dirt glue) from all sides of arch. But we need to test it to find its strength. Hope for contributing with you for better tomorrow.

  • Thanks so much sir

  • I'm with you sir love from Arunachal Pradesh

  • A Lot of love and Respect for you Sir and specially to your Team ❤️❤️🤗। Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • Aray Main ne Aisa b Kya bol diya apni 2nd video mein jo kuch log offend hogy... Yar aisi koi baat ni hy, wo sirf FUN k liye thi... 😋

  • Good idea but we want to be considere some factors like 1 TEMPERATURE: if temperature will rise the parabolic arc structure is loss it's strength by water convert it's solid form to liquid form and it is collapses. 2 QUANTITY OF SNOW ABOVE THE TUNNEL: if the quantity of snow is more then load carrying capacity of parabolic ice structure then it will chance to collapse. 3 AVALANCHE INTENSITY: if avalanche intensity is too high then parabolic ice structure will chance to collapse. 4 EARTHQUAKE is also make damages to ice structure. Parabolic Ice structure is not stand properly, it is too risky. In the combination of ice structure and modern structures like concrete, rcc, steel and masonry is good. By introducing modern technology/structures is carry and distribute load properly and it is stand properly.

  • Hats off to you Sir!!👏👏

  • your soilder are crying

  • This healthy criticism does the work His demands were implemented 2 weeks later You are the best sir

  • He is a BJP Scientist 😂😂😂

  • Sir u are always inspiration , can we use thermocol(thermocol ball in wall filling or sheets ) for insulation for cheap and better option

  • Great idea , china se bharat mein nahi aayega bharat se china me jayega

  • We appriciated you From the indus land sindh pakistan we also consious about indus river servival

  • लीजेंड❤️

  • Pranam Sir, Jai Hind

  • Really shamefull for us person like Sonam has 1.20 M subscribers & Alia Bhat has 10 tims more 🙄

  • Ladakh is a part of Jammu and Kashmir. A line on map can't divide us.

  • Sir very nice idea but when in small area the mattress was able to hold sufficient water and turn ice and stabilised but on a large area I feel gravity will pull down water at the top most portion. Will Quick set cement work? Or can road itself be designed in a way that it's heated from within by using geothermal energy ie. minimising CO2 emissions. Although I see a challenge in heating the road as well during winter ie. Pipe bursts

  • Great

  • In case of global warming.....

  • Dislikers r so poor with brain that they can't understand it's utility

  • I request our Indian IT Sis/Bros to make safe Sonam Sir's channel

  • Hi , which model bicycle r u riding & how much does it cost...

  • I used this to get water out of cooler when Summer ended. Didn't know I was using Siphon technique.

  • We have you covered not to worry

  • Bs aap bataiye krna kya h

  • Sir we are together

  • Awasome invention ❤️sir

  • So inspiring

  • As an engineer my thoughts flowed as follows: Let the supporting former (or frame/equivalent ) remain in place, throughout the winter. It should be planned to be out side the"breadth of the road". It will allow vehicles to pass. 1)When the ice starts melting, the melted ice will not be melting uniformly. It will be uneven and unpredictable. At such time, the supporting frame will bear the load of the melting ice/water. 2) Also, in the event of an avalanche, the supporting frame will bear the weight to some extent, and allow time for help to come in. 3) There should be luminous markers at the ends of the tunnel, which can be seen by drivers. Markers of "danger/attention ( exclamation mark inside triangle) " will be additional help. 4) Maybe a speed limit too is required. Otherwise, the wind will create a force (much like a plane on a runway) and shake the tunnel itself. Slow speed will reduce this possibility. It's a great idea and I wish all success to such an innovative venture.

  • Great thought and Great Job Sir. Salute..

  • Ap apne jesi soch vale bhot se logo ko teyar kijiye ye netional level par bdhate hai

  • Koi to hai jo neture ki fikr krta hai 🙏🚩🇮🇳

  • Selute sir dil se❤️🙏🙇🚩🇮🇳

  • Well done sir. You are the real hero.

  • Great idea, and if it turns out to be successful, then probably people will not need tunnel itself- samne concept can be used for the long winding road, rather than mutilating the mountain.

  • Wow....A masterpiece I cauhgt in my eyes. Congratulations and Thank you for blessing the world with your ideas.

  • Nice idea sir ji but how to counter avalanche....?

  • Dear sir, alternate solution - fabric mai dry cement,sand & fibers (grp) dal do, taki rat ko ice gire uske baad wo concrete ki tarah strong ho jayega bottom support ki bhai jaroorat nahi hogi long lasting bhi hoga , strong bhi. from, Er. Amit Naranbhai Parmar civil engineer [email protected]

  • I m sure this idea has many dangers. Heavy vehicular movement and diesel fumes can raise the temperatures inside the ice tunnel very quickly and cause a huge collapse. Having said that, this is definitely an interesting concept to research

  • Love and respect from kashmir

  • Sir what does Jule mean?

  • Jai hind

  • Dear sir, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your innovative service. Is there any way we can financially contribute to all your efforts sir? I'd love to donate and I hope so would many of our fellow Indians.

  • Someone send the video to the concerned ministries.

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  • actually we need strict laws to regulate social media they manipulate regional democracy and interfere in internal matters of countries to gain profits many ministers account deactivation in india as well...

  • Hamare bikau media ko ye dikhana chiye or government ko bhi ye apni Sena me shamil Karna chiye

  • You are proud of our nation, we love you, Respect you a lot, keep inspiring us ❤🙏

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  • ये मेरा देश है ❤️❤️

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  • Well done wangchuk ji . Proud of you . 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  • Awesome concept

  • Hi just thought that if you would like to use the material being used in Woman sanitary Pad. That is capable of soaking water. Just an idea 😉

  • Love from Kashmir, You are great!

  • I love cycling I wish Indian roads were more bicycle friendly

  • We Indians proud of you sir 🙏