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3:04Dream - Mask (Official Music Video)
Dream - Mask (Official Music Video)दृश्य 7Mदिन पहले
2:54Dream - Mask (Official Lyric Video)
Dream - Mask (Official Lyric Video)दृश्य 14M22 दिन पहले
2:14Dream ft. PmBata - Roadtrip (Official Lyric Video)
Dream ft. PmBata - Roadtrip (Official Lyric Video)दृश्य 19M4 महीने पहले


  • School threat type beat


  • This looks like nursery rhymes animated this..

  • Man Ben 10s looking rough these days

  • agony


  • The tiktok was accurate

  • Nice

  • 6ixnine is better than this

  • Anyone that actually likes this song should off themselves

    • ☠️

  • Tf is this

  • Hehe

  • Not even bad, I dont listen or watch dream but its not even bad too how people say it is

    • you should try listening to real music

  • I didn't expect dream to look like Leonardo Dicaprio..

  • Uh isnt he 21 how TF he in high school looking like Ben 10 then tf?

  • Hiiii

  • The message of the song is great, but the music part of the song isn’t good

  • damascus, that's what the point of damascus

  • 2:11 His phone went from iPhone to Samsung

  • You know it’s funny how he used one of MHA’s instrumental for this “song” lol..

  • Guys I know the song might be bad but like listen to the lyrics is dream ok?

  • 1:56 I thought he was inhaling his shirt

  • Now I'm not saying coronavirus wasn't deserved but...

  • Pathetic

  • go outside and touch some grass

  • Normal pills

  • well this is definitely something

  • Pålå

  • Doggy doggy where's your boNe.....

  • I like the song but the animation is not my favorite

  • This song will be mentioned on my suicide note

  • I- what is this 🤣

  • Life was good b4 i listened to this

  • Keep in mind 1 day after this was posted the video gained +200k likes all at the same exact time, but the view count stayed the same. Lol ok

  • Why are you booing this? Its actually incredible how they made all of this using a toaster.

  • cooome on it's not even that bad

    • People say opinions can’t be wrong...

    • @Noah Clarke nooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • I smell cap

    • Yes it is

  • Ben 10 looking a little different than I remembered

  • “haven’t seen the light in ages” touch some grass

  • The point of the mask is to actually protect him from covid 19 Where your masks kids

  • "they think I need glasses" pfft yeah screw vision

  • Why are all the 5th graders relating to this song like your work is literally 1+6

  • So long israel

  • This is good!🤪😋😋

  • Mans looks like a cocomelon character

  • the most horrifying moment in my entire life 0:00 - 3:03

  • Pro tip:Don't rush your animators

  • Twenty-one pilots and it's consequences have been a disaster for humanity.

  • He should’ve asked cocomelon to animate his video

  • Mans looking like a bitmoji

  • you cant get of your mattress for another reason

  • i'm so happy this came out. i love it

  • Wait is that what he looks like

  • Sweatshop animators at their finest.

  • live chat: POGGERS LES GOOOOOO comments: hehe ben 10


  • 😁😊

  • الاغنيه من النوع الغريب المتطرف الجميل بالخفافه

  • I put this as my alarm so I can wake up before it

  • What position tho

  • This video is actually pretty good for a bunch of young animators on a short deadline like not my taste but I applaud them I think the song could def use a lot of work tho,,, like,,, just fix it until it's a whole new song

    • the deadline is the problem. no reason to be rushed

  • everyone be wearin masks for hours at a time lol

  • 0:13 he's singing a whole different song there

  • no one gonna mention 0:45 where the mask literally teleports

  • Why do people think this is such a bad animation this is insanely great

    • CAP

  • Dream looks like the definition of hotdog water 😂😂

  • i dont get the point of this

  • His hair looking like a filthy mop While those eye lookin like full limes

  • That’s what the point of demascus

  • 1:29 we know you don’t gotta say that

  • we all know a 9 year old kid is so gonna sing this in front of the whole school 😭

  • What the fawk is this

  • Dream sure has a lot nerve to destroy my eyes *and* ears.

  • Look, dream isn't a musician so obviously the song isn't that good. Most people who like this are hardcore funs of dream. But like what you want.

    • you don't have to be a musician but one would expect for someone to make a song to at least put in effort

    • yea the song is kinda doodoo

  • id rather eat a bowl of nails then watch this animation again

  • uh

  • This sounds like the last episode of my hero LMAO

  • Gay lol

  • Serial killer vibes