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Gringo Entertainments is a Punjabi music label deliberately dedicated to crafting tunes that suit \u0026 soothe every mood.
From onboarding new emerging talents to working with established singers like Parmish Verma, Ninja, Shipra Goyal, with the artist like Shaheer Sheikh, Yuvika Chaudhary, Mahira Sharma featured in our songs, we make sure we leave no stones unturned.
We believe in efficient working which makes us one of the best upcoming music labels in the Punjab Music Industry. We believe in working in a hassle and stress-free environment makes it easy for us \u0026 for the artist to perform best for the best which is you
Our music videos have been shot in beautiful locations like Kashmir, New York, Greece, United Kingdom because we believe in working in an atmosphere where the beauty of nature lies
With 360M+ views on INplans, 50+ Artists Onboard \u0026 40+ blockbuster releases, we thrive to deliver more mesmerizing tunes ahead in the future
Till then groove your steps on Gringo’s top songs


1:0612 Dia 12 ( Official Teaser) | Sippy Gill | Gringo Entertainments
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3:35Patwari | Kahlon | The Kidd | New Punjabi Songs 2021 | Gringo Entertainments
3:59Sang Na | Lyrical Video | New punjabi Songs
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