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I'm a PC gamer and tabletop wargamer from Auckland, New Zealand. \n\nSome recent games: Faeria, Darkest Dungeon, Diablo3/Starcraft 2, pillars of eternity. Tabletop wargaming - Infinity (previously warmachine, warhammer).\n\n-Vaul


1:24:58OSS (Aleph Sectorial) N4 faction review, profile & unit breakdowns
OSS (Aleph Sectorial) N4 faction review, profile & unit breakdownsदृश्य 1.2K10 दिन पहले
30:27infiNity N4: Druze vs Dahshat - Mindwipe
infiNity N4: Druze vs Dahshat - Mindwipeदृश्य 59316 दिन पहले
1:55:22Vaulsc (OSS) vs HotFreshTofu (Ariadna) - Firefight (rulebook version)
2:02:26Vaulsc (OSS) vs Dragleus (RTF) - Frontline NYE game
Vaulsc (OSS) vs Dragleus (RTF) - Frontline NYE gameदृश्य 43321 दिन पहले
44:53RESULTS: Map making competition for TTS infinity
RESULTS: Map making competition for TTS infinityदृश्य 49822 दिन पहले
2:29:45Vaulsc (iKari) vs Temporal Distortion (QK) - map#13 finish line
Vaulsc (iKari) vs Temporal Distortion (QK) - map#13 finish lineदृश्य 45323 दिन पहले
1:49:04Vaulsc (CA) vs Radek (YJ) - Supremacy
Vaulsc (CA) vs Radek (YJ) - Supremacyदृश्य 34924 दिन पहले
2:08:09Blue Wolf Boxing Day casual with RachetLikesOat on Map competition entry #10
1:33:43Vaul (Shas) vs Axel (OSS) - testing Map Entry #11 on Frontline
Vaul (Shas) vs Axel (OSS) - testing Map Entry #11 on Frontlineदृश्य 41928 दिन पहले
5:29MAP REVEAL: Round 4 'Supremacy' infinity Tabletop Simulator League Season 3
1:53:32Brooke (CA) vs Kid Bald (Druze) - testing Map#14 of map making competition
43:43Judging phase: Map Making competition entries and voting form now available
2:16:25N4: Vaulsc (CA) vs zlakhon (SP) - Unmasking
N4: Vaulsc (CA) vs zlakhon (SP) - Unmaskingदृश्य 498महीने पहले
12:09MAP REVEAL: Round 3 'Unmasking' infinity Tabletop Simulator League Season 3
1:35:59N4: Vaulsc (YJ) vs Brooke (Onyx) - Tempo War
N4: Vaulsc (YJ) vs Brooke (Onyx) - Tempo Warदृश्य 538महीने पहले
13:38Map making COMPETITION for infinity on Tabletop Simulator - How to enter
2:01:01N4: Vaulsc (OSS) vs Surmelk (CA) - Finish Line (S3R2 TTS League)
N4: Vaulsc (OSS) vs Surmelk (CA) - Finish Line (S3R2 TTS League)दृश्य 440महीने पहले
2:24:39N4: Vaulsc (Shasvastii) vs Mysto (nomads) - supplies
N4: Vaulsc (Shasvastii) vs Mysto (nomads) - suppliesदृश्य 578महीने पहले
1:35:42N4: Vaul (OSS) vs Alpharious (Nomads) - Finish Line
N4: Vaul (OSS) vs Alpharious (Nomads) - Finish Lineदृश्य 824महीने पहले
5:51Round 1 Begins! - Season 3 infinity TTS league
Round 1 Begins! - Season 3 infinity TTS leagueदृश्य 363महीने पहले
9:56MAP REVEAL: Season 3 infinity TTS League round 1 - Supplies
MAP REVEAL: Season 3 infinity TTS League round 1 - Suppliesदृश्य 456महीने पहले
9:23UPDATES: infinity TTS league Season 3
UPDATES: infinity TTS league Season 3दृश्य 399महीने पहले
1:54:15N4: Vaul (White Banner) vs ers (CA) - Oblique Assault
N4: Vaul (White Banner) vs ers (CA) - Oblique Assaultदृश्य 645महीने पहले
22:18SIGNUPS LIVE: infinity Tabletop Simulator League: Season 3
SIGNUPS LIVE: infinity Tabletop Simulator League: Season 3दृश्य 586महीने पहले
1:08:42N4: Vaul (CA) vs TheSunInRags (PanO) - Mindwipe
N4: Vaul (CA) vs TheSunInRags (PanO) - Mindwipeदृश्य 6312 महीने पहले
59:08N4: ITS Season 12 Review
N4: ITS Season 12 Reviewदृश्य 1.5K2 महीने पहले
42:35N4: Shasvastii vs Bakunin - Finish Line
N4: Shasvastii vs Bakunin - Finish Lineदृश्य 1.1K2 महीने पहले
1:22:24N4: Vaul (Onyx) vs Badlazzor (Starmada) - Tempo War
N4: Vaul (Onyx) vs Badlazzor (Starmada) - Tempo Warदृश्य 7592 महीने पहले
2:05:34N4: Vaul (CA) vs Zaphos (Bakunin) - Firefight
N4: Vaul (CA) vs Zaphos (Bakunin) - Firefightदृश्य 7772 महीने पहले
42:37N4: Let's build some lists! Episode #10
N4: Let's build some lists! Episode #10दृश्य 1.7K2 महीने पहले
2:41:07N4: COMBINED ARMY faction review, profile & unit breakdowns
N4: COMBINED ARMY faction review, profile & unit breakdownsदृश्य 4.5K2 महीने पहले
2:05:30N4: Vaul (Foreign Company) vs Minass (White Company) - Annihilation
N4: Vaul (Foreign Company) vs Minass (White Company) - Annihilationदृश्य 7712 महीने पहले
2:04:59N4: Vaul (White Company) vs Leomaris (Foreign Company) - Finish Line
N4: Vaul (White Company) vs Leomaris (Foreign Company) - Finish Lineदृश्य 7822 महीने पहले
2:03:09N4: Vaul (PanO) vs Wonderman (Morats) Frostbyte
N4: Vaul (PanO) vs Wonderman (Morats) Frostbyteदृश्य 8482 महीने पहले
21:07N4: OPINION POLL - Faction Tier List
N4: OPINION POLL - Faction Tier Listदृश्य 3.4K3 महीने पहले
2:21:13N4: Vaul (Nomads) Leomaris (MO) - Domination
N4: Vaul (Nomads) Leomaris (MO) - Dominationदृश्य 1.3K3 महीने पहले
42:57N4: OSS vs Hassassins - Supplies
N4: OSS vs Hassassins - Suppliesदृश्य 1.3K3 महीने पहले
1:42:36N4: Vaul (White Banner) vs BubbaHotep (CA) Domination
N4: Vaul (White Banner) vs BubbaHotep (CA) Dominationदृश्य 1.1K3 महीने पहले
1:35:17N4: Vaul (OSS) vs LordFrank (YJ) - Recovery
N4: Vaul (OSS) vs LordFrank (YJ) - Recoveryदृश्य 8953 महीने पहले
44:06The infinity N4 Review
The infinity N4 Reviewदृश्य 4K3 महीने पहले
1:46:49[N4] Vaul (OSS) vs Hannibalisfun (CA) - Supplies
[N4] Vaul (OSS) vs Hannibalisfun (CA) - Suppliesदृश्य 8383 महीने पहले
1:14:54[N4] Coaching with Aeon (JSA)
[N4] Coaching with Aeon (JSA)दृश्य 1.2K3 महीने पहले
20:13[N4] Avatar vs TAK - Supplies (Intelcom 2020 ITS)
[N4] Avatar vs TAK - Supplies (Intelcom 2020 ITS)दृश्य 9733 महीने पहले
26:20[N4] Nourkias vs Charontid - Acquisition (Intelcom 2020 ITS)
[N4] Nourkias vs Charontid - Acquisition (Intelcom 2020 ITS)दृश्य 1K3 महीने पहले
25:48[N4] Avatar vs Varuna - Supremacy (Intelcom 2020 ITS)
[N4] Avatar vs Varuna - Supremacy (Intelcom 2020 ITS)दृश्य 1.2K3 महीने पहले
22:12[N4] Avatar vs Bakunin - Decap (Intelcom 2020 ITS)
[N4] Avatar vs Bakunin - Decap (Intelcom 2020 ITS)दृश्य 1.1K3 महीने पहले
17:56[N4] Avatar vs Kosmoflot - Unmasking (Intelcom 2020 ITS)
[N4] Avatar vs Kosmoflot - Unmasking (Intelcom 2020 ITS)दृश्य 1.3K3 महीने पहले
28:00N4 - Combined Army @ Intelcom 2020 (ITS preparation & lists, tournament overview)
37:04[N4] Combined Army vs Svalarheima - Domination
[N4] Combined Army vs Svalarheima - Dominationदृश्य 1.7K3 महीने पहले
1:57:30[N4] Vaul (CA) vs Axel (Aleph) - Supplies
[N4] Vaul (CA) vs Axel (Aleph) - Suppliesदृश्य 1.2K3 महीने पहले
1:25:43First game of N4 infinity (PanO vs White Company firefight)
First game of N4 infinity (PanO vs White Company firefight)दृश्य 1.6K3 महीने पहले
1:39:02Vaulsc (Onyx) vs Mui (Aleph) - Oblique Assault
Vaulsc (Onyx) vs Mui (Aleph) - Oblique Assaultदृश्य 4684 महीने पहले
5:18I'm playing GWENT a lot at the moment
I'm playing GWENT a lot at the momentदृश्य 3974 महीने पहले
1:53:27Vaulsc (CA) vs Kwisatz (HB) - Frostbyte
Vaulsc (CA) vs Kwisatz (HB) - Frostbyteदृश्य 4354 महीने पहले
1:39:13Tex McShooterson vs MADman384 (ikari) - Frostbyte
Tex McShooterson vs MADman384 (ikari) - Frostbyteदृश्य 4374 महीने पहले
7:59Round 3 - ICB - Finish Line
Round 3 - ICB - Finish Lineदृश्य 2934 महीने पहले
1:57:20Vaulsc (CA) vs Azuset (YJ) - The Armory
Vaulsc (CA) vs Azuset (YJ) - The Armoryदृश्य 6634 महीने पहले
1:41:49Vaul (ikari) vs Norfolkot (OSS) - Tempo War
Vaul (ikari) vs Norfolkot (OSS) - Tempo Warदृश्य 4334 महीने पहले
8:42Round 2 - ICB - The Armory
Round 2 - ICB - The Armoryदृश्य 2724 महीने पहले
2:35:59EXEqT0R (NCA) vs Pillageidiot (Tunguska) - Tempo War
EXEqT0R (NCA) vs Pillageidiot (Tunguska) - Tempo Warदृश्य 8734 महीने पहले
10:10Round 1 - ICB Begins
Round 1 - ICB Beginsदृश्य 3905 महीने पहले
14:41Signups live - Interim Casual Brawl (TTS)
Signups live - Interim Casual Brawl (TTS)दृश्य 5855 महीने पहले
47:32N4 DETAILS - Discussion and Reactions
N4 DETAILS - Discussion and Reactionsदृश्य 4.4K5 महीने पहले
33:06Campaign RESULTS - Operation: Wraithstar - TTS
Campaign RESULTS - Operation: Wraithstar - TTSदृश्य 5855 महीने पहले
1:25:22Vaul (Haqq) vs InMac (012) - Annihilation (Campaign match)
Vaul (Haqq) vs InMac (012) - Annihilation (Campaign match)दृश्य 5475 महीने पहले
2:28:51Billy (Haqq) vs Al’espagnol (YJ) - Supplies (Campaign match)
Billy (Haqq) vs Al’espagnol (YJ) - Supplies (Campaign match)दृश्य 3795 महीने पहले
1:58:57Vaulsc (Druze) vs Zarich (OSS) - Finish Line (campaign game)
Vaulsc (Druze) vs Zarich (OSS) - Finish Line (campaign game)दृश्य 4975 महीने पहले
5:39Campaign Round 3 Announcement - Operation: Wraithstar
Campaign Round 3 Announcement - Operation: Wraithstarदृश्य 1955 महीने पहले
1:23:12Vaulsc (0-12) vs Davion (Spiral) - Finish Line (campaign game)
Vaulsc (0-12) vs Davion (Spiral) - Finish Line (campaign game)दृश्य 5156 महीने पहले
2:22:52[r2] Journey (MO) vs Atlantean (Corregidor) - supplies (campaign)
[r2] Journey (MO) vs Atlantean (Corregidor) - supplies (campaign)दृश्य 4946 महीने पहले
9:18Campaign ROUND 2 begins: Operation: Wraithstar
Campaign ROUND 2 begins: Operation: Wraithstarदृश्य 2046 महीने पहले
3:19:42RRAGriel (SP) vs MadMartigan (TAK) - Oblique Assault (campaign game)
RRAGriel (SP) vs MadMartigan (TAK) - Oblique Assault (campaign game)दृश्य 3956 महीने पहले
1:48:23Vaul (YJ memes) vs Sgnm (Acont) - Finish Line (campaign game)
Vaul (YJ memes) vs Sgnm (Acont) - Finish Line (campaign game)दृश्य 4036 महीने पहले
1:58:25Billy (Haqqislam) vs Estugon (Nomads) - Recovery [campaign]
Billy (Haqqislam) vs Estugon (Nomads) - Recovery [campaign]दृश्य 4306 महीने पहले
6:08Campaign Round 1 Announcement [Operation: Wraithstar]
Campaign Round 1 Announcement [Operation: Wraithstar]दृश्य 2536 महीने पहले
8:38Russian Military Orders Banter [Operation: Wraithstar]
Russian Military Orders Banter [Operation: Wraithstar]दृश्य 6036 महीने पहले
1:18:10Campaign STRATEGY SUMMIT [Operation: Wraithstar]
Campaign STRATEGY SUMMIT [Operation: Wraithstar]दृश्य 3406 महीने पहले
19:54Campaign MAP PACK - 10 zones for the infinity TTS Campaign, Operation: Wraithstar
15:12SIGNUPS OPEN: TTS Campaign: Operation Wraithstar
SIGNUPS OPEN: TTS Campaign: Operation Wraithstarदृश्य 5976 महीने पहले
34:49Season 2 RESULTS - infinity Tabletop Simulator League
Season 2 RESULTS - infinity Tabletop Simulator Leagueदृश्य 6716 महीने पहले
18:00About my upcoming TTS Campaign (17th July - 9th August)
About my upcoming TTS Campaign (17th July - 9th August)दृश्य 4026 महीने पहले
2:46:11The real finals: S2:R6 Badlazzor (YJ) vs Dementor (YJ)
The real finals: S2:R6 Badlazzor (YJ) vs Dementor (YJ)दृश्य 7166 महीने पहले
16:46INFO SWEEP - new custom mission (infinity N3)
INFO SWEEP - new custom mission (infinity N3)दृश्य 2836 महीने पहले
3:09:51S2:R6 - Khavrion (Nomads) vs Cobraprime (Tohaa) - Oblique Assault
S2:R6 - Khavrion (Nomads) vs Cobraprime (Tohaa) - Oblique Assaultदृश्य 8166 महीने पहले
22:54N3 - Tunguska vs NCA (400pts) - Frontline
N3 - Tunguska vs NCA (400pts) - Frontlineदृश्य 5907 महीने पहले
54:32S2:R5 Vaul (CA) vs Radek (IA) - Tempo War
S2:R5 Vaul (CA) vs Radek (IA) - Tempo Warदृश्य 5807 महीने पहले
9:32S2:R5 "Tempo War" - Round 5 League Announcement
S2:R5 "Tempo War" - Round 5 League Announcementदृश्य 2447 महीने पहले
2:16:07S2:R4 Vaul (CA) vs AssaultUnicorn (QK) Finish Line
S2:R4 Vaul (CA) vs AssaultUnicorn (QK) Finish Lineदृश्य 5547 महीने पहले
11:09S2:R4 "Finish Line" - Round 4 League Announcement
S2:R4 "Finish Line" - Round 4 League Announcementदृश्य 2727 महीने पहले
28:27[infiNity N3] OSS vs PanO - Finish Line
[infiNity N3] OSS vs PanO - Finish Lineदृश्य 6437 महीने पहले
23:22How to use 3D infinity miniatures in your TTS games
How to use 3D infinity miniatures in your TTS gamesदृश्य 1.1K7 महीने पहले
2:01:58S2:R3 Vaul (CA) vs Tyreal (0-12) - recovery
S2:R3 Vaul (CA) vs Tyreal (0-12) - recoveryदृश्य 7517 महीने पहले
24:33S2:R3 "Recovery" - Round 3 League Announcement
S2:R3 "Recovery" - Round 3 League Announcementदृश्य 3707 महीने पहले
2:23:42S2:R2 Vaulsc (CA) vs BishopWraith (HB) - Field Testing (TTS league)
S2:R2 Vaulsc (CA) vs BishopWraith (HB) - Field Testing (TTS league)दृश्य 6627 महीने पहले
1:42:27Vaul (ikari) vs Axel (O.S.S) Exhibition match (recovery)
Vaul (ikari) vs Axel (O.S.S) Exhibition match (recovery)दृश्य 7247 महीने पहले


  • Saving tr bott on 18. Rolled 19. :''(

  • GZ!

  • Link for mission details?

  • Endgame is the new Jammer

  • We’re these times turns?

  • HI can anyone tell me where "jazz and billy" is from ? Can you only get it in that defiance boxed game ? or can you pick them up somewhere else ?

  • the lamps at 10:16 that Axel are using a nice. VaulSC, do you know where Axel got them. Has anyone seen where these lamps are sold?

  • I really hoped White Company would give the Yadus a reason to exist, when it was announced that Aleph troops would be in it. But alas they aren't. Missed opportunity, because the models are really great.

  • I like the rules and as far as I experienced the Infinity Community everybody I met is fair. So I'm looking forward to see that match.

  • There's some interesting symmetry I hadn't spotted before here - with the netrods being cheap orders with useless bodies, and the posthumans being fantastic bodies that don't add orders. Definitely feels like those two units compliment each other beautifully.

  • Great video.

  • Great t see real games! Much prefer this format, Easier to follow with your commentary. More please!

  • Yadu just have to much cost in there kit and there contemporary got cheaper making them obsolete. If Yadu got wildcard or cheaper then they could be worth it.

  • If you shoot a gizmokit at a Netrod, it'll die instantly. They're PH 0. Danavas has a marker state from Cybermask, although she can't use it first turn. (I think the hacker other factions use that you're trying to think of is Valerya Gromoz?)

  • No need to apologise for giving your experienced opinion. OSS is my main thes days, i started with JSA and combined but fell in love with the OSS. In my more limited experience I have dropped Yadu altogether. I love my Asura hacker but thats the main reason I came to the faction but I have been leaving her out to get to 15 orders. I still bring her now and again just for fun! I love the marut but i rrally dislike the model, Im thinking about converting up a new one combining parts from my marut and another tag. Love to see some more reviews mate and even if some disagree at times, keep teling it like you see it!

  • Thanks, as always, mate. Always enjoy your videos and the no bullshit approach. Any chance you would be willing to do an O12 breakdown? I am finding them mostly middling and a bit meh. Cheers!

    • @VaulSC well played sir, well played lol.

    • Sure, here's the breakdown right now. They're mostly middling and a bit meh!

  • This was a very helpful review for me as a new player. Thank you for puttin in the effort. I have been enjoying playing the Asura a lot to learn the game as she can do a bit of everything and is resilient enough to survive mistakes. A bit sad to hear that her value drops for better gamers but I get your explaination. I guess she is not good enough to justify her cost (like the Marut is). Pity but I think I'll get the model anyway for learning games.

    • @Brice Thank you. Yeah, that's what I plan to do. It's Vaul's reasoning that is helpful. I'm not planning to copy his lists or his playstyle. However, I try to comprehend his analysis in order to understand the game and the meta. For the moment, I'm absolutely happy with my Asura and its (!) performance.

    • Just learn that there is no absolute in Infinity. If you enjoy your Asura, keep playing it ( it's a robot :P). In N3 people were saying TAGs were unplayable and people still won big tournaments with them. Or that one group only was not competitive enough and still some people won with those. So take VaulSC's comments with the outlook of a very good player but don't treat at as gospel

  • Really enjoy watching your review videos and agree that the "not sugar coated" opinion is the best way to approach these types of reviews. As a newer player, I'm happy to see you covering new N4 faction reviews and can't wait for more, but if I could make a tiny suggestion/ request, would it be possible to include the model pictures during the unit review (maybe a thumbnail superimposed in a blank space) or right before you review the unit. I found this approach really helpful in your older videos as it helped me associate the name and profile of the unit to the model(s) (plus we get the bonus of looking at awesome models). I really appreciate the work you put into your reviews, thank you!

  • I am someone who has commented about negativity in your videos before. However, just to add to that, I really liked this video because you still tried to find a use for Yadu even though you don't think they are a good choice. Great job really. More stuff like this please!

    • Fair enough. We all have the units we just like to find some use for regardless of how good they are in actual fact. And I think it's good that Vaul is so brutally honest about things as they stand. He's not here to confirm our biases about those units and factions, he's out there to help us out to become better at this game.

  • Considering the yadu in oss, how would you judge it against the sombras and the evaders in corregidor? Thanks.

  • Nice batrep! I feel like a Peacemaker would have been a great addition to your list, especially with the enemy link team up the field. Not a lot of trading models in your list judging by how the game was played, and sacrificing your own link members as bait (like you did with the panzerfaust zhencha) means something's going wrong, at least in my book. Peacemaker is cheap and adds a repeater coverage, plus it can go Prone now in N4, so that's a Prone advanced repeater in the center of the table. This would have been doubly effective since Dahshat are shitty at the hacking game and this particular list did not even have the tinbot zuyong in the link, so the Peacemaker would have been able to be a real pain in the neck for that linked Zuyong.

  • Thank you for taking the time and doing this. This is very helpful. Because of you, i now want to buy loads of shasvastii and i was only playing MAF :p

  • What model is the marut a render of?

  • Great report and commentary. Can someone confirm, is the reason the 2 pitchers are being put down together because they're fired from a link team unit (so +1B) and this then uses both charges?

    • @baliasis awesome thanks!

    • exactly, you can shoot the 2 of them with the fireteam burst bonus, unloading them in the process

  • Great game, I'm very happy to see a live game, i really love these type of videos of yours and i'm glad you are trying out the Druze underdogs( they deserve some love poor souls). However don't think Infinity it's a low skill ceiling game, there are countless interactions and strategies and even if sometimes the dice set the tone of the game it's still a game of strategic management. Hope to see new games, good job!

  • Dronbot could actually use stairs bc of n4 movement rules ie squeezing thru narrow terrain if 0.5 of the base is enough

  • Why Achilles mimetism didn't apply to shots from Xeodron?

  • waddup

  • Is there an issue with the link for the bases for blender? I can't seem to get the download to work

  • Brave foxtrot ;) Army lists?

  • Khawarij would have been able to use NBW vs Andromeda. NBW's requirement is only to be targeted by a CC attack and Guard is a CC attack. And using Guard counts as being in silhouette contact meaning NBW activates as per the rules to Guard.

  • I feel bad for the city's clean up crew. There are a lot of bodies and robot parts all over that causeway!

  • Watching in 2021 ;)

  • I had the perception hat yuann yuans irregular wasent available the turn they landed eny more. Where in the rules it allows it? since at page93 "combat jump" ► While off-table, the Trooper will not add their Order to the Order Pool during the Tactical Phase. However, they may enter the table using their own Order to use this Special Skill, when the player chooses And at page 23 while counting orders IRREGULAR ORDERS Then, for each Irregular Trooper deployed on the table, as a Model or Marker, that is not in a Null State, the Active Player places an Irregular Order Token on the table, making it clear which Combat Group the Irregular Order belongs to THis is one of the reasons I stoped playing ikary.

  • At 1:09:00 did the proxy engineer have LoF to the khawarij? Looks like it should have been blocked by the CSU and the piece of terrain

  • I'm loving learning the game watching your battles! Thanks! A question at 52:49 doesn't natural born warrior actually work because he's the target of a cc attack?

    • Yep Vaul was definitely wrong here. Dodge with NBW should have canceled MA.

    • From Guard effects - Both the user and the target can perform Skills and apply MODs and CC Special Skills that require Silhouette Contact. So a dodge with a model with NBW will cancel the MA skill while BS will not since dodge is a valid CC skill.

    • Welp, here I am again.. I'm still searching for any discussion about this specific interaction, but I found a response from IJW regarding Berserk and MA/NBW: Berserk is an actual action that (hopefully) moves you into Silhouette contact. MA and NBW are Automatic Skills rather than Short Skills/Entire Order Skills declared as part of your Order, so they happen automatically if you fulfil their Requirements. So, I think that although you cannot declare CC as an ARO against Andromeda at 7 inches away, you could still use NBW against her if she used guard to declare CC attack. In a similar situation, if a NBW unit declares dodge against a CC specialist in B2B, NBW would still work, right?

    • But if IJW said so, then it doesn't work... lol.. sorry, I'll keep quiet over here... xD

    • Yeah, it does work because of how guard works Both the user and the target can perform Skills and apply MODs and CC Special Skills that require Silhouette Contact. And cc special skills such as NBW: This Skill can only be used when the user is in Silhouette contact with the target. Any MODs the Skill may provide can be combined with other CC Special Skills, and they work equally during the Active Turn and the Reactive Turn, unless the Skill states otherwise. Also, NBW's only requirement is that you must be the target of a CC attack

  • My last YOLO game of the year! I had a lot of fun with this game :D Cheers and happy new year

  • Hi, the link for the Custom base meshes for the Infinity mod dont seems to work. (The links for the Turntable template works.)

  • Do think something similar to Map 5 would be feasible to do as a physically table? The tiered nature with seperate levels is something I have been trying to concept for a while without landing on anything to actually start on and your commentary makes me question if it would be more work than it's worth to try and complete it

    • @Allen K: I would say do it. Probably cause real live movement is easier then TTS movement. Secondly playability might be easier then it looks, it is just that for competitive some folks don't want to go too outlandish. It is already nerve racking to bring your A game to a tournament or league and then the table throws you a curve ball. It is the reason for difficult terrain to be neglected. Folks don't want the extra hassle. Thirth you can always adjust the play field and ignore a level and only play top or bottom. It gives you options and where the objectives are placed probably decides where most of the play will be. Fourth, to have an eye catching table will only heighten interest for tournaments. People will return to events that have cool tables. So do not dispair, it probably will be a blast to play on

  • Thanks guys, feel like Miss World right now because of it. At first I thought I could bring in a map for beauty and one for playability. So I went buck wild on entry 6 and wanted to bring something more reasonable for playability, but found out after the build that I can bring only one. which is understandable. My collection has 80+ sets which you can also find maps that will not give you a heart attack if you want to try and play them: For beauty I thought Badlazzor could have beaten me as well, cause nr 10 was my favorite outside my nr 6 entry. I know Lazzor brings in his own assets which I gladly make use off for my further map projects. So kuddos to him ending up second. And you winning with entry 7 was a strong lay out indeed, so congratulations.

  • Can confirm, I was this one asshole that only voted for badlazzor's map. I still stand by my vote having played a few games on other maps since.

  • Great work from all the submissions and congrats to the winners! Personally, did not vote (still fairly new to the game).

  • Now if only you did the Round 2, Round 3 and Round 4 more like your entry#7 (but better visually)... Verticality.

    • @VaulSC Never enough. *NEVER*.

    • perhaps then, I would be enough

  • Tankos are 6-2 movement :)

  • Hmm? Are both AL HAWWA hackers? It's different from the list?

  • Nice Game and I really like, the teaching here. I would defenitely love to see something like teaching sessions from Vaul.

  • sorry for the mistake with marksman rifle burst value.

  • could you use scans i made using an intel realsense d435i?

  • Hey Vaul! I'm new to N4 and have taken up O-12/Starmada as my faction. I've noticed you haven't ran with them much on your TTS games lately. I note in your tier list you rate vanilla as average and the Starmada as a little below? Is this what you're not playing them as much or are they just not your bag? Did many of the pieces change dramatically in the change to N4? Or are the good ones still the same? I'm excited by the inclusion of Andromeda and Cassanova into the faction.

  • Wow the map is really stunning

  • Great video!!! Keep them up!!!

  • where can I find your discord channel?


  • Is this map mod publicly available? Thanks.

    • yes, take a look at the map competition video

  • I think the roudra forgot to make armor saves from the ikadron flamethrowers when you failed to spotlight it, also couldn't the sphinx have declared a reset when the hacker activated in it's ZoC to hack someone else?

  • Map does look really interesting, certainly creates a lot of AP I would imagine.

  • What is the web site for the cardboard print out mentioned at 9:27

  • Where do we find the Google.doc to feedback on the maps please?

    • in the video description

  • Sounds like it got missed at the beginning of the game but vaul said his doctor and his daturazi were in group 2 so the turn one replacement order after he realized he couldn't move the daturazi couldnt have been used on the doctor either. Removing those orders from group 2 was a really good play

  • Love theme of this map!

  • "I have made the entries anonymous, but it's going to be obvious who made some of them because their style is recognisable". Ayup. I knew who made entry 6 the second I saw it. :P

    • Great, I really Love the work that the Community is providing. Thank you Guys.

    • So few levels. He must have been feeling ill.

    • But what can you do though. That guy could easily have made a map outside of his usual style, but definitely not worth it. The anonymity is mostly there to protect the more controversial people :)

  • You are right. Fireteam bonuses don't apply to BS attacks with technical weapons.

  • Why do you not use the snap to model measuring?

    • the colliders in the 3D models are smaller than the models themselves, the snap causes an innaccuracy.

  • Flash Pulses don't have a -6 range band, so that 8 should have hit vs Atalanta, no?

  • Heads up, impetuous activations need to move their full movement without doubling back. So you can't reposition into cover & things like that using the impetuous order. It's full steam ahead (or diagonally at least 1 mm forward! )

    • @kezkoal that and you can't use the 2nd half of the impetuous activation to reposition a few inches (like with the taigha). Impetuous activations are good because they're free but they're not that good where you can just put them in a perfect position without spending the order

    • Yeah first order of the game. cant move less than 4 inches, right? Or am I missing something?

  • Two guys i love.

  • Great video!! , looking forward for more CA sectorial reviews

  • Doesnt look like it came up and I could be wrong here so please correct me if so, but I'm pretty sure that with transformation state(W or STR) you can't revert states. So the battle ravaged puppet can't be repaired back to full power. Same way a fracta drop unit can't reenter jump form after entering survival form

  • I hated red side on this map. Yes, hvts look safe, but if you compare where they can be shot from with potential aros vs the shooter they are really hard to defend, especially if the opponent has the first turn. The sniper nest is a pure trap: the opponent can easily ignore that corridor and it'll waste a lot of orders to get down. All the consoles the blue side has multiple aro options vs attempts to active while the red side has to cross chokepoints that are easier to lock down. Take with a grain of salt: I am bad at wargames, noob at Infinity and lost the game during list selection. Still, it feels like red side is a trap if you give your opponent first activation to get it, like I did.

  • This is awesome thank you. I'd love to join the leagues but I'm a complete noob and there is a very steep learning curve. Is there a beginners complete noobs coaching that you provide ?

  • Cool!

  • Hey, looking fine!:) One tiny note: Unmasking has exclusion zone, so that inflitrator you mentioned in the beginning is not possible.

  • Keen to see more of these. I am a new player myself, just starting out now in N4, along with a few friends over in Perth, Aus. I would love to see something like a 'Beginner List Building tips' video as Im super excited to get more games in but am quite overwhelmed with choice and unsure what I need to be thinking about for a list.

  • Thanks for the scenario summary up front. Helpful.

  • That fotogrammetrie thing looks really dope! And one Question, your opponent is german isnt he?

    • Yes, I'm german.

  • I'm confused, talking about NOURKIAS you said that going isolate chain of command doesn't trigger, but under chain of command the second ballpoint sais "The player can only activate this Special Skill when the Lieutenant enters Isolated State or any Null State." How does it work?

  • Just watching the video now, so my apologies if this gets corrected later. Pupniks are Peripheral (synchronized), not peripheral (control). They do not need to nominate a spearhead as every model is able to declare skills, even against different targets. If multiple pupniks are engaged, then only one can be nominated to make the attack, but the nomination of which pupnik will make the attack happens when the CC Attack skill is declared, which would be after the ARO is declared. The Uberfallkommando should have been able to force a normal roll against the Taigha creature.

    • @Adam H ah, got it. I could have sacrified a 1 Point Puptnik for forcing the Taigha to make 4 Armor saves. I'll keep that in Mind for the next Time.

    • @Tim H Rolling two dice in CC was correct, but having to nominate which pupnik would be doing the attacking before the ARO was declared was not. Because of this, the pupniks can always force any close combat in which there's two or more of them engaged to be normal rolls, rather than a face to face roll.

    • I think you are right. Puptniks are Peripheral (Synchronized) and don't form a Control group and therefore don't have to nominate a Spearhed. This allows them to fight different targets, even in CC (I wasn't sure if this is allowed, but reading the rules again it looks correct). As I memorize, the question came up when two Puptniks were engaged in CC and the Chimera was hiding behind the car. I was wondering, if the Chimera can shoot the second Taigha creature while the Puptniks do CC. And that is not allowed, since they all have to perform the same skill and no mixing of shoot and CC. So I think the corresponding situation was resolved correctly, I rolled two dice in CC for having two Puptniks engaged. Nevertheless I groged the whole rules better now :)

  • Just watched this and looked for those "maps" that have all models - cannot find them?

    • @Gord King join discord and post in the chat or send me a DM there

    • @VaulSC WHen you looked up "Infinity the Game in the TTS workshop, all those Infinity models came up for you as options to look at. When I did it, 85% of all the available options were not even for Infinity the Game...and only some Aleph 3d renders, and one option for Tohaa. Also, could not find anything by "Ming"

    • not sure what you mean exactly

  • Yes! Love list building! I like Hector too. 3 orders as Lt and stratego for 67p is great too. New Ajax with forward deployment 8“ is a cheaper not quite as strong but still very effective dmg maker.

  • I've now decided to reverse this ruling and officially play it that the TAG can't use the nanoscreen. Also, don't forget that only specialists can swap their panoply result with the nanoscreen item. When scheduling a game with your opponent do check that they're familiar with the mission, map, and the ruling mentioned in this announcement post.

  • which company produces that objective room in the middle of the table?